How To Choose Electric Bike For Seniors | KBO Bike

How To Choose Electric Bike For Seniors | KBO Bike

Exercise and movement are essential and should become part of everyone's routine, regardless of age. Several studies elaborate on the benefits of being active, and this becomes more important as people age. Exercising is exceptionally vital for physical and mental health. It is, however, not as easy as it seems, especially for the elderly.

The older people get, the more overtime they work and the less agile they get. This does not mean that they cannot cycle as cycling is a good exercise and even a mode of transportation for people in their old age.  

The use of electric bikes is becoming a trend for all ages, especially the elderly. It is a good option as it allows them to exercise safely through a low-impact activity and have fun doing it! The primary issue might be searching for a safe and comfortable electric bicycle for the elderly, as getting the best electric bike for seniors could be tasking at times. While considering an electric bicycle for an older person, essential components that should be at the top of the priority list are safety and stability. Other precautions that should be kept in mind are batteries and motor power, electric bicycle weight, and more. 


best electric bike for seniors KBO Breeze step thru

When looking to purchase the best electric bikes for seniors, it is essential to look out for the features that will give stability to the senior rider. For instance, puncture-proof tires are essential because they help prevent dangerous falls and injuries. It should also be noted that having thicker or fatter tires will help further balance and stability. In this article, there are some tips on what to look out for when purchasing the best bicycle for seniors.

Step-through frame or low crossbar

A step-through bike is defined as a bicycle with very low or no crossbar. For seniors, step-through electric bikes are sometimes called "low step bikes", they feature a tilt between the seat and the handlebars instead of a standard straight crossbar. These e-bikes are said to be comfort bicycles for seniors because they are much easier to get on and off. You have to walk through to get on it. Lifting your legs high over the bike to get on it wouldn't be necessary. Considering how feeble older cyclists might be, the step-through electric bikes for seniors is the best electric bike for seniors. The step-through frame is very appropriate for riders that are not too mobile or with low balance because it makes it easier to ride an electric bike and reduces the risk of falling or tripping while riding. 

For the elderly, riding a bicycle with a straight rod on the frame can put a lot of pressure on the hips. Step-through electric bike frames are found in most types of bicycles, so you don't have to choose between a mountain bike and a performance bike because they can be the same!

If you have weak hips due to aging, buying step-through bikes for seniors is an excellent way to preserve these delicate parts and still enjoy all the benefits of cycling. The frame of the bicycle can promote good riding posture. The saddle is closer to the handlebars, which means that you can ride in a more upright position. Having to lean forward while riding can cause back and hip pain, so having a bike frame that keeps the rider upright is a massive plus for older people.

best electric step thru bike KBO Breeze Step Thru

Upright Seating Position

As cyclists grow older, the slightest discomfort in their position can lead to intense pain. This is why riders' position when riding bikes should be considered when searching for the best bicycle for seniors. Having comfort bicycles for seniors that let them sit or ride in an upright position, as well as maintain shoulder and wrist comfort, is very helpful for senior and elderly cyclists as it reduces the risk of making the joint pain worse and also helps to avoid pain which older adults are more sensitive to. While cycling, it is essential to keep muscles and joints relaxed, so be sure to find an e-bike that allows you to stay in a comfortable position. Make sure you can sit comfortably on the bike with your back straight.

The saddle or handlebar should allow you to bend your knees slightly while pedaling. The driving position largely determines the driver's comfort level, and that is why upright seating positions should be considered when looking for comfort bicycles for seniors.

Proper handlebar placement

Wrong handlebar placement or level can cause injuries, stress, and tension to the neck, back, and wrist. For senior riders, it's a good idea to choose a high handlebar bike that is one inch above the saddle and has a system that extends. This height reduces overstretching or bending of the cyclist as they ride. It also lets your wrists and hips be pain-free after riding a long distance, as a handlebar that is too high or too low will lead to body pain after cycling. It is advisable to search for sweepbacks, cruisers, and upright handlebars. This is especially good for older people who have lower back problems and cannot curl up and reel. The design should be simple so as not to interfere with proper hand placement. A bike with proper handle placement is the best bicycle for seniors.

Proper saddle level

Comfortable saddle or bicycle seats do not consist solely of flush or soft cushion seats. When sourcing the best bicycle for seniors, a saddle that provides proper shade support for maximum comfort should be considered. When unnecessary pressure is applied to the waist, it can make the foot numb. Find a comfortable saddle that is 8-12 inches wide. Additional padding is also preferred to protect the sitting bones. Saddles with deep central trenches, noseless saddles, and horseshoe-shaped saddles are ideal because they relieve pressure in the perineum. Also, take note of the material used for the saddle cover. Make sure you have high-tech fabric or leather to prevent rubbing and sweat absorption.

Motor and Battery Power

All senior cyclists should be careful of overspending. When you drive too fast, you have a greater chance of serious injury, and since older drivers may have slow motion functions, handling fast electric bikes for seniors is not recommended. Generally, senior cyclists are advised to buy an electric bike with a motor between 250 watts and 500 watts because there is no need to go faster and, in fact, doing so can be dangerous.

For leisure and daily driving, 250 watts is the optimum engine power. However, if it is an exceptionally rugged landscape - such as steep hills - 500 watts may be a better choice. Having higher wattage will make those big hills and rough terrain more manageable. 

The motor can be placed at the fore or the rear tire or as a hub near the pedals, and each position affects the gravity and balance of the e-bike, respectively. You should check or consider which posture is optimal for you and your body. When it comes to e-bike batteries, senior cyclists need to have a spare or long-life battery. 

Suggested electric bikes for seniors

KBO Breeze Step-thru bike

Step-through electric bikes for seniors are the best, and this KBO Breeze Step-thru bike is one of the best in the market as it is not just comfortable and affordable but also allows you to have a comfortable sitting position. Battery life is one of the biggest strengths of a KBO bike as it can handle 900 charge cycles, and with a 768 Wh battery, you can drive up to 55 miles on a single charge. The tires are made of high-quality materials that are strong and resistant to punctures. These tires are slightly wider than a regular tire, and they are stable and smooth in and out. The bike features a step-through frame that is suitable for the balance and stability of the elderly. In addition, there are five pedal assist levels to aid pedaling.

Weight- 62 lbs

Range- 55 miles

Battery- 768Wh

Motor- 750W peak

In conclusion

Exercise can sometimes be too dull, and while riding an e-bike may not feel like exercising, it is. This offers seniors the opportunity to perform outdoor activities and explore other areas while keeping all activities safe and having a good time. And because it's a fun recreational activity, you may ride your bike regularly. That way, you get to exercise more often than when you are not using your electric bike.

There are so many electric bikes to choose from, but the KBO step-through bike is the best step through bike for seniors. It provides an e-Bike that is safe, comfortable, and light-weighted without sacrificing the therapeutic feeling and fitness.