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My wife and I love them.

My wife and I love our new KBO K Series bikes. They were easy to assemble, and the batteries came pre-charged. We rode within hours of receiving them. With arthritis in my knees, I haven't been able to ride a bike in several years. Boy, was it fun to get out and ride again.

I purchased my foldable bike

I bought my K1 bike after meeting a woman at an ice cream joint. She rode miles on the same bike just to pick up a simple cone.What fun!!! Three months later, I decided to buy one. My compact K1 fits in the hatchback of my Prius and on the back seat! Note my little basket on front!!! An electric car might out of my budget, a K1 bike was affordable. Now, My errands have now become “my adventures” as I head out to get groceries and attend meetings. Safety is important, and K1 doesn't disappoint with its headlights, break lights, and a trusty bell. put a flag on it since the city traffic can get a bit hairy. Riding K1 has open the door to new adventures and new ways to lessen my carbon footprint! And by the way, I assembled everything myself!!!

What a fantastic bike!

What a great bike! Love it. Just wish it had hydraulic brakes. It performs great. Can ride farther than I ever thought possible on a single charge. I ride it every chance I get. I get compliments everywhere I go. I put it together without any help. (I'm 79.) Everyone should at least try one.

February 4 was the anniversary of my birth. On that morning just a few days ago my wife sent me to the garage to get her a bottle of water and what to my surprise was sitting in the garage covered in wrapping paper? A KBO Step-thru Breeze... Best Birthday gift ever. Been riding around the neighborhood getting used to it. Did my first road trip today! I LOVE THIS BIKE!

Stealth Hurricane 2.0

Weight: I chose this bike because I will be using it for long distance with having to go up and down stairs. These were the 2 main concerns I had with purchasing a new bike. The weight of this one seems to be the lightest and well fit for my purpose of using it longer distances. The lighter weight really helps a lot in my case!
Distance: This bike is great for long distance. The extra assistance helps so much.
Lights & reflectors: working great so far! I was late getting back home in time before nightfall so I ended up having to ride in the dark and had to use the front light and other night features. That helped so much!
Speed: It actually goes pretty fast. I didn't even make it all the way up as fast as it can go because it can go so fast!
Kickstand: seems to be working well. Seems to be thick enough to not tip over easily.


I think this is as good a value as one could find for a quality built e-bike. I love my Breeze now with over 500 miles. No complaints. Sounds like a consumer ad for a nice product.

Tornado enlarges territory!

It has not been 2 months since I received my Tornado. I love LOVE my bike. I just hit 500 miles. It is the perfect blend of my “ regular” bicycle and my motorcycle. The Tornado has enlarged by riding territory in a HUGE way. I’ve gone from 10-12 mile rides to 35 mile (and counting) rides. I am a 65 male and my golden years are truly more GOLDEN... thanks to my Tornado! I have to get a second battery so I can go further!

My husband and I both love it!

My husband and I both love our K series bikes! We traded in a different brand bike for these bikes because of the size. We are on the shorter side and these bikes are a perfect fit. We also love that they fit in the back of our van easily and are a blast to ride!

Love this bike but...

This is my first ebike and I have to say I'm hooked. It's everything its supposed to be. It cut my commute time from 45 minutes to 35 minutes during the afternoon rush hour. I bought this bike for several reasons, one of which is because its a sexy looking bike. Most ebikes look weird or funky. Unfortunately, this model comes with only a 350 watt motor.

Very Happy with it!

Took my grand babies out for a ride. We all enjoyed it so much!


Rode a trail last week in Grand Teton National Park. It runs from south of Jackson, Wyo., to Jenny Lake in the park, more than 21 miles one way. The views were incredible around every corner.

excellent overall bike

I really enjoyed riding this bike. I have had the bike for about 3 months and has matched my expectations, in terms of performance and durability. I am 5'7'' so the mini size is a plus for me and the bike provides easy handling. I try to pedal the most that I can and the battery seems to discharge 20% in a 20 miles ride.

New to e-bikes.

Starting off slow. I am loving it. Can't wait to take it camping.

What a blast!

We love it!We can bike much farther than on our regular bikes, which opens up new destinations for us. The build quality has been impressive. The folding feature allows us to put it in the back of our mid size SUV. I definitely recommend this bike to anyone.

We rode them on flat bike trails and on the hilly streets in the neighborhood. After 75 miles, we have had no problems. They ride well. We were new to eBikes, so it does take some getting used to the PAS functions and slightly extra weight. We were long time regular comfort bike riders. These bikes have everything it takes to get us back to regular & frequent riding. Especially at the campgrounds. My old knees like this bike too...

Love that bike!

Love that bike! I am so pleased with it. Solid built, great quality and has plenty of speed. I armed the tires with extra protection, added a more cushioned seat and a suspension seatpost, not to mention a good left hand mirror to check on traffic. Looking forward to many years of fun rides on this foldable bike that will fit in the back of my SUV.

Great Bike, Great Day!

Great day for a ride in the Ohio Cuyahoga Valley National Park. (Indigo Lake at Hale Farm and Village)

I like it

Its fun

The oasis black beauty

Putting miles on riding the bike trail nothing but compliments on the retro look nice ride first electric bike easy to get use to a bike load of fun

Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze Step-Thru

I have been wanting an eBike

I have been wanting an eBike for a while. I bought another brand first, which was stolen the first night I owned it. I was convinced I needed a full sized folding bike. After it barely fit in the locker, I am glad I bought the K series, which fits into a bike locker, and when collapsed, fits in the back of my SUV. I have accessorized a bit, but on the whole have been extremely happy with the K series. It tops out around 20 MPH, and based on my riding distance and habits, I only end up charging it once a week. It is comfortable ti ride on with the seat and tires as they are. I highly recommend the upgraded LCD screen with all of the info it displays.

This is a fantastic electric bike

This is a great e-bike that does everything you could ask for in a folding e-bike. The only criticism I could give is that the tail light is a bit flimsy, and even then it's just a reflector. You need to upgrade to a tail light. Other than that, easy to charge, goes a long way on a single charge (we never ran out of battery), comfortable to ride, a fast, stable e-bike, and my wife and I use it full time as a motorhome and ride everywhere. Easy to fold and stow in a small space, then take out for quick setup and use.

New KBO Bike owner

Very satisfied with everything. Strongly recommend to errands or exercises.

it's perfect, it holds really good the phone.