KBO Tornado & Tornado Step-Thru Extra Battery Pack(SPARE)
KBO Tornado & Tornado Step-Thru Extra Battery Pack(SPARE)

KBO Tornado & Tornado Step-Thru Extra Battery Pack(SPARE)

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e-bike Compatibility:

  • KBO Tornado
  • KBO Tornado Step-Thru


48V, 14 Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack. Longer battery life and larger battery capacity.

A handy USB port can charge the phone, pad, etc.

User-friendly charge level indicator

Easy to remove and lock with two included keys without disconnecting any wires

Good waterproof performance

▪Weight: 7.7 lb

*Notice: All e-bikes come with a battery, only purchase if you need to replace the battery or want a spare battery at home or office. Comes with only one battery, and does not come with a charger.

Customer Reviews

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Our first ride

Our first ride with our new fat tire bikes, put about 6 miles on them, great ride


I love the way it looks and that it can carry my weight. The display was broken,and I'm awaiting a new one. It has nice accessories.

Paul Miller
Great bike

Assembly was very simple . The over all process took less time than i assumed .My first ride was fantastic-the thumb release for gears was my first time to use that type and loved the smoothness of shifting. I have always ridden Trek 4500 mountain bikes and also a 7200 trek all purpose road bikes. But after riding my Kb30 Tornado- I’m sold on the Kb30 brand

This bike is fantastic!

I'm new to e-Bikes as well as offroad trails. Guessing that makes me a 'newbie'. Just moved to AZ so wanted to give this all a try with the kbo bike. I definitely suggest watching the assembly videos but everything from packing to how it went together was 100%. No issues whatsoever. I would recommend having a second person around to get it out of the box. After assembling, put the charger on and took it for a spin on the road as well as an offroad trail. I love the torque sensing and help the bike gives you when you need it. The ability to adjust the level of help is pretty cool as well as the straight throttle if you get lazy. Fat tires took some getting used but once on the trail, I could really see their value. Loving everything so far. needless to say we are very anxious for spring.

Harry Rockwood
KBO's new Fat-Tire ebike looks gorgeous!

The Tornado has touched down in Houston. Abdominal surgery last week precludes immediate assembly. It sure does look great though.