The DOs and DON'ts of Summer E-biking | KBO Bike

The DOs and DON'ts of Summer E-biking | KBO Bike

Now that summer is approaching, you should be prepared to visit your favorite spots. Riding an electric bike to work can make commuting more enjoyable. Summer is also the best time to meet new riding companions. Nature benefits riders throughout the summer riding season. You can go to numerous locations without spending a lot of money on gas or time stuck in traffic. It is also another passive way to improve your physical fitness in preparation for the winter season. Continue reading to learn why and how to spice up your summer experience with e-bikes.

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Preparing for the Summer Season

An e-bike rider can only enjoy riding throughout the summer season with proper planning. How far do you want your ride to take you? Consider the level of intensity you wish to achieve when riding. Your budget will also influence where you go and whom you see. Using an electric bike, you may combine your daily schedule and save money.

Setting training goals is also essential, especially for those who want to enhance their riding abilities. Riders must continually include safety precautions into their riding goals without deviating from the main focus. Also, incorporate methods that will reduce your work on each journey. It is also critical to have all of the proper riding equipment ready. In hot and bright weather, you'll need the appropriate gear to keep the sun from being too harsh on your skin. Bring one or more energy drinks with you, depending on the distances you expect to travel this summer.

KBO Breeze electric bicycle

Without further ado, here are some of the DOs we think you should get in order before your next big ride:


Suppose you're going on an e-biking excursion. In that case, sunscreen is vital for skin protection, as prolonged sun exposure can cause skin cancer and varying degrees of sunburn. Sunburn typically emerges after a few hours of exposure to the scorching summer sun, making individuals itchy and exceedingly uncomfortable.

Wear a sufficient amount of UV-protective sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher is advised), and remember to cover any exposed skin regions such as your arms, ears, and the back of your neck. Then, reapply at least every two hours, especially if you're going on a long-distance e-bike excursion.


When riding an e-bike in the heat, you may consider the best method to stay cool and debate on what to wear. Wearing traditional cycling clothes for a short ride is usually optional, although breathable and light materials assist draw sweat away from your body. For lengthy or hot rides, choose a well-fitting cycling jersey and shorts that drain perspiration away quickly, allowing you to have a comfortable and excellent e-cycling tour.


Riding on a hot summer day can cause dehydration since perspiration evaporates to cool the body down. However, they also lose a lot of water. Nothing is more vital than staying hydrated on hot rides. Drinking frequently before you leave is the best method to stay hydrated. Bring plenty of water with you if there is no water along the journey.

You may have a small appetite when the weather is hot, and your body begins to overheat. The main challenge is replenishing your energy. Snacking before you feel hot sounds like an excellent way to enhance your energy. Alternatively, you're more likely to drink electrolytes than eat energy bars. Bring some intense sports drinks or effervescent pills containing electrolytes such as salt and potassium to nourish your body.

Preparing Your Electric Bike

Make it a point to incorporate your electric bike into all of your summer plans. You can pre-order your favorite model due to the quick expansion in e-bike supply. However, if you already possess an e-bike, take it in for regular maintenance before the summer season. Confirm when you can ride the e-bike without harming any of its components. The battery level will also assist you in determining the range to cover.

When you ride with a purpose, you will have a better time. You are not just traveling distances at this stage but also expecting to attain a particular goal. This might enhance your riding skills before the summer season or for fitness reasons.

Summer Activities to Do on Your E-Bike

Almost no one in the Northern Hemisphere wants to miss the summer months. Several outdoor activities, such as riding an ebike with friends and family, may help you bond. Depending on how much fun you want, some of these activities might take a few hours or days.


If your camping site is a bit farther away, you'll need an e-bike, which lacks suspension and is lightweight and easily foldable. This will enable you to go far using fossil fuel (your car). You fold the e-bike into the vehicle at the same time. Bring out the electric bike and program it to travel the remaining distance. An electric bike will assist you in moving around the tent while cruising with other people. It will also make it easier to observe events such as campfires, parks, and open fire feasts. However, make an effort to include emergency kits, sunscreen, enough food, and other camping essentials.

Local Market Visits

Enjoy the summer by biking to the local markets in your area. Instead of overpaying at the grocery store, you may window shop this time. This is a stroll where you may choose some vegetables and fruits to load on your e-bike. Farmers gathering fruit and items exported to cities is usually a lovely sight. As a result, it encourages the capacity to maintain good eating habits during the summer months.

Picnic with Family and Friends

You may ride to an open place and enjoy beverages and snacks with your buddies. It would be beneficial if you had a blanket on the floor and had closure with some wonderful folks. It's also essential to enjoy the summertime while calmly listening to birds and lovely wildlife. Electric bicycles are the ideal means of transportation for packing items without going overboard. The goal here is soft meals, and the light-weighted e-bike lets you get there without adding additional weight.

Vacation with Family and Friends

Summer is the perfect time to spend with family because schools are not in session. Riding an e-bike allows every family member to explore the traveling experience. E-bikes come in a variety of sizes to accommodate every age group in a family. Another option for taking spectacular and distinctive group photos is to go on a bicycle vacation.   While cycling, children may also discover nature's views.

Entertainment Activities

During the summer, America is alive with entertainment events, particularly music festivals. If it is a popular event, you can bet that many others are also on their way there. You may arrive early to the party and not be concerned about departing late due to city traffic. Users may avoid traffic by riding an electric bike to work. It's another opportunity to nourish your soul and soak in the music while admiring the beauty of summer.

Reasons Why an E-bike is the Best Option for the Summer

There are other ways of transportation, but why should you select an e-bike over others?

For starters, the summer season occurs around the middle of the year, when you want to relax after the tension of the beginning of the year. People who make resolutions for the year find it more enticing to unwind and decompress between June and September. Because an e-bike allows you to exercise passively, it helps produce endorphin hormones, which are crucial for balancing physical and mental wellness. This will benefit both your muscles and your cardiovascular system. The sun's vital vitamin D can also assist ease tension when riding. This, however, cannot be obtained in an enclosed and crowded car.

E-bikes provide positive benefits to the environment. It emits no carbon or other hazardous substances into the atmosphere. After you've charged your batteries, you may help to reduce global warming by changing your means of transportation.

Finally, electric bikes are a versatile method of transportation that encourages riders to plan their summer activities. You may cruise in various styles, including off-road routes and seaside boardwalks. It may be integrated into your lifestyle without requiring a significant shift in your everyday routine.

It's summertime, and you need to spice things up in whatever way you can. Consider an electric bike if you're looking for a unique present for your parents or loved ones. You can choose the best option for both children and adults while riding together and connecting. If the other person already owns a bike, you can purchase accessories. KBO provides a variety of e-bikes and accessories to meet your needs. Become an e-bike owner now.