Why You Need A KBO Hurricane | KBO Bike

Why You Need A KBO Hurricane | KBO Bike

Electric bikes are increasingly becoming popular in modern society for obvious reasons; they offer the ease and time-efficiency that other means of transportation may not necessarily offer. Furthermore, as the purchase of vehicles increases, the more congested roads become, which can affect many things; electric bikes have come to help navigate through the congestion that a dense population brings. Of course, bikes becoming popular means different variations and brands of bikes have come on the scene; one of such brands is the KBO brand which is popular for making state-of-the-art electric bikes. This article focuses on the KBO Hurricane bike and why it should be a priority for you.

You probably have been hearing different things about the KBO Hurricane, or maybe you have never come across it; whatever the case may be, this is an opportunity to get informed and exposed to something that might be the ultimate solution to your commuting problems.

The KBO Hurricane is relatively new on the block, and with the trajectory it is taking, it has come to draw out its distinctive path as an electric bike. It comes with a belt drive and is without internal gearings creating a niche for single-speed bikes synergized with the numerous benefits of being electric.

The KBO Hurricane can be regarded as an E-bike purposely built for the city streets and all they entail. Notable is the fact that it comes with a single-speed belt drive, which helps avoid incessant maintenance of greasy chains. This belt drive makes pedaling feel close to paradise- smooth and quiet. Explaining the advantages of a belt drive over a conventional chain setup might not be the easiest of tasks; however, think of it as going from a gas car to an electric car. Situations in which the chains and gears click and clatter are permanently dealt with; you have an excellently synergized belt and cog system that smoothly quietly converts the input from the pedals into forward movement.

KBO Hurricane electric bicycle

Features of the KBO Hurricane  

There are major features of the KBO electric bicycles that cannot be overlooked, making it stand out among other electric bikes.

Battery life

The KBO Hurricane comes with an integrated 36V, 9.6Ah Lithium-ion battery with Samsung LG cells. This battery comes with a great capacity, including a 345Wh which ensures the bike covers a longer range. The battery is built in a way that it is concealed in the down tube of the frame; this provides water resistance and eases in the removal of the battery when necessity demands.


Another very interesting feature of the KBO Hurricane is that it is lightweight, a feature that people seem to appreciate more these days. It weighs about 36lbs and can be easily carried up and down the stairs or lifted into a truck without having to break some bones. A smooth and easy riding experience is ensured with this lightweight bike. Furthermore, the brakes are structured and optimized for lightweight. Though it is an electric bike, it can be carried around the way non-electric bikes are carried because of their lightweight

Belt drive

As stated earlier, the belt drive is a stand-out feature of the KBO Hurricane. The conventional bikes are notable for chain drives and all the grease and clanking that comes with them. However, this bike comes with a single-speed belt drive that provides a smooth, rugged and quiet system that is devoid of all the mess oil brings. It ensures efficient performance and maintenance is at a low cost. This belt drive feature is undoubtedly an upgrade to the chain drive system.

Hub motor

The KBO Hurricane comes with a brushless geared hub motor, making 3 pedal assist options available. Intriguing right? This hub motor produces 250 watts of sustained power output and 350 watts of peak power; however, it is farfetched to think the Hurricane will push you up sloppy mountains and hills. Remember that this bike was not designed for mountains but city streets and flatlands. On flat terrains, the Hurricane is at its best and gives you the best riding experience every single time you go for a ride.

LCD Backlight Display

The KBO Hurricane comes with an LCD Backlight Display which provides easy viewing and is located on the left side of the handlebars for easy control. The portable design of the LCD backlight display offers easy access and convenience. The display features two multi-function that give room for intuitive access to the headlight by clicking on the access button one time and the 3 pedal assist modes at the touch of a single button. Oversize numbers display the current speed so you can see it clearly while in motion. Cool right?


This bike comes with threaded road bike tires that possess aluminum alloy rims. Furthermore, the tires come with reduced resistance, allowing for a faster and smoother riding experience.

Disc brakes:

It comes with mechanical disc brakes that give the strongest and most reliable stopping power. These brakes come with mechanical brake calipers and 160 mm rotors which are good for the city terrains that the Hurricane is designed for. Going through city terrains undoubtedly requires that your brakes are at their best and have very strong and responsive braking power. The disc brakes of the KBO Hurricane have that to offer.


The Hurricane comes with a 36V led headlight, which is turned on by the bike's 'M' button. You can ride at night or in the rain without difficulty with this headlight. Understandably, you might not always have control over your time and the weather, which is why headlights with this strength come with the KBO Hurricane. As much as you might not want to ride at night or in the rain, the e-bike headlight has you covered in case such circumstances arise.


This bike comes with a very comfortable saddle that easily absorbs the shock from impact without kicking you off the bike. It is great protection against the impact of bumpy roads.


One look at the KBO Hurricane, and there is a clear-cut pointer to the fact that it is a product of excellent craftsmanship. The design it comes in gives it a very sleek and smooth appearance, and it is almost impossible to know that it is an electric bike because of its outlook.

Straightforward operation

If you have never ridden an electric bike, there is nothing to worry about, as the KBO Hurricane is as straightforward as a normal bike with an additional advantage of an LCD screen. Powering the bike is pretty effortless; all you need to do is to press and hold the left button, and it comes on. To turn the headlamp on or off, you need to tap the left button once the bike comes on. Controlling the bike is as easy as it gets. You do not need to be a professional biker to effectively handle the KBO Hurricane. If you ask me, that's a big plus.

Low maintenance

The requirement for maintenance when it comes to hurricanes is pretty low. This is essential because of the single gear belt-driven system that it comes with. The fact that the Hurricane requires low maintenance does not mean you completely overlook the periodic checks every bike owner needs to carry out. Furthermore, the belt drive means you do not ever have to worry about messy lubricants, and your bike is provided with that ruggedness that chain drives do not have to offer.

Decent range

The KBO Hurricane comes with a decent range at about 38 miles after a full charge. Though keeping the bike at level 1 assist might extend the range, there is no point in keeping it at level 1 when you can easily use level three all the way.

It is important to note that the KBO Hurricane is an excellent bike designed for city streets and less rigorous terrains; it is not a heavy-duty bike. Overall, the Hurricane is a fantastic addition to the world of bikes, and its lightweight is one major boost for riders and why they appreciate it. As stated earlier, it is not a high-performance bike but is perfectly good enough for the purpose for which it was designed.

Interestingly, due to clearance sales, the KBO Hurricane currently goes for just $899. Now, that's a hell of a bargain, if you ask me. This is your best opportunity to go for a bike of great quality at such a ridiculous price. You might never get an opportunity as mouthwatering as this, so what are you waiting for?

This could just be the perfect opportunity for you to make your life easier. You are now informed and know what the KBO Hurricane is about. Now, it is time to act on what you know and visit that KBO store for your electric bike.