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Bike Rack Bag
Jim Grigg
Better than described/pictured.

This opens up on both sides as panniers so you can fill them with groceries,pic ic or beach accessories, ets. Great value!

KBO Commuter Step through

With the rain, it’s hard to accurately review because I can’t ride in the rain!

Adjustable Bike Stem

The adjustable bike stem allows me to sit in a more upright position. I only wish it was offered as an option when I ordered my bike.

Headlight switch

After turning the bike on (mode button on bottom) hold the upper control button 3 seconds Lights come on same for off. You must plug a couple connectors in when new out of box they are color coded where your glasses, goes together snugly..

New display is awesome!

Display was easy to install and works great!

Really nice bags

These bags are very well made. They have ample pockets and storage space. The quick release function is great.

Great son has two. Recommend yours.

Family affair

We bought bikes for the entire family for Christmas. Now everybody from 74-24 are excited about a family bike trip with limited stress because of the KBO Breeze.
Family comments are positive, bikes are economical and the ride is great...

Probably the best Christmas present of all time...

My wife and I are now in our late 50's/early 60's and our mobility and endurance is not what it was when we were in our 30's and 40's. These bikes are amazing and allow us to get out and exercise and enjoy the experience.

Great quality

Super excited to get out and ride these.

love the bike!

love the bike

Great ride…

I just bought (8) KBO Breeze bikes for our family. They were easy to assemble,
great looking, great feel and a better ride than many we have tried. I would recommend
these bikes to anyone who is looking for a great bike…

Good bikes

Only 25 miles so far and battery is still showing full charge. Only minor tweaks to the bike. I ordered 2 with the black Friday discount, got $500 off of 2 bikes. Bikes were mostly pre assembled and the rest of the assembly was fairly easy using the video online and instructions that came with the bikes. It seems the free frame bag that came with the bikes would work on the high bar model much better. I had to modify the straps in order to get a good fit on the step through model,(velcro straps need to be longer in order to fit around the post that the battery goes into. I would have also liked to have more choices in color, but all in all very good bikes for the price point.

Love the bike !!!

It rides well, there, but...

It rides well, but shock absorbers are needed. I tried for an occasional off road, or side walk, and the bumps are felt. Also, i can't find the light switch for front light, is it on the board arms?. I don't know where it supposed to be. Maybe i overlooked something.

Not put together yet Christmas present

Bikes arrived in great shape, assembly was very simple. Everything functioned as expected. Customer service, and sales team were very helpful.

Great bike at this price point.

The bike arrived promptly, I had a problem with the mounting brackets for the front fender, KBO said they would be shipping out the correct part in two weeks. Haven’t heard from them since. Not a major problem but I hope this is not an indicator of the service. I would like to see a key swtich to turn the electrical off when I leave the bike unattended. With that said I think the bike is value for the money. The battery seems to last a reasonable time. My longest ride was 40 miles and still had battery left. Buy one and get out and enjoy the ride.

the breeze commuter !!!

This is by far the best buy!! I have over 3500 miles on mine since 2021 in march ! Ive had no problems with , controls, or battery... This is a great ride . thankyou KBO, I promote it wherever I go, and get complements all the time !!

KBO Breeze

The first weekend I got 57 miles

50 mile review

I am very much enjoying my KBO Commuter ebike. As a newbee I mainly have done a few grocery runs (get the handy drop down panniers for this) and rides to the nearby tennis courts.
I am building confidence in testing out on incrementally further distance rides.
As a safety issue I suggest riders turn the bike off 25 yds or so before your destination to prevent accidental acceleration. Fun and good experiences so far!

Best Summer ever.

I purchased my kbo breeze last May rode over 2060 miles Absolutely love riding it. Had to put it away for winter lots of snow.

Best in class..

What a great bike. I spent two years looking for a bike that would fit my needs. At 6'2'' and 290lbs...yes fat!! I needed a well built bike. The Ranger has met all my expectations and more. Thanks KBO

Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze


I am completely satisfied so far with your bike. Have taken it on camp outs and have ridden all over the parks. Quite a few people have seen it and will probably be looking for one themselves.