Start Your Autumn Ride with KBO | KBO Bike

Start Your Autumn Ride with KBO | KBO Bike

With the summer season over, Autumn brings the leaf color changes and a break from the heat. During this season, the length of daylight decreases noticeably, and the temperature drops. However, this change brings new challenges, particularly for e-bike riders. The weather during this period can be unpredictable, and some may become discouraged by the rain that comes with this season.

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Riding in Autumn is enjoyable once you learn tips for cycling in this weather. Even with the fewer daylight hours, chilly mornings and evenings, rain, and clouds don't let the weather keep you from riding. You can configure your electric bike with the right accessories to suit any weather condition. Moreover, you can buy waterproof covers for your e-bikes like tires and clothes.

Tips on how to use your KBO bike in Autumn

It is important to note that the tools and tips for using your bike in Autumn may differ from those in winter and summer. Below are essential Autumn tips for Electric Bikes you need to know:

Layer it up:

Autumn weather is unpredictable. It can be perplexing, especially when you want to get dressed and go biking. The morning temperature may be 47 degrees, but by afternoon, it may have dropped to the mid-70s. As a result, layering up is the best way to combat Autumn. After that, you can easily remove and replace them to find the perfect temperature. It's best if the last piece of clothing you put on is something you can take off, like your sweater. Also, remember to bring waterproof bags for your clothes.

Cycle as long as possible:

Most cyclists take a short break after the summer to prepare themselves for a busier schedule in the fall. You want to get yourself together and adapt to the season changes. With your busy daily schedules, you may have limited time to ride your bike occasionally or even abandon it in the garage next summer. However, while all these factors are essential, they are not enough to deny you from riding your e-bike. Ensure you continue riding in the autumn season. Moreover, you don't have to ride at full speed as the roads are often wet. Riding full speed on wet roads is risky, as it can get slippery.

Try out new training methods:

With a busy schedule requiring your attention here and there, you must be flexible with your riding time. Even if you're trying to keep up with activities, staying in top shape is a good idea. Take some time to consider your racing or fitness goals and how to keep them going in the fall. You must devise a strategy and find the motivation to keep riding. However, Autumn allows you to experiment with new training methods without worrying about how they may affect your performance in upcoming events. Ensure your actual riding routine is flexible. You can set up reminders on your smartphone or a calendar and monitor your mileage with your LCDs.

Encourage group rides:

Going on group rides is one way to enjoy your electric bike. You can ride with your friends through the beautiful cycling trails in the Autumn, even on a cool and sunny day. You get to interact while relieving stress as you stretch your muscles. Although riding with friends or family can be enjoyable, some riding companions may need to be more experienced to avoid being left out on the trail. This situation can ruin your riding mood. Thanks to KBO pedal-assist ebikes, you don't have to worry about leaving someone behind.

Try out a new discipline:

It's one thing to set a goal and another to follow through on it. You may experience the challenges and find it difficult to keep riding after the summer season. But it's relatively simple to keep riding through the early autumn months. You also have to devise methods to keep you going until the end of the season. One way to maintain discipline is to Cyclo-cross and keep your motivation high. This cycling "cross" is ideal for both winter and Autumn. Bike racing of this type involves many laps around a course with pavement, steep heels, and obstacles. The rider must quickly dismount, carry the bike while navigating the barriers, and remount.

Stay visible:

Autumn is known for longer nights and shorter days. You can become so engrossed in your joyride that the evening can sneak up on you. Autumn can throw off one's sleeping schedule and ride schedule. As a result, you may need time to adjust to the time change. The gloomy weather can also make it possible to lose your way while riding. It's advisable to wear brightly colored clothing so that your fellow riders and drivers on your route can recognize you. Consider adding an extra light for front and rear visibility if you're riding at night. Also, ensure that you take a straightforward route while riding your ebike, not through the woods. Additionally, it would help if you waited to ride until you've had enough sleep to prevent dozing off.


What do cyclists wear in the Autumn?

A breathable long-sleeve jersey will provide additional insulation in average autumn temperatures, so a summer jersey and arm warmers will do. A lightly padded jacket will also provide extra warmth by blocking the wind.

Can I ride my electric bike in the rain?

Yes, the components in KBO bikes are splash-proof and will function normally in the rain. However, you must only partially submerge your e-bike or clean it with a pressure washer.


There are always better times to try something new, such as riding your electric bike. In the Autumn, you can commute by bike to work and run errands while staying in shape. Don't even think about abandoning your bike in storage, as you may miss out on one of the best seasons for cycling. It helps if you take advantage of this opportunity to experience autumn cycling through some of the best routes in the US. Getting on your bike is a unique and exciting experience with noticeable health benefits and the potential to lift your spirits even in the Autumn. Check out the Electric Cargo Bike KBO Ranger with the build to withstand the challenging terrains this Autumn.