5 Tips For Maximizing Your Electric Bike Battery Life | KBO Bike

5 Tips For Maximizing Your Electric Bike Battery Life | KBO Bike

The battery is the core power of an electric bike, which decides how far can your electric bike take you. There is no doubt that it is the most important part of an electric bike, so we need to do something important to maximize battery life.

Here are some tips for taking care of your electric bike battery for long service.

five tips for maximizing your electric bike battery life

1.Choose your right e-bike equipped with a good-quality battery

Every KBO Breeze commuter electric bike comes standard with a 500 W geared hub motor powered by a 48V, 16 Ah removable Samsung lithium-ion battery pack. The KBO bike's big advantage is its battery which has a rating of 900 full charge cycles and a 768 Wh capacity. In practical terms, this means you can go further for longer, around 30-55 miles depending on weather and driving conditions.

The quality of the battery will decide the service life. Compared with a lead-acid battery, a lithium-ion battery is more lightweight and energy-dense. The Samsung lithium-ion batteries are applied in KBO Breeze commuter electric bikes because of their reputable company and great quality. We aimed to offer the best quality at an affordable price.

Everyone would like to be with your adventure companion for a long time. KBO e-bike battery has a two-year warranty and this allows our customers to get a better experience and longer time for riding.

2.Use the right charger

Every electric bike comes with a charger corresponding to the battery. When you prepare to charge the electric bike, please remember to use the right charger that comes with your battery in the box. This is one of the most important steps to keep your electric bike battery healthy.

Why does every battery equip with a charger? Because the battery manufacturer made and tested them to work together and they are the best partner. As you know, the battery will be heated up while charging. Proper match allows the battery for long service without any damage causing by too much heat. Taking the right charger is not cheating.

The 3 Amp quick charger that comes with KBO Breeze commuter electric bike only takes 5 hours to fully charge, keeping pace with your busy lifestyle. You can even keep your devices charged while riding with the handy 5V, 1Amp USB port! The waterproof battery is easy to remove for charging.

maximize your kbo bike battery life

3.Properly store the battery away

All right, we have to admit that it is the coldest season and many many people may just like to sit by the stove at home. We know you need more heat to keep the body warm but it doesn't mean your battery also does, especially excessive heat.

In fact, warmer temperatures may do damage to the components of electric bike and battery, which will cause premature capacity loss. The room temperature is ideal for being stored and being charged between 50 °F - 77 °F /10 °C - 25 °C is the best temperature. Make sure to keep the battery of your electric bike from heat sources and out of direct sunlight, and the trunk of your car in a hot summer either. Of course, in addition to avoiding excessive heat, it is also best to avoid riding in a too cold climate. If the temperature is below -4 °F /-20 °C, try not to ride outdoors for your safety and to protect your battery from damage.

4.Recharge your battery but don't overcharge it

When your battery completely runs out of juice, you had better recharge it. Even if you want to store the electric bike battery away, don't let it drain completely because the battery still needs some energy that will wear down. And if keeping the battery drain for a long time,  it may not be recharged again anymore. The best way is to keep it around that 75 percent range.

We always would like to keep the battery fully charged. This seems not a good idea. Just like avoiding expose the battery to a hot temperature, if you leave your battery fully charged for a long time, the accumulated heat may damage your battery and reduce battery life. So the charging time had better within 12 hours at a time.

Tips: When it is charging, the red light on the charger will be on and it will turn green when it is done.

a fully charged battery becomes drain gradually 

5.Proper frequency of use

When you own an electric bike, what will you do? Ride, ride, ride, right? Actually, the frequency of riding also has some impact on battery life but this doesn't mean you need to give up your riding time.

As you know, there are three modes of a KBO Breeze.

1.No power – you can use your own pedal power just like a regular bicycle without electricity.

2.Pedal assist – just turn it on and use both electricity and your pedal power to get to where you want to go. Want to go faster or go uphill? Simply use the ebike pedal assist system, the quicker you pedal, the faster your bike moves!

3.Pure electricity – if you want to give your legs a break, just use the throttle to get moving. No muscle power needed!!

Generally speaking, it is a great idea to use cycle modes. For example, if you always use no-power mode, the battery will be in an idle state for long periods of time, which will damage the battery. And if you use cycle modes, it would be better for your battery. Finally, we suggest that every rider needs to adjust according to their own actual situation.