How To Read The LCD Display Of Your Ebikes | KBO Bike

How To Read The LCD Display Of Your Ebikes | KBO Bike

An electric bicycle is defined by its motor, battery, and controller. These three components are the most important part. But this does not mean that other components are not important. On the contrary, every part of the bike is necessary, which builds up a perfect electric bike. The bike is the artwork of the integrated technology and every part can dig a lot of advantages. Among those components, the display is a funny and digital part every rider would like to know.

The visual data on the display includes your battery level and the current status of your bike such as single or total odometer, speed, pedal assist level, and so on. It can reflect the overarching status of the bike and you can check specific data via the LCD display.

Press M to turn on the display of a kbo breeze step thru


If you want to know how much juice you have left, please pay attention to the upper left corner and there is a battery level indicator. The battery bar on the display will decrease from left to right as your battery levels drop. The full battery bars allows you to go about 30 miles without pedaling in the normal case and the range can up to 55+miles with pedaling. The range is influenced by factors like cargo weight, incline, and pedal-assist levels. The best practice to keep a long battery life is always keeping the battery level between 20% to 80%. The KBO Breeze and the KBO Breeze Step Thru use the same LCD display with easy handle.

KBO Bike display shows the power



The LCD display will show the speed on the upper right side. By changing the pedal assist level, each ride is a different experience. The top speed of electric bikes is influence by the rider's weight, weather, terrain, and so on.

 the display of a kbo bike shows the speed


Every adventure deserves a record. The single odometer is placed on the right bottom, which means how far you cruise with a single trip. Whether the single trip or the total odometer, all the goals can be recorded via a display. Visualizing your riding data gives you more fun and confidence to navigate your bike with more miles. Getting to know more about your LCD display is an indispensable step because it will help you to understand your ride and your ebike in detail.

 odometer is showing on the display of a kbo breeze step-thru


Pedal assist level is one of the most significant part of an electric bike, which is one of the highlight compared with a conventional bicycle. 0-5 levels can be chosen when you start a ride. And you also can change the pedal assist level in the course of riding on the road. 0 level means that you ride the bike with no electric support, just ride like a conventional bike. The higher level you ride on, the higher speed you can get. In the fact, apart from pedal assist mode, there are two more modes. One is pure power and another one is power off mode. If you want to challenge your legs' strength, the power off mode is great for you. If you want to give your legs a break, it is a wise choice to navigate your bike via pure power. Also, the maximum range of electric bike will be different according your battery used. 

the display of a kbo breeze step thru shows the pedal assist

As an alternative to a car, electric bikes are environmentally friendly with zero air pollution. When you plan to unwind from a busy workday, it is a good idea to ride with a loop around your neighborhood. And of course there's no noise pollution.