5 Tips to Ride an E-bike in the City Safely

5 Tips to Ride an E-bike in the City Safely

Anyone who has lived or spent much time in a city knows how difficult it may occasionally be – the high costs, orderly chaos, ongoing traffic, and high crime. However, the city can be much easier to commute in if you plan on using an electric bike. You can go around town without worrying about car bills, gas, or parking with an electric bike. Instead, you only require a power outlet, extra storage, and excitement.

You may easily enjoy riding through the streets and blocks of your area on your electric bike. Of course, using an e-bike to get around the city has some restrictions. Safety does become a concern as you ride farther and faster, and bike theft is still a significant problem. 

Safety Tips for Riding an E-bike On City Roads

Here are some helpful tips to make riding in the city more accessible and safer.

  1. Wear a helmet

The severity of injuries and potential brain trauma, the likelihood of fatality, and the overall expense of medical care significantly decrease when a rider is wearing a helmet. When wearing a helmet for protection, people have survived terrible incidents. However, most fatal incidents of riders are easily attributed to not wearing helmets.

Additionally, wearing a helmet demonstrates responsibility, inspires others to do the same, and serves as an example for many others. It assists you in avoiding costly medical expenses as well as the time needed to recover from an accident's harm.

  1. Always inflate your tires

Proper tire inflation is safer and less likely to fail at high speeds, saving fuel, money, and pollutants. Under-inflated tires will skid more on slick conditions and require longer stopping distances. Correctly inflated tires wear out more uniformly and last longer.

Establish the practice of inspecting the tires before each ride. Make sure your bicycle is in perfect working order before you go. Additionally, it is easier to see if they need replacements as you inflate them. However, be careful not to over-inflate your bike.

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  1. Watch traffic

It's essential always to be mindful of the traffic when cycling. Never presume that other motorists or motorcyclists are observing you. To prevent running into other pedestrians on the roadway, maintain a safe distance. The top speed of the Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze is 40 miles per hour; others may be unaware of that.

Therefore, while riding, constantly take care of yourself. Find a less congested route when you are unable to handle severe traffic. By doing this, you may avoid worrying about too many things that might make you lose control. Roadways with plenty of traffic and automobiles can be scary and challenging.

  1. Do not speed

Electric bikes are faster than regular bicycles because of their battery. If you are unfamiliar with e-bikes, start slowly and gradually increase your speed over time. If you are not comfortable operating the bike at 30 mph, moving at a lesser pace helps to improve your road etiquette and watch out for your and other people's safety. Applying the brakes quickly without slipping out of control requires good brake technique, which is something you with constant practice.

  1. Use your lights

Most fatal bicycle collisions occur at night. The LED lights on your electric bicycle have other uses besides making nighttime riding safer and more pleasurable. The lights on your front and back help others notice you to ensure your safety and the safety of your bike. 

Benefits of Urban Riding

Urban cycling is simply riding a bicycle around your city. For instance, you could get on your bike and start cycling if you don’t want to drive or take the train. Urban cycling to work is undoubtedly jam-packed with advantages for you and the environment. Some benefits include the following:

Less anxiety:

Forget about the congestion; riding a bike gives you almost as much freedom as walking. You will arrive at your destination more quickly, serenely, and joyfully.

Considerable economic advantages:

Owning and maintaining a car is far more expensive than having a bike. In addition, you save up on gas charges.


The transportation industry is responsible for up to 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the US. In other words, slower global warming equals fewer cars. 

E-Bike for Commuting

How to Choose an E-bike For City Commuting

Here are some things to consider if you're considering getting a fat tire electric bike for commuting:

Tire width: 

For commuting on unsteady or uneven ground, a wider tire will offer more stability and traction. Wider tires could slow you down and make it harder for you to pedal. Select a tire width that is suitable for your needs by considering the type of terrain you will be traveling over while commuting. Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze Step thru has the perfect tires for urban commuting.

Motor Power: 

The engine is crucial when selecting an e-bike for commuting. A motor with a higher wattage has more power and is more appropriate for navigating hills or other rugged terrains. A more excellent wattage motor might also cost more and need more upkeep.

Battery range: 

Choosing an electric bike for commuting requires careful consideration of the battery's range. If you have a long commute, a higher range enables you to travel further before needing to recharge. However, a more extensive range could cost more.


Depending on the terrain you'll be riding on while commuting, you should get an electric bike with suspension parts like a front fork or rear shock. A more comfortable ride might result from using the suspension, which can reduce vibrations and bumps. But it can also make the e-bike heavier and more expensive.

Weight capacity: 

Consider the e-bike's weight capacity when deciding how much you can transport on your commute. Choose an e-bike with a higher weight capacity if you carry many items, such as a laptop, books, or groceries.


Things start to change as you fully embrace the e-bike lifestyle and incorporate it into your daily routine. Bills start evaporating, parking becomes less of a nuisance, and traffic is watched rather than endured. Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze is one electric bike that is bound to make your urban commuting easy, do not hesitate to get yourself one.