Why you need a KBO Electric Bike | KBO Bike

Why you need a KBO Electric Bike | KBO Bike

It is no longer news that cycling has become the new driving; cycle-share initiatives, bike commuting, and the expansion of bike-lane networks are topping the list of traffic agendas all over the place. What does this mean? This means that as policies are tailored toward a biking population, members of communities might need to fit into these policies. This again means that bikes are gradually becoming popular commodities. Particularly, electric bikes have hit the scenes and are making waves in the world of transportation. Like the average two-wheeler, an electronic bike has an electronic motor that is in-built and responsible for propelling it. Some electronic bikes get started with pedaling, while some others have engines from which you start them.

Electronic bikes are no doubt an interesting addition to people's lives, and this article aims at focusing on why you need an electronic bike, particularly the KBO Electric bike.  Before delving into why you need a KBO Electric bike, it is not out of place to consider why you need an electric bike generally since these bikes are becoming increasingly popular.

KBO Breeze step thru electric bike

Easier navigation

The mess factor is one major reason why people rule out commuting to work on a bike; they do not want to get to work all sweaty and unpresentable. However, this does not have to be the case; with electronic bikes, you are provided with the opportunity to cycle and burn calories without necessarily looking like someone coming from a workout session.

The gas-carbon factor

Since electric bikes do not make use of gas, the amount of carbon your electric bike emits will be pretty low compared with the amount of carbon emitted by vehicles. Indeed, research conducted by the European Cyclists' Federation in 2011 revealed that in comparing electric bikes to cars, bikes emitted just about 8.1% per passenger per kilometre of the amount of carbon emitted by a car. Now that's a pretty wide gap in the emission of carbon by electric bikes compared to the degree emitted by vehicles. Considering the effect of carbon on the environment and people's health, it is safe to say that electric bikes are better options.

You get to save more

In most places, riding an electric moped bike does not require you to go through some sort of special registration and licensing. Consequently, investment and management costs are nothing compared to what applies to vehicles. Electric bike prices range from $1,000-$4,000. Replacing their batteries and other similar processes could cost a few hundred bucks; nevertheless, in the long run, when you put in view parking lot fees, bridge tolls, and tickets that are peculiar to vehicle owners, you see that you get to save a whole lot of money with electric bikes.

Safer riding

Relatively, commuting with electronic bikes has proven to be safer than riding with four-wheeled vehicles. An e-bike poses a significantly lesser risk to you than a massive, four-wheeled speeding vehicle. Notable is the fact that the speed of an electric bike is nowhere near that of a four-wheeled vehicle, and riding your bike in lines provided for bikes reduces the risk of colliding with vehicles. Of course, the fact that electric bikes are considered to be relatively safer does not mean you should neglect the basic safety tips like wearing your helmet, avoiding being drunk while riding, abiding by traffic rules, and doing away with earbuds among others. It is also worthy of note that bikes are considered more stable and able to control motion than cars. Accelerating with the throttle gives bikers a better chance at navigating tighter turns than vehicles. Electric bikes are indeed important additions and have so much to offer if they are properly utilized.

Having considered why you should use electric bikes on a general note, we will now be more specific with the type of electric bike – the KBO Electric bike.

The KBO Electric Bike

The KBO Electric Bike is all about fulfilling a fundamental need; a simple and effective commuting bike for navigating through the city and carrying your gear, child, and shopping along. The KBO electric bike comes fully equipped with adequate motor and battery capacity, providing awesome power and range beyond what the average electric bicycle provides. It also offers several additional accessories that make it a very utility-oriented masterpiece. Furthermore, it has a pretty good design as far as designs in the industry are concerned. Interestingly, it is both available in a step-through frame option and a step-over frame depending on riders' preference.

Why you should go for the KBO Electric bike

This electric bike has many amazing features that make it stand out and which will be discussed. These features include but are not limited to:

  • A commuting bike that will not break the bank:

  • Generally, as electric bikes have more features, their prices also experience degrees of rising; however, when it comes to the KBO Electric bike, you are assured of affordable prices even with the interesting number of features it has. KBO has provided an avenue for people to enjoy quality materials while being able to afford the electric bike


  • It comes with a powerful motor that offers an amazing range of power:

  • The motor of this electric bike is pretty powerful for a bike used for daily commuting. It offers about 750 watts at its peak, achieving a speed power of about 35—37km/h. With that amount of power, you are assured of a great deal of help in the assist levels of the higher pedal. The saddle is pretty cool, and the 5-level pedal assist gives an amazing riding experience.


  • Amazing battery life:

  • The battery life of electric bikes is one important factor bikers are on the lookout for when it comes to going for a bike, and the KBO electric bike does not disappoint in that regard. The battery is a monster 768Wh unit powering the 48V system. It also comes with a 3.0-amp charger that fully charges it in just about 5 hours. This gives you a range of up to 55 miles without having to stop. Intriguing right? Hold your breath; there is more; this electric bike comes with an opportunity to replace batteries, especially when you are on a long trip. It comes with a removable battery which can be removed and replaced. Hence, you can be assured that you do not have to make stops to charge your ebike's battery while on a journey. The feature of a removable battery is an interesting development. In addition, the battery also makes use of Samsung /LG battery cells for a reliable and safe power supply.


  • The throttle comes in a half-twist model, which is the most comfortable model. The half-twist model is considered the most comfortable model because you do not have to strain your wrists while handling the bike. You can turn the inner portion of the grip and then use your whole hand to grasp both halves and handle the throttle. Thumb throttles, which apply to other bike models can be stressful especially on longer rides and full twist throttles might require some complex wrist-muscle coordination to ensure that the twist is sustained. The KBO electric bike offers the half-twist model, which comes with a lot of ease and comfort


  • It offers the step-through frame option:

  • Though there is a step-over option, it is the most preferred step-through frame option. For instance, if you have the rear rack loaded, it is much easier to step through and sit than to step over with the load at the rear. Furthermore, the step-through option has a 136kg load rating such that even weighty riders can ride the bike without worrying about comfort.


  • The metal fenders and the rear rack are essential for commuters. You most likely cannot predict when you will get caught in a rainstorm or hit a puddle; hence, the metal fenders come in handy.


  • The interesting rear rack:

  • The rear rack is an important component that gives you additional cargo space; however, it has more than cargo space to offer as it also serves as a backpack rest when you have a full backpack.


  • The headlights:

  • Though, nothing extraordinary about the headlights, they perfectly play the role of informing others that you are on the road. If you are someone who frequently commutes in the dark, you might want to add a larger headlight to what this bike offers.

    The KBO electric bike no doubt has the power and speed to make you feel safe on the road and covers a range that every commuter should be okay with. The synergy of a long-range and excellently designed electric commuting bike that can play the role of a commuter bike perfectly well is the description of the KBO electric bike. It might not provide any time-stopping innovation, but it sure gets the job done!

    Having seen what the KBO electric bike has to offer, you have the responsibility of taking that step and making the purchase, so what are you waiting for?