Stop! These Modifications on E-bikes are Dangerous and Risky!  | KBO Bike

Stop! These Modifications on E-bikes are Dangerous and Risky! | KBO Bike

Whether you have a brand-new eBike or have been riding it for years, you will want to customize it for a more delightful ride. However, if you're a novice or unskilled cyclist, you may need to learn which parts are easily replaceable. Furthermore, they need to be more explicit about the hazards and dangers they are exposing themselves to by modifying an e-bike and the severe consequences they may face.

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As the popularity of e-bikes grows, so does understanding of how fun, efficient, and helpful they can be. You may overhear your friends or coworkers discussing their e-bikes and how much they like them, and you may wonder which model of an e-bike is best for you. They may also tell you about the modifications they make to the bike, which are commonly referred to as "refits" or "retrofits." Speed boosts, battery swaps, light changes, and customized racks are all feasible modifications, but some are not encouraged.

However, this is the appeal of the electric bike world. As more riders join the community, they discover new and exciting ways to personalize and modify their e-bikes. Other riders notice this and put their touch on the modification. This way, everyone may have something unique and tailored to their taste. However, it is essential to remember that only some e-bike modifications are safe. Sometimes modifying an e-bike might have terrible results.

First, what exactly are electric bicycles?

When most people hear the term "electric bicycle," the first thing that comes to mind is a scooter or an electric motorcycle, but they are not the same. Consider a regular bicycle, then add various electrical components, such as a motor, a battery, and a controller, all of which are smoothly incorporated into the design. These components are the foundation of all electric bicycles on the market! 

The Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike

Here are the advantages of riding an electric bike, ranging from going to work to accelerate your way to the peak of mountain bike routes.

What are the benefits of riding an ebike?

  1. They are environmentally friendly and efficient.

You may gain environmental advantages by substituting vehicle-based tours with ebike tours, just as you can realize by traveling by conventional bicycle. Electric bicycles emit no hazardous pollutants into the atmosphere since they run on rechargeable batteries rather than petrol. 

  1. Better physical health.

Some individuals may believe that it isn't exercising because the bike is electric and requires less effort to ride. According to research done by Brigham Young University and published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, those who ride electric bikes get almost as much exercise as those who ride mountain bikes without feeling like they've had a rigorous workout. The reality is that even with pedal help, cyclists must still pedal, which burns calories. It's an excellent cardiovascular workout that may help you gain endurance and muscle.

  1. Less complicated to ride.

Riders benefit from pedal assist. It assists with slopes, inclines, and rocky terrain, allowing for a smoother ride and decreasing joint stress. You may also ride with more power and precision than a standard bike. And it gets folks cycling who may not ride a traditional bike otherwise due to bodily aches and problems. Furthermore, you may bike for extended periods without being physically exhausted.

  1. It is faster and safer.

Most cyclists go at 10 to 12 mph, but an e-bike may reach speeds of up to 20 mph. E-bikes allow you to reach your destination faster than a traditional bicycle. E-bikes are no more risky than standard bicycles. They pose different hazards. E-bikes are often safer than ordinary bikes since they can accelerate quickly to get out of traffic and ride at greater speeds to keep up with them.

Who would gain the most from riding an electric bike?

An ebike, designed with comfort and simplicity in mind and unisex frames available, makes it simple for anybody wishing to enjoy the ride without physical effort. Cycling holidays worldwide are now a feasible choice for everybody, regardless of fitness level. 

Are you a novice cyclist, new to road cycling and cycling vacations, or concerned about your endurance on the trail? Upgrading to an electric bike might boost your confidence.

Do you want to take on more challenging climbs? An ebike provides that additional boost.

Do you have joint pain or an injury and aren't quite back to total physical capacity? An ebike's extra support makes riding a standard bike easier on your legs and knees.

An electric bike is a terrific option for individuals concerned about their fitness or physical capabilities. It allows people with varying riding experiences, health, and fitness to pedal together.

We advise you to keep these in mind before making any modifications to your ebike:

Speed Limit Modifications

Every nation has its own rules controlling the speeds of electric bikes. For example, the maximum speed limit for electric bikes in the United States is 20 mph. Bike manufacturers added speed limiters as required by law. As a result, electric bikes are now legal and in compliance with the law. However, an increasing number of people are modifying their e-bikes to go faster than those limits, making them "illegal motorbikes." In this instance, the motor will operate at a higher power than usual. You will require the battery to provide a large current, which may burn the wires or damage the battery. Furthermore, if you cause or are involved in an accident, you may face severe monetary and legal fines. As a result, in the event of an accident, we do not recommend changing your battery or motor on your own.

It's natural to be curious about how fast an e-bike can move. It is expected, especially when you first start riding, to want to exceed your new bicycle's top speed limit. We do not advocate modifying any of the settings to enhance the speed. Our bikes are designed, built, and tested to specific quality requirements and operating ranges. We use specialists at all levels to assure the safety and quality of every bike we send to a customer.

The best part about riding your bike at the factory-set factory speeds is that it will perform optimally in terms of range, longevity, and comfort. If you modify your bike to move faster than suggested, you may reduce the battery's range. Because we built all of our bikes to be long-range electric bicycles, this would be a significant drawback to your riding experience. 

This causes the motor to work at a higher power than usual and the battery to generate a considerable current, which may damage the battery or cause the wires to burn.

Battery or Motor Modifications

The lithium batteries used in electric bikes are pretty powerful. When they are primarily supposed to assist you while pedaling, they are capable of much more - but this comes at considerable risk.

You may be tempted to modify the battery or motor of your e-bike to change the speed or to save money when replacing parts. This creates a significant safety risk. Original factory charge and discharge systems may not be suited for batteries with a larger capacity than what came with your bike. The electronic bike battery will readily overheat in this situation, lowering its lifespan and increasing the fire risk.

A bike with multiple batteries and motors may also wear down the gear systems, brakes, and tires. Due to your bike's power, tuning your battery or motor may necessitate additional insurance or avoiding specific bike trails. It is thus not suggested that you replace your battery or motor on your own in the event of an unexpected accident.

Illegal Modifications

Finally, it turns out that many modifications are plain illegal. Because electric mobility is still a relatively new idea, laws may differ from state to state and country to country. However, one thing stays constant: putting yourself or others at risk will have serious consequences. From the perspective of the law, tuned or retrofitted e-bike systems may convert your bike from a typical class 2 e-bike to a moped or motorcycle. However, because e-bikes lack the same power and safety features as motorcycles, you may face large penalties or risk serious harm.

In some countries or states, interesting and creative bicycle additions are common. However, the law focuses mainly on bikes' electrical components and speed. Modifying a bike changes its classification, subjecting it to different, stricter laws. For example, depending on the size and horsepower of the motor, your bike might be categorized as a moped or a motorcycle. It is essential to comprehend the laws surrounding bicycle modification since the bicycle law requires you to have insurance if your vehicle is classified as a motorcycle but not if it is simply a bike with a small engine.

If you need to figure out whether a modification is legal, err on the side of caution and don't do it. You will feel safe, healthy, and happy knowing you are not in danger. Furthermore, you may take several legal measures to customize your bike.

Your warranty may be void if you make modifications.

The motor suppliers' systems are becoming increasingly intelligent. When an electric drive system is tampered with, some systems will detect it. This puts additional strain on your drive system and invalidates your warranty, which might be expensive. As a result, we do not recommend that you modify your e-bike.

We all know riders adore their bikes and enjoy riding them in various settings. We strongly advocate for safe riding practices and adequate maintenance or repairs on all bikes. Regardless, tampering with an e-speed bike's limit, motor, or the battery may void the warranty and land you in financial or legal trouble. To avoid these problems, only use approved parts and repair centers to work on your e-bike, and avoid illegal tuning. Enjoy your ride!