Tips to Choose Ebike Size

Tips to Choose Ebike Size

Electric bikes have evolved to become more mechanically stable and visually appealing. When it comes to choosing the right e-bike, you have to consider a lot of factors, including the ebike size. The earlier e-bikes came in larger sizes, and the saddle and dashboards were more prominent, making them bulky. We saw a gradual reduction in its dimension as we progressed. Manufacturers learned to produce these bikes with minimal materials and compartments without jeopardizing the functionality of these bikes. 

Gradually, we now have more portable bikes that function even better than we had them in the earlier day. There is no size-fit approach to deciding what size of electric bike you should purchase. This article aims not to tell you the size of electric bike to buy but to guide you in making that decision.

Your e-bike, Your size

Your bike, Your size, and the Manufacturer

A significant determinant of the model of electric bike suitable for you is your body size. Many brands measure their brand using adult and children sizes or large, medium, and small sizes. Regardless, your body must complement your bike. 

If you get an e-bike that doesn't fit your size, you might not have a pleasant riding experience. When considering a new electric bike, riders need to pay attention to these details. This negligence is why some do not enjoy riding and are always reluctant to go for a ride. Remember that your weight would be on the bike for most of the ride, so you would need a big and robust bike to carry you. For a better riding experience, ensure you select a bike with so much surface area to accommodate you. 

On average, you would get on top of your bike and descend from it about six times during your ride. This number might be higher if you are running multiple errands. Therefore, beginning with the tire size, you must get a bike to suit your size and height. You know your body better, so you need a bike that would make getting on and off stress-free and less clumsy. For example, if your e-bike is enormous and the saddle is higher than usual, it would take much more effort to get on and off the bike. So let these factors be top on your mind when deciding.

Features that contribute to the size of your e-bike

Of course, several parts and compartments add up to make up the size of an electric bike. In comparison, some might not be necessary parts, but many are essential for the e-bike to function. Some ebike brands allow custom-made bikes in the sense that you let the Manufacturer know your specs. Especially if you’re cycling to change your body shape, they can consider your size in making a perfect ebike for you. Apart from this option, electric bikes are generally for both adults and kids. If you want to avoid going through the process of customizing an e-bike, you can look for the features below when choosing an e-bike.

Elevation of the saddle: 

The saddle height talks about the elevation of the e-bike’s seat. Ideally, the position should be so that mounting and dismounting the bike would be easy and void of discomfort. Thankfully, the new models of electric bikes have various saddles. These models have adjustable saddles to reduce or increase the height as you deem fit.

It is always advisable that your new electric bike's features fit your desired taste from the point of purchase. This is important because you want to avoid getting an e-bike, thinking it is adjustable and can be tweaked only to get home and find that even the adjusting doesn't do the trick for you. Ensure the seat is high or low enough to mount, dismount and ride your bike easily. It is one of the oldest and most important tricks, and KBO bikes have a vast array of electric bikes with different heights that our technicians can also adjust.

Features that contribute to the size of your e-bike

Elevation of the standover: 

The bike’s standover height is equally as crucial as your seat’s height. After some hours of riding, you might feel the urge to straddle your bike for a bit. It may be born out of the need to stretch your legs or move your bike into the garage if you are already home. Straddling is fine but doing it with a bike that isn't the right size for you is not advisable. To get the correct standover height for you, stand over the tube of your bicycle. 

If you have between 1-2 inches of room around you, that is a good size bike for you. Of course, this differs from model to model, but it is the same theory. Another way to ensure the standover height of your e-bike is perfect for you is by measuring your inseam. Next, measure the standover of the bike you want to purchase. It should be 1-2 inches lesser than your inseam. Be sure to do this accurately.

Reach and stack:

When it comes to the comfort you experience when riding, the reach of the bike plays a significant role. Without changing the entire dashboard and handlebar, it’s impossible to adjust the bike's reach. Hence, you must ensure the e-bike on display fits your height and already has your preference before purchase. 

A long reach would be the desired option for athletes and long-distance travelers. But new bikers and those without much flexibility will pick a bike with a shorter one. Also, the stack of the motorcycle is another feature you want to be sure of before purchase, even though you can adjust the stack minimally. The stack is the vertical distance of different points in your bike, measured from the bottom upwards. Riders with longer limbs will need their stack longer, and those with shorter limbs will appreciate shorter stacks.


Generally, the overall size of an electric bike is directly proportional to the size and quantity of the component of the bicycle. To determine the right e-bike, you must consider your height and weight. You must be even more meticulous if you buy it for someone else. KBO bikes offer various options from which you can choose the perfect e-bike size for you.