Tips On How To Keep Your Electric Bike Secure

Tips On How To Keep Your Electric Bike Secure

While electric bicycles are a good investment, they are valuable and therefore prone to being stolen. Several factors should be considered to ensure that your electric bike lives up to its "intended" lifespan. The pointers below are essential for keeping your electric bike secure from bike robbers.


Tips On How To Keep Your Electric Bike Secure | KBO Bike


Buy A Good Bike Lock

The most important advice is to invest in a good bike lock and learn how to use it as there are several types of electric bike locks to choose from. While the variety of options available can be daunting, it is important to note that not all bike locks are created equally.

When it comes to selecting the correct electric bike lock, price is a crucial measure of efficiency. More stable and well-made options usually come at a higher cost, making the task of finding the right lock all the more important.
Lower-quality electric bike locks usually have poorly constructed lock systems that can be easily broken with the most rudimentary tools. The materials also determine the strength of an electric bike lock it is built with. Unlike other bike attachments that have changed from copper to lightweight aluminum over time, electric bike locks must be sturdy and durable.


electric bicycle U-Lock


The best-performing electric bike locks available on the market are often  constructed using double hardened steel with an extra thickness, check out the heavy duty U-lock for e-bikes here. That ensures the Electric bike's safety in any situation.

Five of the most popular locks for electric bikes

  • Chain Locks
  • U-Locks
  • Wheel Locks
  • Disk Brake Locks
  • Cable Electric bike Locks

Lock Your Bike to Something Solid

No matter the cost of your electric bike lock, your bike is just as secured as the object locked. The best option is to lock the bike to a solid and sturdy object, like a bike rack or an immovable object.

Suppose you are uncertain of where to safeguard your bike. In that case, a wobble test can furnish you with an appropriate confirmation of whether or not the object is firmly affixed to the ground.

If you park your bike for a long time, you should check the building you are visiting; a secured bike parking area should be nearby.


Even though this should go without saying, be careful where you lock your electric bike. In terms of crime, some places are safer than others. Electric bikes are a significant financial commitment. You'll want to avoid parking your bike in unsafe places as this increases its chances of being stolen.

Park Near More Flashy Bikes Park

So why would you do anything like that? When a robber sees a group of bikes, he'll most likely want to steal the one with the highest worth. We understand that this isn't the sincerest course of action. However, it gives you a significant advantage in terms of protecting your own bike and preventing it from being stolen.

Remove the Battery

It is a smart idea to uninstall the battery because even though the battery pack's theft is rare, it can be costly to repair. In addition, without the battery, the electric bike would be a regular bicycle, and thieves would be less likely to steal your fancy, high-price e-bike.

Also, without the battery, the bike is effectively made worthless and whoever steals it would have to lug it around. To remove the battery, you'll need to take a key with you, but it'll be worth it as you can better secure your bike.

Vary Your Daily Riding Routine 

It's best to avoid driving in the same spot every day. Electric bicycles are common as commuting vehicles, and many people ride on bikes daily. Many people ride their electric bikes to work, school, and other places regularly. When you park in the same spot every day, observant robbers have the opportunity to research your routine and locking mechanism to plan a planned attack.


In the world of bicycles, this is a relatively recent concept. However, you can conveniently mount a GPS transmitter to your electric bike nowadays. While it may deter a would-be robber, it does not guarantee that your bike will not be robbed. However, GPS will assist you in recovering your bike if it has been stolen.

Note Your Electric Bike's Serial Number

Ultimately, note the serial number of your electric bike. While it does nothing in deterring electric bike theft, local officials may be able to use the serial number to find your bike if it gets stolen.

Although this is not a complete solution, it is a viable choice for assisting you in recovering your electric bike if it is stolen.

Make Sure You're Insured 

We've gone through the various types of locks you can use on your electric bike. We have spoken about several other ways you can defend your bike from robbers. If having multiple locks and being smart on how and where you lock your bike also doesn't give you the peace in mind you want, did you know you can still get electric bike insurance?

Many organizations offer electric bike insurance throughout the United States. Simply conduct a quick search to learn more about their rules and the protection options.

It's a smart idea to check your existing insurance plans before jumping on a new bike insurance plan, as it is actually possible that you won't need new bike insurance at all. It is likely that you have coverage for your electric bike under your current policies. So, make sure to read the documents for more details.

Although insurance won't protect your electric bike from theft, you won't have to spend a fortune on a replacement if it is stolen. In the United States, a short Google search would reveal a plethora of Electric bike insurance plans.

Final Thought

Electric bikes will set you back a lot of money to purchase. You, therefore, should do whatever you can to protect your precious investment while it's not in operation. The information in this guide gives you a good knowledge of different methods you could use to extend your electric bike's life. Find out more information how to extend the battery range while riding an e-bike.