Electric Bike Safety Guide | KBO Bike

Electric Bike Safety Guide | KBO Bike

KSafety is an extremely important consideration in all aspects of life. This is no different when it comes to riding electric bikes! Many people often wonder if riding an electric bike is safe. The simple answer is yes, assuming that you take basic precautionary measures to control for the variables that are in your control. By taking these precautions when riding your electric bike, you will not only minimize your own risk of injury, but you will also help to keep the people around you as safe as possible. To ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience, here are six ways to maximize safety on your electric bike rides.


Electric Bike Safety Guide | KBO Bike


1. Wear a Helmet

This is a must! Wearing a helmet is one of the most basic safety measures you can take when riding electric bikes, and there is real data to back this up. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), wearing a bike safety helmet can reduce your risk of head injury by over 50%. While we do not anticipate you getting into an accident anytime soon, it is always important to be safe, just in case! The KBO bike safety helmet offers a high-density, expanded polystyrene material for high shock absorption and a hard outer shell with LED lighting for thorough protection. To achieve the full benefits and this helmet, you must be sure to adjust the helmet such that it fits snugly over your head. An improper fit can drastically decrease its effectiveness.

2. Help People to See You

Making yourself visible to those around you is another important safety measure, especially when it is dark or foggy during your ride. In particular, be sure to have front and rear lights on your bike, and be sure to wear reflective clothing if possible. Every KBO Breeze commuter bike is equipped with a 48V LED headlight and an integrated brake rear light to make your bike as noticeable as possible. You can even place additional reflectors on your bike spokes to enhance safety! In addition to gearing up your bike, you might also consider investing in a reflective cycling jacket, as these are not only good for safety, but they are also lightweight and can conveniently slip on over your regular clothing.


opening the front light can help you more visible

3. Monitor Your Speed

Keeping track of your speed is crucial, as it is very easy to forget how fast you are going when you are probably thinking of other things, like the workday ahead of you, which street you are trying to turn on, or what you are going to have for breakfast! The faster your bike is going, the longer it will take to brake fully. This may be very dangerous if you need to make an unexpected stop but are going too fast to do so in time. Fortunately, every KBO electric bike contains an LCD backlight display, which shows your speed and a number of other metrics to help guide you throughout your rides. Proper speed control using this backlight display will allow you greater time to react when necessary and decrease the risk of you getting into an accident.

4. Follow the Rules

You must be sure to follow not only the basic bike riding rules, but also to follow the electric bike laws in whichever state you are riding. As is the case with traditional bikes, make sure you bike only in the designated bike lanes, and always be sure to bike in the same direction as traffic. With regard to electric bike laws, you must follow your state’s specific regulations related to speed limits, helmet requirements (of course, you should always wear one!), age restrictions, and any relevant registration, licensing, or insurance requirements. Yes, these rules may all seem like a hassle – but they were made with the express purpose of keeping you and other electric bike riders as safe as possible!


disk brake is a helpful component which will help you stop immediately while riding

5. Keep Your Bike in Tip-Top Shape

You must keep your bike in top-top shape in order to mitigate your injury risk due to equipment malfunctions. By following proper maintenance techniques for your electric bike, this will not only improve your own safety, but this will also help to extend your bike’s lifespan. You get two for the price of one! Some of the best ways to keep your bike in tip-top shape include lubricating the bike chains, cleaning your speed system, making sure your tires are fully inflated, checking your brake system, and properly charging your battery (as needed). Of course, even if you properly maintain your bike before and between rides, there is always a possibility of potentially dangerous equipment malfunctions during your rides. Be sure to keep some maintenance-related KBO gear handy in case of emergencies. You never know when you might need a spare battery pack or multifunction repair toolkit to save the day!


6. Expect the Unexpected

Last but not least, you must make sure to always expect the unexpected. The reality of the matter is that you can take all the precautions in the world to protect your personal safety, but the one element you cannot control is the behavior of the people around you! When riding your electric bike, you should practice “defensive” riding by always being on the lookout for unexpected occurrences. Perhaps someone drives through a red light, perhaps someone else opens up his or her taxi door as you are biking down a city street, or maybe a young child jumps in front of you out of nowhere. There are an infinite number of possible surprises that can increase the risk of you hurting yourself or someone else. Be sure to stay ready and alert at all times because the unexpected can happen at any moment!


All of these precautions together will allow you to maximize safety when riding your electric bike. When you invest in a KBO Bike we want you to be able to enjoy your experience in a safe and secure manner because, of course, there is no fun in getting hurt. So hop on your KBO bike today, be safe, and enjoy!

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