How to Maximize Your Electric Bike Range | KBO Bike

How to Maximize Your Electric Bike Range | KBO Bike

The huge appeal of ebikes is their ability to go faster with less stress than traditional bikes. When considering buying an ebike, you will probably be interested in the maximum range and battery capacity. 

The range will depend on my factors, including the rider's weight, terrain type, tire pressure, temperature, and motor. Getting a KBO bike is a good choice if you want a bike that can give you maximum range and improve your performance.

What Is An Electric Bike Range?         

The maximum number of miles an ebike can travel before running out of power is known as the range. You can ride longer with pedal assistance the more electricity the battery can store. The range of each electric bike differs depending on the battery capacity.

The Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze and the Step-Thru is a powerful, fast commuter ebike with a high-capacity battery and a 500W brushless geared hub motor that gives you a maximum range of 55 miles. At the same time, the All-terrain Electric Bike KBO Tornado comes with durable fat tires suitable for all surfaces. It has sustained 500w power along with its 4 inches tires, allowing you to go 45 miles on a single charge without assistance.

The Electric Cargo Bike KBO Ranger has a massive 750W battery pack and a continuous 750W brushless geared hub motor. It has durable features that enable you to carry extra passengers and cargo. It can go 60 miles on a single charge with its 48V 17.5Ah battery. Furthermore, the Folding Electric Bike KBO Flip has a Strong foldable Aluminum Frame with a battery capacity of 15.6Ah and can travel 35 miles on pure electricity. 

Factors Affecting Electric Bike Range

Factors Affecting Electric Bike Range

Numerous factors can impact the range of your electric bike. Below are some factors:

  • The weight of the rider and any other cargo

Your ebike would require more power if you are overweight, reducing your travel distance. The same is true for any cargo that you load onto your ebikes.

  • The Terrain 

Because of the elevation change, the motor needs more power from the battery when driving up hills. Due to the momentum generated by the bike's speed, the amount of energy required is significantly lower on even terrain that is flat.

  • Stops and starts 

When you make frequent stops and starts, you use more power. Therefore, rather than turning the highest level of assistance when you are about to take off, switch to the lower gear and assist your bike in starting. This process can significantly reduce your battery life.

  • Tire pressure 

One of the essential bike life hacks that people sometimes forget is keeping their tires inflated and regularly oiling their chains. You need to maintain the appropriate pressure in your tires to avoid a sluggish ride and extend the life of your tires.

How to find out your ebike's battery range

There are some specifications you should know before calculating your battery range. They include:

  • Watt (W)

Watt expresses how much energy is used or converted in a single second. It is an essential metric for evaluating an ebike battery's power and performance. To give your ebike motor more power, get a battery with a higher wattage which would give you a greater output power. 

  • Watts per hour (Wh)

The power unit for a given time is the watt-hour. It is mainly used to measure the amount of energy a vehicle or appliance uses in kilowatt-hours (symbol kWh) and time. Ebikes will have a greater range and faster speed with a higher watt-hour rating.

  • Voltage (V) 

Another important technical specification to consider when purchasing an electric bike is the voltage. The ratio of the voltage to the volt is 1:1. A higher voltage can provide your e-bike with more potent energy and increase the battery's range, allowing you to ride at a faster speed and spend more time having fun.

  • Ampere

Ampere per hour (Ah) is a measurement unit for the capacity of electronic device batteries. When your ebike has a higher Ah, you have a large battery capacity, leading to a more extended range.

  • Motor

Electric motors are crucial to the range and speed of electric bicycles because they are the power source. There are currently two available on the market: direct drive and geared hub motors. All KBO bikes make use of a geared Hub Motor.

E-Bike Battery Range

How to boost your battery range

If you want to go on long bike rides, first make sure your e-bike has enough power in the battery. Although you won't be able to double its original range, you can perform the following:

  • Keep your battery fully charged

Like any battery, lithium batteries undoubtedly have the most incredible range when fully charged at 100%. However, half a tank may not get you as far.

  • Less weight, more range 

The weight of the entire system of an ebike and the rider significantly impacts the range. One way to reduce the load carried by your ebike is to take only essentials. Also, ensure you get a suitable ebike that matches your weight.

  • Get tubeless tires 

Tires with a traditional tube have a lower range and a higher risk of puncturing. You will roll over bumps effortlessly if you have tubeless tires. These tires can better adapt to any terrain and soak up uneven trails.

  • Oil your chains

If your chain isn't running smoothly, why run the risk of losing power from the motor to the rear wheel? It's essential to have a clean and well-oiled drivetrain. After each ride, lightly oil the chain and wipe it down with a dry cloth.

  • Proper maintenance 

A well-maintained electric bike is more productive. Therefore, ensure you take proper care of your ebikes and take it for repairs when necessary. Unoiled chains or worn brake pads could jeopardize your safety and range. Therefore, you should keep your e-bike in top working condition.


The range of an ebike is a top feature rider looks out for when purchasing an ebike. Although many factors affect the range, with proper care of your ebike components, you can get the most out of your ebike’s range. Buy a KBO bike right now to get the best range and performance!