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Breeze and Breeze step through

We love both bikes. Ride great with lots of battery power on both.

Great looking bikes!!

Took a while to get the Step-thru, but I got it and we couldn’t be more pleased! We now have 2 KBO Breezes and are looking forward to miles of riding!!

Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze Step-Thru

Great bike

Worth the wait, nice bike. Easy assemble, high quality.

I love the bikes. Open Air Freedom

I love my E-Bike. I’ve taken the 40 min ride to the ocean a couple of times and it’s magnificent, I’ve gone along back roads, along farms, across farms, poorly paved roads, dirt roads. The bike performs beautifully. I only use the pedal assist. The bike flattens out the hills and makes it easy while still providing some exercise. I start from my house which is on a big hill, I start rolling out of the drive way in a low gear and power assist 3
I get up to. Power 5 before creating the hill but it works like a charm. The rest of the ride is a breeze. No pun intended


I just purchased two bikes and could not be more pleased! Assembly was a breeze (pun intended) and we were riding in no time.
Delivery was a bit confusing as FedEx blamed the shipper and the shipper said it was FedEx. But nevertheless they arrived in great condition.
I was excited that the KBO’s come with many features that pricier bikes do not include.

New bike

Amazing great bike and came as advertised.

Super Powers!

Love the bike…riding it makes you feel like you have super powers to go long and far - easily. This is an amazing value. My friend, who paid more for his E-bike, keeps noticing things that the Breeze has that his bike doesn’t. He paid more for his bike and is still paying to get features that are already on mine!
Great job on the bike!

My KBO Breeze Walk-Thru is a blast!

My walk-thru is a behemoth. I have named it "Great White." I rode 22 miles today and only used up one bar of juice.

The components are all top notch. Plenty of power, range, gear options, power assist options, powerful brakes and I love having front and rear lights.

This is a very heavy bike but much of that is the battery which can be easily removed for transportation.

This is a photograph of my bike on its maiden voyage on the Cape Cod Rail Trail. Yes, that is a cranberry bog in the background.

Yes, it was frustrating waiting for delivery, but it was all a tease.

excellent quality

It is working very well. Even does well on dusty and soft gravel roads around here. Went 43 miles on three separate days and still had 1 bar on the battery.

I was very pleased the quality of the finished product. It came together out of the box with only minor adjustments to the front fender. The acceleration is great, so be careful that first ride.

Wife loves her Step-Thru Breeze!

We were not disappointed at all about the 2 KBO e-bikes we have received! They are a blast to ride and very well built. The price was very reasonable compared to bike shops in the area!

I now have a new exciting dimension in my life.

The KBO Breeze gives me a new happy hour, or more every day. No problems, it just does what it was designed to do.

A new adventure every day. @ 78 years of age I did not expect such adventure.

The Wait is Over - My KBO Breeze e-Bike is Here!

My new KBO bike arrived here last week, and now I can't seem to stay off it! It is a joy to ride and certainly a thing of beauty. My bike is the beautiful orange and black combination, which I chose for both safety and artistic reasons. This is one very well-constructed machine. There is nothing flimsy about it. My first ride was a great experience that literally took my breath away. It's easy to use, powerful whenever you need the extra boost, and highly functional. Its mechanical disc brakes are quiet and highly responsive. The pedal assist mode is amazing, although so far I have only used four of the five levels of assist (I had forgotten just how fast 20mph on a bike really feels!) I believe that at Level 5 Assist my KBO will easily do 25mph and I weight 220+ lbs. The front and rear lights are bright and very visible - another good safety feature. I'm still learning all the features found on the control panel and have already changed my speedometer setting to MPH. I'm amazed at this bike's range and battery power. After going on a nearly thirty-mile ride yesterday, I had hardly used one tick on the battery level indicator. My KBO was shipped very securely and was easy to assemble. One tip for new users I would have is to use the bike's manual found on the website's "Support" section, since the hardcopy it comes with is in very small font size, making it difficult to read. There are also useful support videos on YouTube for this bike. Summary: This KBO is a great value for its cost. I look forward to having many great adventures on my new KBO Breeze. Ride safely and live well!

just got my KBO

Lots of power, smooth ride. Need to figure out how to get the derailleur adjusted a bit. so far a superb bike. Highly recommend

Tight and smooth

Fun to ride. Need to be alert and aware of surroundings .

I waited a little longer than I expected for it to arrive. But once it did I completely forgot about that. It is a wonderful machine and I could not be happier.


Love the bike! And kbo was very thoughtful and helpful throughout the process

Great looking bikes!

We received the 2nd KBO bike last Friday. This was the step-through bike. Assembly was easy and it is ready to go! I won’t be able to ride it for a couple of weeks due to a broken foot, but am very excited! My husband has the Breeze and he loves it!

Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze Step-Thru

KBO Breeze

I love the bike. For the money it’s a great value.

Two Step-thru's arrived!

The long wait is over. Our two step thru models arrived 4 days short of 3 months after placing our order. They are gorgeous E-bikes! Assembly is simple but tedious. (4 hands are better than 2) A couple assembly pictures would be helpful for those who haven't scoured the assembly videos. Took my first 10 mile ride this morning. I spent some time after the ride adjusting the handle bars position and seat to try to accommodate a more upright riding posture. It takes some time to get used to the pedal assist levels of power and how to select for riding conditions. The Facebook "KBO Bike Owners Club" is a great resource for new owners! So far so good.. Thanks KBO

KBO Bike review

Love it so far. My husband keeps stealing it and I have to tell him to get his own! Well built, pretty easy to put together and super fast and fun. Looks really cool. Not sure where to put the drink holder. Other than that A plus. 5 stars.


I live in the Ouachita mountain area , so a lot of hills it's just like pedaling on a flat road , I had to drive with my regular bike to à area that was flat now I can bike right from my house !!! Very well built , I spent a good couple of months checking out bikes and very happy with KBO breeze 😃