KBO Tornado & Tornado Step-Thru Extra Battery Pack(SPARE)
KBO Tornado & Tornado Step-Thru Extra Battery Pack(SPARE)

KBO Tornado & Tornado Step-Thru Extra Battery Pack(SPARE)

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e-bike Compatibility:

  • KBO Tornado
  • KBO TornadoST


48V, 14 Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack. Longer battery life and larger battery capacity.

A handy USB port can charge the phone, pad, etc.

User-friendly charge level indicator

Easy to remove and lock with two included keys without disconnecting any wires

Good waterproof performance

▪Weight: 7.7 lb

*Notice: All e-bikes come with a battery, only purchase if you need to replace the battery or want a spare battery at home or office. Comes with only one battery, and does not come with a charger.

Customer Reviews

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Lincoln Vanwienen
Enjoy bike riding again

I have been riding and enjoying my road bikes for the past 15 years. However as I close in on my mid-sixties the hills and wind have started to take a lot of the fun out of riding. With the purchase of my new kbo Tornado e-bike I am enjoying riding again. I just finished a 25-mile ride on a beautiful morning along the river and actually looked forward to cruising right up those hills that I dreaded before. Thanks for bringing enjoyment back into my bike riding.

William Catter
Excellent E-bike.

Recently bought a KBO Tornado. Received the bike a day ahead of scheduled delivery date. Bike came phenomenally packaged. Assembly instructions and KBO assembly videos made assembly super easy. Been out on a couple rides and so far so good. Bike is easy and fun to operate and has plenty of power. Highly recommend this bike.

I love this bike.

I love this bike. It is like the honey badger…it don’t care about pot holes, curbs, branches in the road - it just keeps rolling. I bought this as a commuter- car replacement and it does the job. With a few new tools it was easy to put together and maintain. I got the more comfort seat and two baskets. My only complaint is the weight. Itt 72 lbs. a little heavy to bring on train or even place on hydraulic rack at repair shop. I do not know what I’d do if I ever need to live on anything but a ground floor. But it is a beast, efficient, and so fun to ride. And their service is very good.

Yolanda Lyn
These bikes have been a

These bikes have been a game changer for me and my wife. We have been able to explore so many more places. No worries about more distance or elevation gain. We just go and explore! They are easy to use and very sturdy. Well designed and comfortable. Next step....get a basket to take our dog with us. Love them.

Bonnie Newby
I love my Tornado

I love my Tornado i have not ridden in 40 years and it feels great to jump on and get some exercise, after a couple of weeks of riding i am feeling more comfortable jumping on a large bike and I am feeling a lot more flexible. thanks for providing a great product.

Ben Shoffstall
Life changer !

This bike is a life changer for me! I am 61 years old and have severe RA. I have always loved riding bikes, but have not been able to due to the RA. I now, hop on my bike and can ride 20 miles with no issues!! Oklahoma is not the easiest state to be a bike rider …it’s either too hot, cold or windy (think of the song from the movie Oklaho... But, even with high winds, I can enjoy being on my bike! Thank you KBO for making a great product that has given me a new outlook on life with RA and helping keep me active. 😃 Ps…lots of people ask me questions about my bike! I think some KBO Wear clothing is in order!! T-shirts with reflective logo !!!

Steven Piatt

After just 2 weeks of having the E-bike, I have just passed 100 miles. Living in the Rocky Mts, nothing is flat around here….I used to ride my road bike, but, admittedly, as I got older, I sorta just gave up. I’ve been enjoying rides of 15-30 miles every couple days. It’s actually been “fun” again to tour around town. This last weekend, I took that bike down the “switch backs” which is about a 1,000 foot elevation gain over 1/2 mile. The bike worked hard in getting me back up, but it did the job. I’m going to try taking it up Old Fall River Road in Rocky Mt. National Park this week and see how it does. A 9 mile gravel road climbing 3,000’ in elevation. Have enjoyed sharing the bike with co-workers and family. Think they are sold too!

Jan Part
Love to ride Tornado

Love to ride the Tornado bike on streets, bike paths or trails. I bought the E-bike because I'm 73 years old and not in the same shape as younger years. When I get too tired or riding hilly streets it's simple to select more help from the motor or less help when I catch my breath again. When riding it on trails if a hill is too steep, I get off the bike and walk it up the hill using slight throttle. The fat tires are great on trails too, lowering the seat for trail riding is easy with the quick release seat adjustment.