The Best Way To Test Ride An Electric Bike

The Best Way To Test Ride An Electric Bike

Taking a test ride on an electric bike is one of the best ways to determine if it's perfect for you. After taking a test ride, you may be confident that you have found your ideal ebike. Test drives don't have to last for hours. Usually, the first few bikes take longer.

When test riding, try to pay attention to the bike's acceleration, ease of direction change, and stability. Picking routes that include flat surface climbs and at least one with challenging terrain is a great way to accomplish this. Comparing bikes on the same course with different bikes is easier. You can narrow your options once you have tried out a few bikes.

KBO has introduced a few test-riding outlets for potential customers to test different ebikes before they make a purchase.

What Should You Pay Particular Attention To When Buying An E-Bike?

When you decide to purchase an electric bike, there are some factors you should consider. These factors play a significant role in your choice of selection. Here are some:

  1. The area of application of the e-bike

Consider where and when you would use your ebike. For instance, do you live in a city where regularly moving up and performing other general commuting tasks will be necessary? Or you may live in a more rural area and want to take it off-road.

Due to the motor's assistance propelling you up and down challenging hills, ebikes are ideal for carrying additional loads while commuting or shopping. For pannier bags, many have standard rack mounts. However, if you want to carry more, for instance, your children or dogs, you can purchase a cargo e-bike. Hence, the terrain and the purpose of riding would inform your choice of ebike.

  1. Rider-type and bike style

Most riders gravitate toward a particular style of bike frame, hybrid, and mountain bike due to their preferred riding position. The same considerations apply to any bike: if you prefer riding in a more upright position, foldable ebikes are ideal, or if you like road bikes with a more forward-facing ride, you can begin considering options once you have identified your preferred style. At the same time, a step-thru frame might be a good choice for seniors or riders with knee pains because it will be much easier to get on and off.

  1. How much weight can it support

The construction of electric bikes is comparable to that of non-electric bikes. As a result, their weight restrictions are also roughly similar. The majority of e-bikes can support 300 pounds. They shouldn't, however, just because they can. Usually, manufacturers specify a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds; this is less than their actual maximum to guarantee dependability. A heavier rider may wear the ebike out much more quickly and could damage the wheels' spokes.

Consider the intended use of your e-bike and your riding style to understand better the impact that weight may have. Try a test ride to get a feel for the bike and determine the actual payload capacity.

  1. What is the battery's capacity?

Different versions of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are in an ebike. The technology is the same as that used in electric vehicles. They can be charged quickly and have a relatively light overall weight. On most bikes, the battery is at different positions. The battery is typically attached to the down tube, which is easy to access and remove. As a general rule, choose the highest quality battery that your budget will allow. When considering your e-bike's range, the capacity is measured in Watt hours (wh).

Tips for choosing accessories for e-bikes

Tips for choosing accessories for e-bikes

Most bike manufacturers provide a variety of styles for each kind of accessory. Most times, accessories of higher quality are more expensive. However, sometimes the case can be that they are at discounted prices or overstock.

You can get advice from the sales representatives or other riders. You can compare feedback from online reviews. Essential products like bike pumps are worth investing in something better that will last longer because the cheaper versions of some accessories will wear out more quickly.

 A helmet and a repair kit are among the necessities you should get. You can check KBO accessories for durable items.

KBO test ride 

You can now have a test ride on a KBO ebike before purchasing. KBO has introduced several test-riding spots across the country.

Notice: The test ride spots do not sell KBO bikes and are only for testing purposes. After a test ride, if you want to buy a KBO bike, you can pay through the private link of the test ride experience officer or go to one of our dealer stores. Here are the following steps:

  • Pick a test ride location close to you
  • Make a phone reservation
  • Visit the store to select an electric bike
  • Enjoy the Ride

You can go to the locations we partner with to test-ride a KBO electric bike and experience the mechanical energy of our KBO ebikes.

How to Become a KBO Offline Dealer

If you want to partner with us and become a KBO Ebike Offline Dealer, you will need to enroll in the KBO experience officer program. Also, KBO riders can contact you directly, and you can interact with them either online or face-to-face.

To become an officer, you can go to our website to register. The below information is what you need:

  • Contact information (such as a phone number or email address)
  • Location area (such as a county, city, or state)

Additionally, you will receive an unlimited cash commission of $100 for each ebike sold through your referral link. Test riders who make payment via your link will receive a refund of $100, which is different from any other discounts. You can use your recommendation link or provide us with the riders' information (full name, email address, and original order number). Following verification, we will pay you the commission as usual.

Frequently asked questions about e-bikes

Frequently asked questions about e-bikes

How far can an electric bike go?

Most electric bikes range from 20-30 miles depending on the riding conditions. How much power you put into the pedals and how much weight you are moving. Ebikes with a more excellent range (up to 100 miles) are available, but they typically cost more and weigh more due to the larger battery pack.

Do electric bikes weigh more than conventional bikes?

A motor and battery are essential components of an electric bike. It will always be heavier than a standard bicycle because of these.

Are e-bikes user-friendly?

Yes, electric scooters are simple to operate and require little maintenance. Once you charge the battery, you can go. Ebikes are ideal for people who want to avoid dealing with public transportation hassles.


Electric bikes are simple to order online and have delivered to your home. But, one benefit of purchasing an ebike offline from KBO is that you can take it for a test ride. Trying out an electric bike before the purchase can be lots of fun and almost always free, and you can make sure the bike is comfortable and the proper size

It's time for your next adventure with KBO! Make the phone reservation and come in for a test drive!