5 Beautiful Routes For Cycling In Late Autumn | KBO Bike

5 Beautiful Routes For Cycling In Late Autumn | KBO Bike

 It is a great idea to go riding in this golden season because you will find a different appearance of the road you are familiar with. Of course, if you never come to these wonderful biking routes, you will be shocked by the beauty of late autumn. Just get on your bikes, and ride!



Erie Canalway Trail

Address: Rochester, NY

The public trail is wide and consisted of well-maintained cement and concrete, which is suitable to cycle, walk, and run. When biking in the tree-lined trail, especially in late autumn, you will enjoy the scenic views and experience nature. Journey along the waterway, sometimes you can see a sweet group of young Mallard ducks playing.

The Erie Canalway Bike Path stretches across over 350 miles of upstate New York, from Buffalo to Albany.  And it is really a series of 15-20 trails. If you have time, you can explore the less populated side of the trail and you may find different beautiful views.

If you love to ride, meet new friends, see new places, and learn all the history New York holds, this is the great trip for you.


Boise River Greenbelt

Address: Boise, ID

Boise River Greenbelt offers more than 25 miles of scenic paths, which of well-maintained is suitable for biking, hiking, and jogging. And it is extremely popular with Boise residents and tourists. If you have a chance to visit Boise, don't miss this charming spot in the middle of a city, where you usually don't expect to find a beautiful place to ride your bike. But here is a fun fall destination to be joined by individuals, families, and couples.

While you are biking along the trails of the river, all the pretty sights along the way impinge on your eyes. In this golden season, you will see the trees relinquishing their leaves in yellow, red, and green. You can ride slowly, look for several places of interest to stop and have a look around. Here is an excellent way to spend the day and enjoy the scenery for miles and miles.

Always take bikes when you travel to Boise! Like a song says, get on your bikes, and ride!



Lady Bird Lake Hike-and-Bike Trail

Address: Lady Bird Lake First Street Bridge at Lady Bird Lake, Austin, TX 78701Map

Here is a great place to go biking: the scenic trail through lush green parks and peaceful lakes. This is a famous bike trail and a peaceful city spot in Austin. The trail is paved, tree-lined, and does not have extremes of the gradient. If you love the urban ride, the bike trail by Lady Bird Lake is definitely recommended to visit, which will provide nice views all along the river.

With experiencing and prizing the balance between city culture and this gorgeous stretch of natural beauty, it is a wonderful land for people to relax when they get tired of the hustle and bustle of life in the city. And you will enjoy the beauty of Austin in late autumn.


Cape Cod Rail Trail

Address: MA

This bike path runs 25 miles, from Dennis to Wellfleet. The charming and gorgeous views attract lots of riders to come here, and it is a well paved bike path that is accessible to almost anyone. So even some riders said this is the best rail trail they have ridden on. If you love nature, here is really a treasure for those who love to ride. Because you not only can ride among trees seeing the beauty of woods and plants but also you can go to the beach experiencing the wind from the blue sea.

While cycling on the tree-lined road, you might meet different kinds of birds singing all the way. The breeze and fresh air are around you. Here is a marvelous spot where riders can explore more unexpected routes and other things. You also can have a break stopping at a nice place near Long Pond with beaches and sand.



Tunnel of Trees - M119 Scenic Heritage Route

Address: South Lakeshore Dr, Harbor Springs, MI

 You will experience a beautiful ride and fantastic adventure in the fall on this street. The ride through the Tunnel of Trees is beautiful and amazing. When passing through this street, you will find that fall colors are glorious and spectacular just like the story told. A few places to pull over and take photos.

The road is narrow but the views are incredible. Along the street, you also can see the lovely lake. There are many great views of Lake Michigan and you can look for a place to walk out to see the view.


Just ride on KBO Bike, you will take your mind off things, and you will feel peace.

See you on the trails!