Cycling Along The East Coast Greenway | KBO Bike

Cycling Along The East Coast Greenway | KBO Bike

If you own an electric bike, and you are planing on a bike trips with your family, then this article is just for you. Here are 5 bike trails for kids and family.

If you're in a part of the country that experiences some kind of winter, you've no doubt felt the change in the air and seen it with your own eyes. Yes! The long winter is over. Spring has taken root and brilliant colors are returning. And, before the stifling heat of summer forces everyone to take refuge the air conditioned indoors, now is the time to get outside !

 it is time to go outdoors to go for a ride

Spring, like autumn, is the other popular time of year for many outdoor enthusiasts. We can finally shed our heavier winter clothing for lighter threads and enjoy the warming air and blossoming nature. What better way to experience the great outdoors than to hop on an electric dirt bike for adult and go where the road takes you?

Throughout the country there are plenty of greenway biking trails, or places just off the road, where cycling optimizes the sights, sounds, and scents of nature. This is especially true of the East Coast. Follow KBO Bike as we take a journey along the East Coast Greenway – a 3,000 mile biking and walking trail, from Key West, Florida, to Calais, Maine, where you can explore it all!

Northern Delaware Greenway Bike Trail

From downtown Wilmington to the shores of the Delaware River, this 10 mile trek (20 miles roundtrip) is relatively remote for an urban trail and the scenery is beautiful. Stretches of this path go along the Brandywine River. It also goes through Bellevue State Park and Alapocas Run State Park. Along the way, cyclists should keep an eye for museums and historic estates.

This route is perfect for a day trip on the KBO Breeze or the KBO Breeze Step-Thru. Both bikes come with puncture resistant 27.5 inch tires and a Large Payload Rear Rack – perfect for packing some food and beverages for a snack or picnic at any place along your journey!

Washington D.C., the National Mall and Memorial Parks

Where to begin in the Nation's Capital? D.C. is committed to Vision Zero and has installed many new miles of bike lanes and protected bike lanes throughout the city and surrounding areas. In 2020, Smart Asset said it had the ninth highest number of miles in terms of protected bike lanes and was 11th overall in terms of bike friendliness.

Strap on a Bicycle Safety helmet, a backpack with snacks, water, and maybe pack a light jacket in case it gets cool (it probably won't), then hop on your KBO Hurricane and head up to the National Mall. If you go in March to mid April, you may even be able to catch the thousands of cherry blossom trees blooming all over the D.C. area, especially at the Tidal Basin, Hains Point, or out at the National Arboretum (only 4.1 miles from downtown).

The National Mall and its attractions aren't all the Nation's Capital has to offer. Those traveling on two wheels and leg-power can also hit up the Metro Branch Trail (about 8 miles and growing) or head to Mount Vernon from the National Mall along the Greenway (17 miles). Although not necessary, a KBO Electric Bike will make the uphills and long flats a breeze!

Virginia Capital Trail

Heading further south, an intrepid cyclist should check out the Virginia Capital Trail, a 51.7 mile long route fit for those on two feet, four for you pet parents, and on wheels. The route follows Highway 5 in Virginia and is traffic separated (meaning you don't have to worry about cars all that much). There are plenty of historic sites to visit, like the Richmond National Battlefield Park, Deep Bottom Park & Four Mile Creek, or the Tyler Potterfield Bridge. Along the way, there is also beautiful natural scenery.

Whether you attempt the entire route or just a portion of it, there are amenities for all. If you find yourself tired and hungry, head to one of the over 50 different restaurants and breweries between Richmond and Williamsburg. Then catch some shut eye at dozens of different lodgings – recharge yourself and your trusty bike before heading out the next day to explore some more.

North Carolina Greenway Trail

The state motto of North Caroline is Esse Quam Videri, or "to be rather than to seem." Well, there is no pretending that Carolina offers better views for those who want to be on a bike!

From the old Appalachian Mountains in the West to low-lying coastal lands and islands on the wavy Atlantic, there are plenty of natural wonders, eclectic towns, food and drinks, and a diverse culture of people to explore along this stretch of road. Check out the Triangle Trails region or go off the beaten path to Falls Lake State Recreation Area. From the American Tobacco Trail (a whopping 17.5 miles) to the Neuse River Trail (13 miles) to the Cape Fear (not the movie!) River Trail (4.1 miles), you can be the rider you've always wanted to be, rather than seem it!

C&O Canal Towpath

Okay, we have to admit that this area and the surrounding trails are not part of the East Coast Greenway, but we just had to mention it! The views are stunning and perfect for the beginner and experienced cyclist alike.

Harper's Ferry is accessible by train and many cyclists will head up there before making the bicycle trip back down to D.C., but you don't have to travel that far for an adventure. There are more than a handful of great trails around the area that are accessible to cyclists of all types (eBikes are now allowed wherever traditional bikes are!). While the population is very small – only a few hundred people – it is located at the confluence of two well-known rivers, the Shenandoah and Potomac. The area is also home to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park and scenic outlooks galore!

Here are few notable trails you might want to try:

Dragon Bend (6 miles)

Antietam Creek (10 miles)

Brunswick (10 miles)

After a day of exploring this historical and natural wonder, head back to D.C. and bike down to the National Mall and Tidal Basin (remember this is spring) and take in the monuments and cherry blossoms at night!

Wherever you decide to go along The East Coast Greenway, let KBO Bike get you there so you can enjoy the ride!