Tips For Cycling in Autumn Weather | KBO Bike

Tips For Cycling in Autumn Weather | KBO Bike

We’re getting ready to launch the KBO Breeze this November, just in time to kickstart the season with some fun and unforgettable Autumn Riding adventures. Bike riding in the unpredictable weather of Autumn can be a little daunting - after all, there’s always an equal chance of rain and shine, wind and calm, in Fall - but with the versatility of the KBO Breeze Commuter E-Bike, you’ll be ready to take it on.
Here’s everything you need to do get the best Autumn Riding experience:

1. Gear Up With Waterproof Bike Accessories

E-bikes and bad weather don’t normally mix well together, but with the right accessories, you can have thrilling new experiences in rain, shine, and all kinds of conditions. The KBO Breeze is powered by a 500W Brushless Geared Hub Motor that runs on an integrated 48V Battery, with both components built to resist the elements, so you never have to worry about water or mud getting in the way of your ride. Splash and splatter won’t do any damage, but make sure you don’t submerge it in water because bikes aren’t made for underwater travel.
Other great waterproof accessories to take with you on your Autumn rides include:

Waterproof Bike Rack Bag

Taking a bag with you is always optional, but for long treks and big adventures, it’s always good to come prepared. You can put essentials in your waterproof bag like your smartphone, extra clothes, emergency money, your keys and your wallet. If it’s spacious enough, you can even bring along a camera or a power bank for extended fun and unforgettable moments.

Here at KBO, we offer an optional Bike Rack Bag that’s tailor-made for the KBO Breeze, but should comfortably attach to any bike rack. Made from strong, carbon-composite leather, the our Bike Rack Bag is water-resistant and durable, making it great for Autumn riding when you can never tell what the weather’s going to be like.
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Aluminum Full Fenders

Most bikes come with half fenders that work well at keeping away road debris from getting blown onto your body and your bike parts, but they may not work as well in rainy or windy conditions. In Autumn, the weather can be unpredictable, so we recommend full fenders to keep you, your bike, and all of its accessories, safer from rain, mud, and other kinds of debris that your tires track when you ride.

If you’re planning on taking the KBO Breeze out for some Autumn riding, we’re sure you’ll see the benefit of the aluminum alloy full fenders that come with your bike. They work great against water and mud, while being durable enough to withstand all kinds of riding conditions.
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LCD Backlight Display

A Water-Resistant LCD Display - like the one included with the KBO Breeze - is essential to safe and fun bike ride in any weather condition. The display will let you know how much battery power you have left, the distance you’ve traveled, your current speed, and the current mode you’re running, so you know exactly what’s going on at all times.
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Waterproof Lighting

One of the worst things that can happen in bad weather is for your lights to stop working, so make sure your bike is equipped with lights that are built to withstand the elements - like the 48V LED Headlight attached to the front of the KBO Breeze, and the Integrated Brake Light on the rear.

2. Be Prepared With The Right Bike Wear


Autumn weather can be unpredictable - warm one moment, freezing the next - so when you’re getting ready for an Autumn ride, start with an inner layer of moisture-wicking fabric. Most clothes designed for sports, performance, and outdoors activity.

Jackets and Outerwear

Windbreakers and water-resistant jackets are great to take with you on an Autumn ride, even if your ride starts out warm and sunny. You never know how fast temperatures can drop in Autumn, and how quickly shine can turn into rain, so come prepared with outerwear to keep yourself safe and warm throughout your adventures.

Headgear and Eye Protection

It goes without saying that you should always wear a helmet when you go for a bike ride, but in Autumn, it’s a good idea to wear a little extra in case of rain. You can fit a hat, cap, or bandana under your bike helmet to keep your head dry, and having a pair of protective glasses or biking goggles can greatly improve your visibility if and when the rain starts to pour.


Gloves are a great choice in all kinds of weather conditions - they give you a better grip, they keep your hands warm and protected, and they also provide an extra layer of comfort - but in Autumn riding they’re almost essential. Rain can come at any time in the Fall, and gloves make sure you can keep a proper grip on your handlebars when it does.

Pants and Footwear

Shorts are usually a great choice when riding a bike, but in Autumn, they may not be able to provide the comfort, warmth, and protection you need to be prepared for fickle weather. Instead, we recommend wearing long pants - not too baggy, because loose pants can get in the way of your pedaling - along with closed-toe shoes to keep your legs and your feet safe from the elements.

Emergency Layers

Even in clear weather, it’s always good to come prepared with an emergency layer of clothing. Bringing along an extra long-sleeve shirt or jacket would be a good idea for Autumn riding, particularly in later months as Winter approaches. Autumn is a fickle season - one moment can feel as warm as Summer, and the next moment can feel as cold as Winter - so it’s good to be prepared with an emergency layer when the temperature inevitably drops.

3. Stay Safe During The Early Nights of Autumn

Days are shorter during the Autumn season, so night may come earlier than you expect. Make sure you’re ready for those early nights by following the right nighttime riding protocols and equipping your bike with lights to enhance visibility. 

Front Lights

Headlights are absolutely essential if you plan on doing some late afternoon Autumn riding, and even more so if you like riding at night. Make sure you get a headlight with enough brightness to light your path and illuminate any obstacles, pedestrians, and innocent wildlife that comes your way. Good front light also lets oncoming traffic know you’re coming, so everyone on the road at night - drivers, motorists, and other bikers like yourself - are all the safer.

The KBO Breeze comes equipped with a powerful 48V LED Headlight that packs enough power to give you the visibility you need when riding at night. Built to withstand rain and wind, our headlights can be relied on in all kinds of low-light conditions.
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Rear Lights

While headlights primarily serve the benefit of helping you see better at night, getting a rear light or reflector is just as important because it helps you be seen. Nighttime riding can be a fun adventure, but without proper visibility, you’ll be taking lots of unnecessary risks. Rear lights inform those behind you that you’re there, so they can give you the space you need to ride comfortably and safely.
The KBO Breeze comes with an Integrated Rear Light that also acts as a brake light, so it’ll light up every time you squeeze your brakes. By letting those behind you know that you’re slowing down, our Integrated Rear Light keeps you safer at night, especially when you’re riding on busy roads.

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4. Check Your Bike Before You Ride 

Bike inspection should be on your checklist every time you ride, but it’s even more important when you plan on riding during Autumn. For maximum safety and comfort, your bike parts need to be in proper working condition, so make sure to follow this bike inspection checklist before you set off:

Secure Your Fenders

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, make sure it doesn’t happen to you ever. Fenders coming loose mid-ride can be annoying at best, and downright dangerous at worst. Especially if you like riding at high speed, loose fenders can mess up your tires, and in the worst-case scenario, send you flying, potentially causing some serious harm. Make sure your fenders are tightly secured with minimal to no wobble at the base.

Check Your Brakes

Brake pads, like most high-friction parts, get worn faster than other bike parts, so it’s always important to make sure your brakes are in proper condition before you ride. Do a few tests and make sure you have decent stopping power before you ride.

Check Your Lights

When you go for a late afternoon ride that extends past sunset, the last thing you want is to find out that your lights aren’t working. Even when you’re only planning to do some daytime biking, always check your headlights and your rear lights before you ride to make sure that they’ll work when you need them to.

5. Ride with KBO

As KBO Bike, we want nothing more than ensuring that you have a blast riding through the Autumn season, and here are the tips for riding an e-bike at night for you to take care of yourself. Remember these tips, stay safe, and have yourself an unforgettable adventure this Fall - preferably on the saddle of the KBO Breeze.