Fleet Sales

KBO Fleet Sales Program

As the COVID-19 strikes the world, the electric bike industry has experienced a dramatic gain since 2020 and will continue to grow. The affordable priced ebikes are going to take over the market. KBO Bike, is here to provide various types of ebike you need at the most affordable price, without sacrificing the quality.

KBO Fleet Sales Program for:

  • Bike Tourism & Rental
  • Delivery
  • Hotel & Resorts
  • Corporation
  • Bike-Sharing Based Companies
  • And More...

Why Choose KBO Fleet Sales Program?

1. Consumer Direct Price & No Middle Man

2. Unique Models For Female & Male

3. 100% Quality Guaranteed

4. Improve Environment with a Clean, Green, No-Petrol Alternative to Transportation

5. Lower Employment and Corporate Cost, Increasing Productivity

6. Enhance Customer Satisfaction, Strengthen Competitiveness, and Enrich Inventory