Tips On Buying an Electric Bike | KBO Bike

Tips On Buying an Electric Bike | KBO Bike

Decide on your preferred electric bike might seem laborious, but understanding how to identify quality makes it easy. Several tips are essential to choosing the best electric bike for you. This article aims to make your decision-making process as seamless as climbing a hill on an electric bicycle. You have all the help you need right here.

2021 Best electric bike buyer's guide

Class 1, 2, or 3?

Electric bikes are divided into three classes for regulatory reasons that indicate their ease of access and level of motor assistance. Finding out which class you need is the first step in buying an e-bike. Here are the three classifications on the market.

  • Class 1 electric bike: Limited to 20mph, free access to conventional bicycle paths, pedal-assist. (KBO Hurricane)
  • Class 2 electric bike: Limited to 20mph, free access to conventional bicycle paths, and a throttle. (KBO Breeze and KBO Breeze Step-Thru)
  • Class 3 electric bikes: Limited to 28mph by PAS and 20mph per throttle, restricted to conventional bicycle paths.

The class 1 electric bike is recommended if you are a new rider as they are the most universally acceptable from a regulatory viewpoint. You can ride class 1 e-bicycles on streets and conventional bike paths. Class 1 e-bikes are also allowed on several traditional mountain bike trails (always check first as access is subject to local regulations and not universal).

Class 2 electric bikes have free access to the same places as the class 1 e-bicycles, and their motor can solely propel the bike. Class 2 bikes are a popular choice for many except for errand runners and long-distance commuters who will be better served with a class 3 e-bike.

Class 3 electric bikes are more powerful, cost more, and are faster than the class 1 and 2 variants. You can easily keep up with traffic, carry heavier loads, and climb hills and steep inclines better. The disadvantage of this is that you would be denied access to most mountain bike trails and bike paths.

Consider the pros and cons of the various classes, and then research your local access rules before making a final decision. It's also recommended that you check with local land managers at areas you plan to ride your electric bike. Whatever class of e-bike you decide to buy, select the best version of that class at!

What Are Your Needs?

Decide on your preferred electric bike might seem laborious, but understanding how to identify quality makes it easy. Several tips are essential to choosing the best e-bike for you. This article aims to make your decision-making process as seamless as climbing a hill on an electric bicycle. You have all the help you need right here.

What Is The Range (Battery Capacity)?

The range refers to the battery capacity of the electric bike and is one of the most important questions you should ask before buying an e-bike. What distance will the e-bike ride on a single charge? You must also consider how to charge and store your ebike's battery. Most batteries can be removed and charged independently to the bicycle, which is important because it takes up less room than when you have to charge with the bike itself. KBO bikes have the option of getting extra Samsung Lithium-ion battery packs that significantly boost your range.

How Safe Is It?

Ensure whatever brand of e-bike you buy has been tested and conformed to your country's safety standards. Confirm that the e-bike has a safety certification. A good pointer could be if the bike were designed by an established brand (e.g. KBO etc.). With Tektro mechanic disc brake, you will be able to stop safely in an instant on your KBO Breeze. Whatever brand of e-bike you buy, never forget always to wear your helmet when riding no matter how established.

What Is The Weight Capacity?

This states how much weight the e-bike can safely support. KBO electric bikes are designed for heavy riders and have a load capacity of 300lbs, while most have a maximum capacity of just 100lbs. A large rider on the wrong e-bike would damage the spokes and wear it down much faster.

No matter your size, there exists an e-bike for you. Some specialized e-bikes brands create bikes for obese and overweight folks or people who need to carry substantial loads.

Is There A Warranty And Support After Purchase?

Buying an e-bike requires a substantial monetary investment, and you should buy one from a reputable brand. It could cost up to about $1000 or $5000 to acquire a cheap electric bike. Therefore, there should be a warranty that assures that your investment is a solid one. The manufacturer determines the length of time the warranty is available. This is the case at KBO bikes. We offer after-sale support and a 2-year warranty on all our electric bike options. 

Can You Test Ride Before Making A Purchase?

It could be really fun to try out different long-range electric bikes before making a choice. This is called test-riding. This is helpful because no matter the reviews you have read online, nothing beats a real-life experience. You should be able to tell which one you love most after riding a variety of e-bikes. 

While riding, ask yourself some important questions such as; Is this a good fit for me? How does it handle hills? How are the quality and handling? All these questions will be answered during your test ride. Your next adventure is waiting at KBO! Reserve a test ride via phone and come for your test ride today! 

What About The Sustainability of The Product?

It takes more than running on electricity to determine the sustainability of the product. There are several other important points to note, such as how the bike was built, how well constructed it is, the coat of regularly servicing it to prevent undue faults. 

A class 2 electric bike is expected to last between five to ten years minimum with regular servicing. The battery also lasts from 600 to 800 full charge cycles. Keeping your bike in good shape is essential to its lifespan. If you have to change your battery, you should try to have it rebuilt or recycled by the retailer and not disposed of in the environment. 

Nothing Trumps a Quality Ebike

Over time, ebikes have developed as an interesting means of transportation. Therefore, you need to purchase a quality and durable option if you intend to ride it all day long. You can easily judge the quality of the bicycle's component by checking a list of its parts, but for electric bike motors and batteries, this could be rather stressful. 

You have to carry out thorough research on brands that deliver quality products. This way, there are lesser chances of making a wrong choice. However, a wrong installation of any parts could affect how the electric bike works. So, make sure that your retailer has your best interests at heart. They must be able to point out any faults with your choice objectively. 

What You Buy is What You Get

Electric bikes are not an exception to this wise saying. It costs money for you to build the ebike of your dream. For instance, you need about $1500 for throttle operated bikes or those with a cadence sensor. Bikes with a torque sensor cost up to $2500 and above. You can install a bike rack for electric bikes in your home. In essence, you have to spend a good amount of money to acquire a solid product. Nothing must stand in the way of your happiness. 


There's no doubt that ebikes are the new wave. But, you must be careful about where and who you purchased the machine from. This helps you to protect yourself from being defrauded of your money. Also, you get to obtain a quality electric bike kit that would serve you for years. So, what are you waiting for? Get an electric bike and start riding!