E-bike Pedal Assist vs. Throttle: All You Need To Know | KBO Bike

E-bike Pedal Assist vs. Throttle: All You Need To Know | KBO Bike


One of the best features of electric bikes is that you can choose to exert full control or relax and enjoy your ride. With these bikes, you get what every normal bike can't offer you choices. Electric bikes make it easier to ride for long distances utilizing the throttle and pedal assist, which help you move faster. 

It might be hard to determine the features to look out for on your electric bike. But with the right information, you can ease your confusion and trust yourself to pick wisely. The best features are usually dependent on your desired specs and what kind of cyclist you are. This article is aimed at providing you with accurate details on pedal assists for electric bikes. 


e-bike pedal assist vs. throttle


What is Pedal Assist?

A pedal assist is a feature of an electric bike that enables its motor when activated. It is designed to make pedaling a seemingly effortless process. You can vary the settings for different levels of control and ride at your desired speed. As soon as you turn the pedal assist on, you get a forward momentum that makes even long-distance rides a pleasurable experience. The effort you exert is considerably reduced. Therefore, you do not have to worry about feeling fatigued after riding. Why not go for an option that would save you from constant stress? 

Torque vs. Cadence Pedal Assist

There are special sensors that must be installed within the electric bicycle for the pedal-assist features to work. The sensor connects to the motor so that you can control your speed using the pedal assist settings on the LCD display. There are two major types of sensors: torque and cadence. Most electric bike companies these days build their bikes with one or both of these pedal-assist systems. The two types act similarly and direct how the bike's pedal-assist system engages the motor system to propel you to your destination effectively. 

Cadence Pedal Assist

Nowadays, you would find many e-bikes with a cadence sensor installed.So do KBO Bikes. This regulates the motor when you start and stop your bike. As you increase the degree of pedal assist, the speed at which the electric bike moves becomes faster. This is a list of pedal-assist options and their relative speeds:

PAS 1 = about 8 mph

PAS 2 = about 11 mph

PAS 3 = about 14 mph

PAS 4 = about17 mph

PAS 5 = about 20 mph

This means that if you set a pedal-assist system of 4, the maximum speed you can attain is 17mph. If you want to move faster, you can easily engage the throttle or boost to pedal-assist system 5.

Torque Pedal Assist

Torque sensors take things a step higher. Their function is more advanced than that of cadence sensors, but they work by a different mechanism. The torque type gives you the assistance that is equivalent to how much force you are exerting. This implies that with an increase in the force used in pedaling, there is a consequent increase in the motor's power, and the bike moves faster. 

Irrespective of the pedal-assist sensor you use, the pedal-assist allows you to ride for longer periods to father destinations. You don't have to worry about difficult terrains too. With a good electric bicycle, cycling becomes as effortless as a stroll in the park.

What is a Throttle?

You must have a concrete understanding of how the throttle works. For electric bikes, the throttle functions the same way it does on motorcycles and scooters. It engages the motor and gives the bike enough power to propel itself forward. You can even get full power on demand without automatic pedal assistance. This way, you can lay back and have fun while riding on a cool evening without having to stress about pedaling. 

Also, enthusiastic bikers can try out a throttle with a half grip twist. This features a throttle that comes alive once you twist it towards yourself. There are a variety of situations that a throttle would be a perfect choice for. These include safely riding past others on a path, accelerating up a hill, or stabilizing yourself as you prepare to move your bike.

Throttle vs. Pedal Assist: Which is The Better Option?

The aim of using either throttle or a pedal-assist is to generate electric power to move the bike. However, there are differences in how they operate, pointing to some key pros and cons of both systems. So, it's good to know how these systems could benefit you and which you should go for.  

For you to be able to choose effectively, you have to know why you are riding the e-bikes. Your preferences are the first things that guide your choices. If you love to enjoy a serene view, throttles are a good fit for that. However, if you prefer getting more involved in the activity and doing a bit of workouts, pedal-assist would be the better option. 

Though most e-bikes usually have one of throttles or pedal assists, there are brands with both features installed, allowing you more flexibility and control. Now, you can enjoy the best of the two worlds and have a variety of options to try out on your ride. 


There is no greater option between throttles and pedal assist. They are both very efficient systems with varying degrees of control and comfort for bikes to enjoy. It would be best if you made a choice solely based on your motive for buying the electric bicycles in the first place. 

If you love to cycle as a means of relaxation, e-bikes with throttle should be first on your list. But, if you search for exercise or lose weight by biking, e-bikes with pedal assists are readily available. Once you are sure of which one suits your specifications, take the step and place an order. You definitely won't regret it.