Every bike needs to be maintained to max the performance in your daily life and Ebikes are no exception. At the same time, proper maintenance can prolong the bike life and keep your life safe and full of fun. 

Drive System

The pedaling power is transmitted from the sole to the pedals and then transferred to the freewheels through crankset drives the chain. Next, the freewheels transmit the power through the spokes to the rims and tires with releasing the power through friction. This is the process that riders transform their pedaling power to speed. As the core component of power transmission, the drive system is related to efficiency. In order to be able to transform the burger eaten by the rider into more speed, it is necessary to keep the drive system efficient.

In daily riding, the chain is most susceptible to environmental pollution. Chain lubes is as the key point for lubricating the metal surface, but its side effect is that it is easy to be dirty with dust that will be mixed into the lube to make the entire drive system dirty, resulting in increasing resistance, increasing noise, and accelerating the parts to be worn out, which will affect the riding mood.

So, proper cleaning is necessary. When finishing your ride, you can wrap the chain with a clean non-woven cloth and wipe off the dust on the surface of the chain by turning the crank counterclockwise. Keeping the chain clean is the basis of keeping the drive system clean. In addition, according to the different riding conditions and mileage, the drive system should be cleaned in good time, and new chain lubes should be added for lubrication. High-quality chain lubes generally has an instruction of service life (mileage). If it does not have the instruction or you just forget it, then when you hear the noise from the chain, it is when you need to clean and oil.

Speed System

Like the drive system, the speed system also needs to be kept clean at all times, including the freewheels, derailleur, crank, etc. If these parts are covered with dust, it will cause inaccurate transmission, increased noise, and accelerated wear. Therefore, riders need to pay attention to timely cleaning during daily maintenance.

Brake System

As the most important line of defense for active safety, the brake system is worthy of careful check and maintenance before and after each ride. The brake system includes the brake lever, brake cable, brake pads, brake disc, and so on.

Braking is mainly using your hands to pull the brake lever so that the brake pads and the edge of brake disc are in contact to generate friction for braking. During routine maintenance, you need to check whether the brake handle is intact with no damage (the brake lever is usually the first to touch the ground when the bicycle falls due to a crash or improper parking), so as to prevent the damaged brake lever from breaking when applying the brake strongly.

The next is to check the brake cable. Firstly, check whether the fixing screws of brake cable are locked. In addition, check whether the wear degree of the brake pads is within a safe range, and if there is excessive wear, please don't forget to replace it in time. In the end, remember to check the rim. Check whether the surface of the brake side is flat, clean, and free of oil, and check the same as the brake pads.

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