How To Find Your Standover Height | KBO Bike

How To Find Your Standover Height | KBO Bike

Regardless of your terrain, bicycle sizes are a great determinant of how much comfort you'll get riding your electric bike. The rate at which the bike components are adjusted to your body size will reflect on the efficiency of your pedaling. Even if you fitted your electric bicycle a long time ago, as you grow up, your adjustments might change, and you might start to wonder again, what size bike do I need?

Well, there is no saying what size will be perfect for you until you know your standover heights and the necessary adjustments to make. This is why you must have a bike height chart to keep track of your electric bike adjustment needs and the e-bike frame size that suits your physical demands. So the first step is finding out what your Standover Height is before you then understand the simple steps to fit your bike.

How To Find Your Standover Height

Practically, finding your standover height is very simple, and you only need to grab yourself few materials to get things done. You can always do this in two major steps: measure your body height, and the other is by measuring your inside leg (inseam). Either way, always remember to wear your cycling shoes before making the evaluation.

electric bike that fits your standover height

If you are ready, grab yourself a large book, your tape measure, and head over to your wall. Measure your total height (anyone can help you do this) by standing against the wall, marking the top of your head, and measuring the distance between the floor and your mark. You can then follow the step-by-step approach below to measure your Inside leg height:

  • Before taking the measurement, stand flat-footed with your back facing the wall.
  • Then place the book between your legs and press it underneath as if you were sitting on an electric bike saddle.
  • Make sure your e-bike/book is level, then make a mark on the wall where the book meets it.
  • Now you can use your tape measure to check the height of the mark from the level floor, and that will be your standover height.

For a proper commuter bike sizing for a standard road bike like the Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze, you have to leave a clearance of about 1 inch for the space taken by the ground and the tire when you lift the bike during straddling. You can leave a 2 inches clearance if your bike has a sloping top tube. Also, a typical mountain bike will need a minimum of 2 inches clearance.


electric bike standover height chart

 KBO Breeze Geometry Chart

How To Measure E-Bike Frame Size

If you are interested in knowing your bike size for height optimization, then you have to understand the basics of the bicycle parts. Most manufacturers measure the frame from the center axle all the way to the top of the seat tube, and most road bikes are measured in centimeters (cm), while mountain electric bikes are measured using Inches (in).

When you buy a new bike, you can easily check out the bike frame size in the electric bikes manufacturer's manual or guidebook. Alternatively, you can check out your e-bike size on the online store for convenience and accuracy. For KBO Bike owners, you can check out here for the bike frame standover height

How To Size A Electric Bike

When getting a new  e-bike, all things being equal, you need the right electric bikes frame size for height adjustments, which is why there is an adult bike size chart, and you can get a decent chart for kids too off the internet.

The most common bike sizes are road and mountain electric bikes to focus on these two electric bikes. The hybrid bike size chart can be more of a tweak of both charts anyway. So, if you are clueless about how to size a bike, you can check out the e-bike size charts below.

Road Bike Size Chart

Road bikes are one of the most common types of electric bikes anywhere in the world, and unless you are a professional cyclist or obsessed with hiking, this is probably your type of bike too. Almost all the time on these types of bikes will be spent in the sitting position, which might not be very good for your comfort and efficiency if you don't get it fitted. As earlier mentioned, road bike sizes are given in cm, and you can size them using your height and inside leg (inseam) measurement that you've gotten earlier.


electric road bike geometry chart

KBO Hurricane Geometry Chart

Remember that road bike sizing might vary for different manufacturers, so if you are unsure what size would suit your taste, you can always contact customer service for clarifications. If you are getting an e-bike from the KBO store, be assured that the electric bike frame size will be found on the product information page.

Rider Height (ft/in)

Rider Height (cm)

Inside Leg (in)

Inside Leg (cm)

Suggested Frame Size (cm)

4'10" - 5'0"

147 - 152

24" - 26"

61 - 66

47 - 48

5'0" - 5'2"

152 - 158

25" - 27"

64 - 69

49 - 51

5'2" - 5'4"

158 - 163

26" - 29"

66 - 74

51 - 52

5'4" - 5'6"

163 - 168

28" - 30"

71 - 76

52 - 53

5'6" - 5'8"

168 - 173

29" - 31"

74 - 79

53 - 54

5'8" - 5'10"

173 - 178

30" - 32"

76 - 81

54 - 56

5'10" - 6'0"

178 - 183

31" - 33"

79 - 84

56 - 58

6'0" - 6:2"

183 - 188

32" - 34"

81 - 86

58 - 60

2'2" - 6'4"

188 - 193

33" - 35"

84 - 89

60 - 62







Mountain E-bike Height Chart

If you are familiar with mountain ebikes, you will notice that they have ebike frames that are smaller than those of road bikes. This allows the rider to move more conveniently on the bike based on the different types of challenges that will be found on rough terrain. Therefore the recommendation for standover height for a mountain bike is lower than road bikes (which is why your inseam measurement is not very useful here).

Rider Height in feet/inches

Rider Height in cm

Suggested Frame Size in inches

4'10" - 5'0"

147 - 152


5'0" - 5'2"

152 - 158


5'2" - 5''4"

158 - 163


5'4" - 5'6"

163 - 168


5'6" - 5'8"

168 - 173


5'8" - 5'10"

173 - 178

17" - 18"

5'10" - 6'0"

178 - 183

18" - 19"

6'0" - 6'2"

183 - 188

19" - 20"

6'2" - 6'4"

188 - 193

21" - 22"





For effective bike sizing, knowing your standover height measurement might not be enough. You also need to consider the other parts of e-bikes. The effective top tube (ETT) length is a good example. This is the horizontal distance between the seat tube and the head tube, and having an e-bike with the correct ETT will help fit your e-bike to your specific needs.

If you are getting a standard e-bike, you might also consider the e-bike seat (saddle) height. The recommended bike seat height here is for you to be between 80-90 percent full extension of your legs. It is important to adjust your saddle height right to prevent getting a saddle sore caused by cycling. If you have to extend your legs beyond this percentage, then you can adjust the bike's seat height. This is the ideal adjustment for road, mountain, and even hybrid bikes.

Miscellaneous Bike Fit Tips

Match Your Current Riding Style: Unless you go into competitions, you'll probably have different bike riding styles, which your mood and energy might influence. If this is true for you, matching the short or long strides with an appropriate bike size will improve your performance on the bike and make you comfortable with your current abilities. You can also fit your bike to work on your strength, flexibility, and endurance. Of course, you can always readjust the size to your normal riding strides.

Ensure A Correct Bike Frame Size: If you ask, what bike size frame do I need? Well, you have to measure your standover height and use this to check your ideal bike frame size in the bike height charts above. Ensure that you have the correct measurements, and check for the appropriate adjustments on the charts,

Make Easy Adjustments: You don't have to go extreme lengths when making adjustments. You have to make changes at points that are easy to adjust on the bike. These include the seat height, seat angle, and the front-and-back seat position. You can also get the KBO Multifunction Bicycle 16-in-1 Repair Toolkit to make easy adjustments on your bike.

Check Cleat Fit: When you set it clear too far forward, you might experience knee pain, Achilles discomfort, or even numbness. Hence, you also have to get your cleat to the right fit. If you don't know how to get your cleat fitted to the right position, you can talk to a bike fitter to ensure the correct positioning of your cleat.