Basic Troubleshooting

Safety Check Basic Steps Most Common Solutions
It doesn’t work 1. Insufficient battery power
2. Faulty connections
3. Battery not fully seated in tray
4. Improper turn on sequence
5. Brakes are applied
1. Charge the battery pack
2. Clean and repair connectors
3. Install battery correctly
4. Turn on bike with proper sequence
5. Disengage brakes
Irregular acceleration and/or reduced top speed 1. Insufficient battery power
2. Loose or damaged throttle
1. Charge or replace battery
2. Replace throttle
When powered on the motor does not respond 1. Loose wiring
2. Loose or damaged throttle
3. Loose or damaged motor plug wire
4. Damaged motor
1. Repair and or reconnect
2. Tighten or replace
3. Secure or replace
4. Repair or replace
Reduced range 1. Low tire pressure
2. Low or faulty battery
3. Driving with too many hills, headwind, braking, and/or excessive load
4. Battery discharged for long period of time without regular charges, aged or damaged
5. Brakes rubbing
1. Adjust tire pressure
2. Check connections or charge battery
3. Assist with pedals or adjust route
4. Replace the battery
The battery won’t charge 1. Charger not well connected
2. Charger damaged
3. Battery damaged
4. Wiring damaged
1. Adjust the connections
2. Replace
3. Replace
4. Repair or replace
Wheel or motor makes strange noises 1. Damaged motor bearings
2. Damaged wheel spokes or rim
3. Damaged motor wiring
1. Replace
2. Repair or replace
3. Repair or replace motor

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