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Cautiously optimistic

While waiting for warranty parts we ordered a replacement bike to use. This controller periodically shows E22 code and so far has corrected itself. Some concerns.

Valentines Day Compact Surprise

Wife loved her new Compact which I surprised her with on Valentines Day. Even though the bike arrived with a defective headlight the overall build quality is outstanding. Dollar for dollar I don`t believe a better value exists anywhere!

Stiil winter here

Received my bike in excellent condition. Shipping worked well and it was delivered when promised and in great shape. Unfortunately it’s still winter here so I have not had an opportunity to give it a thorough test ride.

Great value for a well built ebike

Although still relatively new the EBO bike we bought checks all our boxes and this is the 2nd e-bike in 5 years so we are not new-bees . The ride, range accessories and drivability are all very good to date. I would highly recommend this bike over others as KBO has a team that has shown me they are dedicated to making sure the customer is satisfied. They even provide incentives for Mero save more money after sales with owner promotions. That is worth slot too!
Thank you KBO

the breeze commuter !!!

I have now Over 9,000 miles on my Shelby !! she has been the best thing, I could have asked for, seriously ! I have the original battery ! And no problems with anything on this beautiful 2 wheeled Wonder !!!! I've owned her since 2020, went through 3 sets of tires !! and on my second set of brake pads !!! THATS IT !! I love my KBO Breese commuter !! I get complements on her every time I'm out ...I do all of my grocery shopping with a backpack full 40 lbs !! and i'm almost 200 and she moves great up hills ! 20% grade no problem ... Just love this bike ! MY Shelby !!!

Worry-free experience

Installation is very simple and takes less than half an hour. All tools required for installation are provided. This bike has amazing power and speed, very happy with the quality of this bike. Highly recommend to others.

Fit nicely in my car trunk.

I enjoy riding it so far and the customer service from you all.

Thumb upppp!

I would definitely recommend this bike. Easy to use. Great battery life, quick delivery!

So excited to ride.

Its big tires "cush" on the road and even on our paved bike paths with tree roots and cracks. My husband bought the Kbo breeze without the big tires and he loves it too. So excited to ride again (as we live on a big hill), thanks Kbo bikes.


I love the bike, it's simple yet advanced and attractive.

Awesome purchase

The experience using this product has been great. Hopefully the weather will be warmer so I can ride more. The customer service is impeccable. Would and have recommended this brand.

A wonderful all round experience.

Great price, fast shipping, easy installation, and helpful videos. My wife (newly retired) and I were looking for a warm climate place to retire. Having owned the bikes for less than a month, a major factor in our location decision was how bike-friendly the surrounding area was. We love the KBO bikes and fold them up in the rear storage compartment of our SUV when traveling.

Good bike.

This bike is very strong, powerful and fast. Cycling is a joy. I've had it for about six months with no issues. It's a little heavier than my previous e-bikes, but they're all a bit heavy.

We love them we purchased

We love them we purchased 2 , 1 being a step thru we have well over a 100 miles on them and have been trouble free and now can’t wait for nice weather to get back on them to ride again just absolutely love them .

No complaints.

I have no complaints, service was excellent, customer service were very knowledgeable!

Love the bike

Love this bike, great for workouts but the water bottle mounting points would definitely be much appreciated! It’s a pleasure to put in lots of fun miles in New Mexico this time of year!


I love this bike. My wife and I had a great time riding our KBO bikes. Excellent shock absorption, the brake discs work well, and the ride is easy and comfortable.


It’s so much fun to enjoy a long bike ride. The bike rides great, I did a lot of research and decided to buy Breeze and Breeze step through for her and we are very happy with the choice. We get a lot of compliments on our bikes.

Beyond my expectations

The KBO breeze, ST is actually my third electric bike.. The reason I purchased it is because of the step through design, makes it easier to mount and dismount than my most recent bike, which has a crossbar. I am very pleased with the quality of the build, but I am an older person, so I upgraded to a more comfortable padded seat, as well as some accessories, such as an adjustable neck and cruiser style handlebars so I can ride a more upright and comfortable position. I also replaced the stock pedals with more padded rubber petals that will not cut your shins if you accidentally bang them. lastly, I added a tool kit and both right and left mirrors for additional safety. The bike runs very well, it has enough power for my 200 pounds, the brakes are excellent, and it runs very quietly. Battery life is excellent.

Recommend Compact

Arrived promptly. Everything worked as advertised. Have ridden about 80 miles so far with no issues. There was a bit of a learning curve for me, but certainly manageable. For me, the weight of the bike takes a little getting used to, as I tend to underestimate speed when cornering. However, the disc brakes work extremely well. The foldable feature is very convenient and I can take it wherever I want to go. Compact is highly recommended.


My initial impression is outstanding. The acceleration, smooth ride and strong 750W motor power made quite an impression. I am looking forward to some great rides once the weather becomes more conducive to my warm liking.


A delightful all-around experience. Great price, quick shipping, easy assembly with helpful videos, comfortable seat, and fun rides. My wife and I recently retired and love e-bikes and the convenience of folding them up and storing them in the trunk of our SUV.


"I bought them for my wife and myself this Christmas. My wife has only used hers once, while mine has seen four outings due to the holiday season and current winter weather. At this point, we don't plan to ride them much in winter, unless the roads are dry and it's not too cold.
I initially intended to buy just one for my wife so she could join me more often on bike rides. What convinced me to get one for myself, aside from the promotion, was the ability to fold them up and tuck them into a carry bag in the back of my wife's SUV without the need for hooks/bike racks. We're planning a family camping trip when it warms up in spring. Maybe it would be best to come back for a full review with me later in the summer."


I ride "heavy" without battery assistance to get a good workout in, and when I get tired I just use pedal assist for relief. The sturdy, comfortable bike and foldable features are great. Love being able to stop at the bottom of a hill and have the luxury of throttle and PAS, and I bet I'll keep going.

As advertised

I bought this bike before Christmas but only rode it 3 times as I was very busy. The bike is absolutely flawless and a joy to ride. This bike runs exactly as advertised...I'm 5'10"/200 lbs and it fits me perfectly. My only regret is waiting so long to purchase. I would do it again without hesitation.