Electric Bike: Pedal Assist Versus Throttle | KBO Bike

Electric Bike: Pedal Assist Versus Throttle | KBO Bike

Having a good e-bike is not enough; understanding how the features of your e-bike works is the real deal. This helps you to have a comfortable and sweatless riding experience. The main features that set an e-bike aside from a regular bicycle without the electrical components are the Pedal Assist and the Throttle option. These are the features that activate the electric motor and propels your electric bicycle. Throttles and pedal-assist employ distinct physical functions to accomplish the same goal: to request that additional energy be transferred from the battery to the motor using the controller. electric bike motor

The majority of e-bikes are known as pedal-assist, which means that the power is only activated when you pedal. Some motorcycles also feature a throttle, which allows you to move forward whether or not you are pedaling. A few bikes have a pedal-assist and throttle combo. For those using the KBO Breeze and the Step-thru version, this is good news. The two commuting KBO electric bikes have the pedal-assist and throttle combo in addition to the mechanical gear shifter. The Shimano 7-speed gear shifter and 5-level pedal aid option on the KBO Breeze bike allows it to achieve speeds of up to 25 mph.

What is Pedal Assist?

A pedal-assist feature initiates when you start pedaling your bike. It helps you supply power to the motor, which aids your pedaling. When the pedal-assist mode is on, the bike travels extremely far, really fast, and up really steep hills with minimal effort. The e-bike will coast and cruise when the rider stops pedaling. The degree of assistance is usually adjustable and viewed via a tiny LED or LCD panel located on the handlebar.

While there are minor variations across motor models, rotating the pedals activates all pedal-assist e-bikes as you begin to pedal from a standstill. Before you complete a round spin of the cranks, the motor starts. The rapid activation of the pedal assists aids in breaking through inertia and getting started. Most motorcycles include a plus sign (+) or a minus sign (-) switch near one of the handgrips on the handlebar that controls the amount of power and pedal-assist level that you would like to engage. The pedal-assist mode makes riding an e-bike seem as natural as riding a bicycle. A sensor installed on the bottom bracket or pedal crank arm is triggered when you ride your bike faster, which takes power from the motor. Only when you pedal does the electricity come on.

For different models of e-bikes, some come with a three-level pedal-assist option, while others come with a five-level pedal-assist option. Which helps to improve the level of power you can get delivered to your motor. As you raise the value of your gear shifters, it is advised that you increase the degree of pedal assistance.

As a Thumb rule, the higher the level of your pedal-assist, the more power used up. That means engaging a higher level of pedal assist means a decrease in the range of the bike. While engaging the lower level of pedal-assist gives you more range on a single charge. You have more distance to cover before you have to recharge again because of the lower level of battery power consumption. Some pedal-assist e-bikes will display a mileage range on the screen, and some will update this range depending on the power level setting you choose.

Although some riders claim that pedal-assist is cheating, this doesn't sound right. Since we believe that pedal-assist helps riders increase their distance and time spent on a bike on a single charge. It also helps them to ride on rougher terrains which they would have avoided before.

What is a Throttle Mode?

With more people switching to the e-bike commuting by the day, helping them to stay in touch with the being-in-charge feel is important. Full throttle feature means that you activate the motor using a twist throttle or thumb throttle. It will power you whether you pedal or not. It helps you to pedal from a state of rest without applying any force by yourself. To directly engage the motor, the rider twists or presses a switch. It gives you the feeling of pressing the gas pedal of a vehicle to increase the speed. There is no automated pedal aid, so you have full power on demand. If you just want to cruise, the throttle mode allows you to sit back and enjoy a peaceful ride because the bike can function without you needing to pedal.

This feature is suitable for commuters whose focus is to move from one place to another without breaking a sweat. You can throttle from rest on your way to work in the morning. Getting to work still looking fresh and unstressed.

On the recent e-bikes, there are two types of Throttle used.

  1. The button
  2. The Twisting Handles.

The Button Type Throttle

For the button type, the Throttle is engaged by pushing the red button forward with your thumb.

When you get to your required speed, you release the push button, which springs back up

The Twisting Handles

For the half-handle twist and turn, this gives a more natural feel to the throttling. It simulates what throttling on a motorbike would look like. The KBO Breeze has a unique Ergonomic handle with leather finishing, giving the handlebar a touch of luxury. The brake levers, bell, shifter, and display are all placed in a way that they are simple to reach and use while riding. 

Between the PAS and the Throttle mode, which is the better option?

It all comes down to the matter of style and personal biking requirements. To fully answer these controversial questions, you may need to consider what you want to achieve when riding. If you want to relax and take in the view, utilizing the throttle mode is the ideal method to do it. Pedal-assist mode, on the other hand, is the way to go. If you want to get a little exercise while actively pedaling. Depending on the brand, some electric bikes only feature one or the other.

Now, let's look at some of the additional advantages of using the pedal assist instead of the Full Throttle.  

If you use your motor for pedal assist more often, the battery and the motor will last longer. If you ride your bike in full throttle mode all of the time, you'll be putting a lot more strain on the motor, especially if you're riding up hilly terrain, steep hills, or a lot of hills. 

If you use your eBike in a pedal-assist mode more often, you'll extend the battery's life, especially throughout your trip. So, let's say you want to drive 25 miles and want to make sure you have enough juice to power the pedal assist. If you simply use the pedal assist mode, you're not putting as much demand on the battery during that period,

Throttles still serve a vital purpose. Using the Throttle in conjunction with the usual gears to provide a little hill boost. When your legs are fatigued in the middle of a long ride, throttle mode comes in handy. And, to be honest, having a throttle is enjoyable.

Whilst we want our customers to have alternatives (and we aim to provide you with all of the information you need to make your judgments) when selecting between Throttle and pedal assist, we are proud to be able to provide something for everyone. On several of our e-bike variants, KBO provides both a PAS and throttle control. This gives you the best of both worlds and alternatives for how to approach your preferred ride by allowing you to ride with a combination of throttle and pedal assist.