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J'ai mon vélo depuis juillet,j'ai parcouru 1000 km , maintenant j'aimerais bien avoir un support pour pouvoir continuer à l'utiliser pendant l'hiver. Je suis complètement satisfait et j'adore me balader.

My kids love it...

After a few upgrades and a couple adjustments on the spokes everything works perfectly fine the way it's intended to

Good solid bike

Every thing I expected and more.

Great Bike

I've had KBO Bikes for over a year and they have been great in every way

Got us back to riding.

With age creeping up on us biking had become something I did alone instead of the old days when my wife would ride along. Now that we have our KBO electrics we are riding together again - about 100 miles so far. Thanks KBO.

Best bang for your bucks. Very well built, large battery. Perhaps could use 50t chain ring as standard. No problems so far, none expected. Very satisfied with my purchase

Great value, good riding bikes

We purchased the black KBO Breeze for me and the Step Thru Breeze for my wife a few weeks ago. We rode them on flat bike trails and on the hilly streets in the neighborhood. After 75 miles, we have had no problems. They ride well. We were new to eBikes, so it does take some getting used to the PAS functions and slightly extra weight. We were long time regular comfort bike riders. These bikes have everything it takes to get us back to regular & frequent riding. Especially at the campgrounds. My old knees like this bike too...

Awesome ride

I use this all over and it beats the gas prices and I can get there faster than driving These bikes are Fast I've got 361 miles on mine And the battery I got 38 miles with Two green bars left on the Battery So I figure another 15 miles .It's all how you Ride I Recommend this bike I love it .

Wish mid drive motor

I love this Bike ! I will like to have this with a mid drive motor ! And I understand it will be additional cost it will be posible ?

Best eBike

I have a Breeze and Breeze Step Thru and we both love them.

Very nice.

Wish it had an on/off key. Would give great peace of mind when left outside coffee house.

Really nice and sturdy bike !!!

This is very strong, powerful, well design and fun bike. Need to get more accessory’s and I will be able to use more.

Needs better rims.

I live in gainesville ga, my mom got me one. Said it'd be better cents I'd just be traveling in town, first my tires went flat in a week its ok i think green slime it an a layer of slime wall 🧱 should do it but when i seen the tubes they used, an put in it... i was disappointed
there where white little 🪨 rocks in it all over not sure why or who let that pass as safe but ok. It worked so far but now every pot hole I can't see or is hidden that I hit even so often even when I slow down the wires i guess are coming loses to where they connect to the motor. Doses any one know if they can come an pop through the rim an busted the tire?? Please 🙏 let me know I use it for work an I can't seem to find any other rims on here to buy for it.


So far so good. Can’t find a kid rack seat that works with this wider rack. Would be nice if Thule or other seats could fit. It’s a little unstable with a passenger but all in all it’s been fun!

Birthday present for the hubby

He loves it so much, has ridden it all over the place. Very well built. A high quality bike and worth every penny. He is also a big guy and has had no trouble with speed or going up hills.

Great bike for price

Awesome bike. Great around the beach. Daughter loves riding the back

Great bike

We love our new bike

Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze Step-Thru

I have had my e-bike since 4/17/2022. I love riding the bike but my frame is 5' 3 1/2" I'm having trouble with the length my arms have to reach to the handlebars. I find that my right hand reaching for the brake will turn the throttle by accident which at times is really scary. I wish they had a bike for my body frame which would require different handlebars. When I received the e-bike I had some minor problems but customer service took care of them very quickly which I was VERY pleased about. The bike is built very well. I did find that my LCD display on the bike is different than the picture inside my owners manual. I'm 72 yrs young, I rode the bike 28.4 miles today and my battery was still full when I arrived home. This bike has more power than I will ever need. I have to say that I turned the arm that holds the handlebar inward but it really didn't help my reach, but what it did do was cause the front wheel to shake. I'm looking into solving my handlebar issue, maybe buying different handlebars that will make me feel more comfortable riding the bike.

Great bike….great price

I bought the commuter breeze bike and so far I am very pleased with the workmanship and ease of use. If you buy the bike one thing you should do is watch the videos on how to assemble the bike because the booklet isn’t as clear as seeing the assembly first hand

Cool ride

It’s a cool e-bike, didn’t like the skinny tires it comes with, so I replaced them with some better ones! Not very fast; I brought it for exercise. Nice looking bike-good quality…it’s a cool ride.

Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze Step-Thru

Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze Step-Thru


My first ebike. Runs great, no probs so far. It was delivered with neck on backwards and the front brake cable on wrong side. Other than that, no probs far.

Would have been a 5

Front disc was bent a little, couple of little scratches on paint other than that I love it

Back on the bike

I bought these to join the 60+ crowd we have seen enjoying their Ebikes on campgrounds. It's the first time my wife has ridden a bike for any distance in about 40 years.