7 Cycling Routes In San Francisco | KBO Bike

7 Cycling Routes In San Francisco | KBO Bike

San Francisco is a heaven of two wheels, which is a good place to go cycling. If you wanna experience the breeze and adventure, here is your best choice. You will meet unexpected surprises and wonderful landscape when you turn every corner. Come on! The charming coastline and hilly roads await you!


beautiful cycling routes in San Francisco


With the sea surrounding the city, San Francisco enjoys a more pleasant climate in autumn that is the best time to visit this beautiful city. Here are 7 city cycling routes for you to choose from. 

1. Golden Gate Park to Fort Funston

Going along the southern section of the Great Highway from Golden Gate Park windmills to the recreation area of Fort Funston, here is a guide for you to go biking with your family. On a very sunny and warm day, it is very suitable for riders to ride a bike to experience the amazing views of the Pacific Ocean with the sea breeze. When you arrive at the destination, you would find that Fort Funston is a beautiful lookout point for the ocean and a great place for a lovely hike or biking. At last, don’t forget to pack a picnic and enjoy the sunset.

2. Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito 

If you never cycle on the Golden Gate Bridge, you will miss wonderful and stunning views in your life. Just remove all your fears and immerse yourself into the beautiful ride. Great views and a refreshing breeze on the bridge will help you to take all the things off your mind. Starting from Fort Mason, cyclists will enjoy 7 miles of the best urban waterfront in the US. When arriving in Sausalito, it is a good idea to get around Alexander Street for having a cup of beer or three scoops of ice cream. 

3. Hawk Hill Loop

Turning left at the north end of Alexander Street, climbing up Conzelman Road and riding to the Walker Mountain Observatory, you will meet more challenges. Alternatively, you also can ride from Bunker Road through the tunnel to the bay of Rodeo and you will experience a z-shaped road on McCullough Road. You can stop and take pictures of the beautiful scenery on the top to share with friends on Instagram, but don’t be distracted by the scenery on the way when riding. 

4. Valencia Street

Valencia Street is not only a gathering place for various retail goods, delicious food and various tourist activities but also one of the most important cycling routes in San Francisco. Go cycling on Valencia Street are definitely more fun than driving. This 1.5-mile-long street is full of bicycle racks and various bicycle service shops.

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5. Baker Beach 

Baker Beach is a pilgrimage site in San Francisco's hot weather, but the process of getting there seems a bit cumbersome, especially when it is difficult to find a parking space. Have you ever thought about riding an electric bike? You may not realize that going biking is actually more interesting than driving. You can ride to Wiggle by various methods and continue to Panhandle, then enter the park and turn right on Conservatory. Drive East to go into Arguello Blvd in the north of the park (a little uphill here). When you get to Arguello Blvd, take a boat to Presidio and turn left on Lake Road and you will enter a very leisurely flat road surrounded by trees. Ride along the Lake Road to 25th Avenue, then turn right, and turn right again at the parking lot of Baker Beach. The total route is about 5 miles, and don't forget to bring towels, sunscreen and snacks.

6. South City Loop

This cycling route starts from Market Street, then ride along the Fell Street towards the west to De Young Museum. If you love parks, here is a good place for you to pass the time away. Down south to the 19th Avenue, go straight for around 5 miles and then turn right to reach to Lake Merced Park. It is a pleasant thing to enjoy the path over 4 miles around the lake. You will get to enjoy the view of the lake and take in all the nature around you! If you have enough time, you can ride your bike to Twin Peaks that is the best place in San Francisco for a fascinating night view. 

7. Marina District

Marina District is located to the north of San Francisco. It is home to several residential areas, buildings for the style of art deco, and the famous Palace of Fine Arts. The sidewalk located in Ocean Park is flat, which is very suitable for beginners to bike here. When you ride a bicycle on the west side of the Palace of Fine Arts, you will find a fortress area of 1,400 acres. It used to be a military base and became a national park since October 1994. There are several roads passing through the green areas of the fortress area, where trees are lined to form a large park. Cycling along Lincoln Street in the fortress area offers spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headland. By the way, if you have already tried all the routes above, there are 5 suggested bike trails in California and 5 beautiful routes in late autumn over the whole America for you to continue discovering!