All You Need to Know about Electric Bike Etiquette | KBO Bike

All You Need to Know about Electric Bike Etiquette | KBO Bike

Electric bikes are ideal for anyone seeking a new way to get to work, easing into fitness, or finding a fun pastime or sport. These one-of-a-kind bicycles are outfitted with a motor and a battery to assist users in pedaling faster and further on their bikes with less effort. They provide various advantages, like being a sustainable mode of transportation, excellent for physical and mental health, and an enjoyable outdoor pastime for individuals who wish to explore their surroundings.

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Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular. Safety should be your first priority if you're thinking about getting an e-bike or have one already. Follow bike traffic rules and understand electric bike etiquette on the road to be safe on your e-bike. Check out these fundamental bike etiquette rules to ensure a fun ride on your e-bike!

  • Always Give Way to Pedestrians and Other Motor Vehicles

While riding, you may come across stopped or slow-moving cars and bicycles. Passing them carefully is critical, as is yielding to other vehicles or riders while approaching. Slowing down and yielding allows you to evaluate the area and determine if it is safe to pass and continue your journey. Pedestrians must also be given the right of way by e-bike users.

  • Understand Where You Can Ride Your Bike

It would be best if you researched local and state laws about where you may ride your e-bike, whether you want to ride on streets, sidewalks, or bike routes. Some states treat e-bikes the same as traditional bicycles. In contrast, others have rules for electric bikes, mopeds, or motor-driven bicycles.

Many states prohibit cyclists from riding on the sidewalk. Even though it is technically allowed, it is best to stay on the road regardless of where you reside. Riding an e-bike on a busy sidewalk with on-foot pedestrians does not provide ideal riding conditions. Riding on the sidewalk may also make you less apparent to oncoming traffic. Before you go out on your electric bike, read up the bike riding rules in your area or ask your local bike store where you may ride your e-bike.

  • Show Respect to Other Riders

When compared to traditional bikes, your electric bike will go much faster. It's important to be aware of your speed when riding alongside other cyclists and vehicles and to adhere to the speed restrictions.

Use your bell to alert others that you are passing by. Your bell, combined with a cheerful voice, is an excellent method to attract someone's attention and inform them that you're passing by.

Being courteous to other cyclists and slowing down when riding near them will respect both their and your space. Because e-bikes may reach high speeds and become deadly vehicles if not used properly, respecting other riders. The road can help you become a better rider.

  • Follow all traffic signals and signs.

Because you share the road with other vehicles, you must obey all traffic signals and signs that other cars and vehicles do. Riding a bike may appear like driving a car, but it is illegal to ride past a stop sign, pass through a crosswalk when pedestrians are crossing, or go through a red light.

Knowing all the traffic signs and signals before riding your electric bike on the road is the greatest way to be safe and protect others. Licensed drivers may already be familiar with all road signals. In contrast, unlicensed drivers may require a crash course before riding the bike. Learn the basic signs and signals you'll see on the road to ride your e-bike as safely as possible.

  • Make use of hand signals

Cyclists, like drivers, have to use signals to indicate the way they turn or the lane they're entering. When riding an electric bike on the road, you must use hand signals to inform other motorists and cyclists. Before you hit the road, if you haven't used bike hand signals before, you should master the three fundamental hand signs.

Hand signals are crucial because they aid in the prevention of collisions between bicycles and cars. Hand signals tell vehicles where you're going and how to avoid you. Here are three hand gestures you should be aware of:

Left turn: Indicate your intention to turn left by fully stretching your left arm to the side. Straighten your hand and turn your palm forward facing. You should complete this signal before you start or finish a lane change or turn.

Right turn: On your e-bike, you have two options for indicating a right turn. Option one is to extend your right arm to the side, as you would for a left turn signal. Option two is to bend your left arm at a 90-degree angle with your hand and palm forward facing. Make a right turn signal before changing lanes or turning.

Stop: The stop signal is one of the hand signals most often used. This signal is important to show cars or cyclists behind you that you're coming to a stop so they don't collide with you. Make a 90-degree angle with your left hand, arm facing down, and palm facing backwards to indicate that you're coming to a halt.

  • Follow Helmet Laws

Helmet laws differ from state to state. Before riding an electric bike, learn about helmet age requirements in your state and helmet legislation for bike passengers. While wearing a helmet is optional for some, it is always a good idea to wear one regardless of age when riding an electric bike. Wearing a helmet can keep you safe from serious injuries caused by crashes or other mishaps.

  • Dress in Vibrant Colors

Making yourself visible on the road is an excellent way to keep yourself safe while riding your electric bike. Wearing brightly colored or reflective clothes will help you stand out and be spotted by vehicles, bikers, and pedestrians. Also, ensure your e-bike has front and back lights or reflectors to assist others in seeing you in low-light situations. 

  • Follow the flow of traffic

When you're on the road, ride your e-bike in the same direction as the traffic. Bikers should observe the same regulations as cars on the road in almost all instances. This includes riding on the right side of the road, indicating turns, and yielding to people crossing the street.

Riding with traffic flow keeps you visible to other drivers and allows you to follow traffic laws. You'll stay safe on the road by riding where other motorists and cyclists expect you to be.

Are you ready to start riding your electric bike around town? You're ready to ride an electric bike safely after learning about the best etiquette recommendations and laws for riding on the road, bike lanes, and recreational trails.