New KBO Electric Commuter Bike Coming Soon | KBO Bike

New KBO Electric Commuter Bike Coming Soon | KBO Bike

Hello everyone, Long-awaited KBO Bike Breeze is coming in November! We prepared for a long time with making sure high-quality bikes. In the past few months, we make iterative changes and countless tests about the electric bike and finally we made it!

 KBO Bike



KBO Breeze Bike has a splendent appearance and streamlined design.

Besides its good-looking appearance, it is also very well built and it is one of the best bikes in the market.

You are sure to get a high rate of second glance when you ride a KBO electric bike down the street.

Our KBO Bike comes in 2 colors. We have silent black and vigorous orange for you to choose from. Black KBO will show elegant and quiet temperament and orange KBO will be full of charm and vitality. Which one is right for me? You can choose whatever you like!


 KBO Bike


We have a powerful 500W brushless motor. Go commuting in the urban area? Go to the park? No problem! Yes, you never worry about the flat road, at the same time, what is amazing me is that it can conquer any hills. If you live in the hilly area, KBO Bike will be the best choice. The powerful and good-quality 500W motor will take you to experience no fear of any hills on the way.


Our KBO Breeze has 27.5 diameter wheels with fat 2.4 wide tires. Compared with other bikes in the market, our bikes tires are a bit wider than those. Wide tires have more grip meaning that the bike is more steady on the road.  And one of its advantages is puncture-resistant. The tire is made from good quality materials, so it has dropped greatly the possibility of puncturing tires.


KBO Bike comes with a Samsung battery that has a large capacity. That means our bike will have a farther range. It will meet your need for a full day's commute without charge again. With a fully charged battery, KBO bike will take you to reach around 30-55miles in a single trip. It will depend on many factors such as terrains, weather, the weight of a rider, temperature and etc. Therefore a large capacity will increase your good experience greatly.


The integrated brake rear light is very necessary for an electric bike, especially riding the bike in the rain or at night. When you apply the brakes, the taillight will be activated to be flashing, which increases the safety for the rider on the way.


KBO Bike also has an excellent brake system. Shimano gear shift system with 7 speed is easy to use the thumb shifter to change the gears for adapting to different terrains. Regardless of the uphill or downhill, you can choose the speed level on-demand.

 KBO Bike



1) Three-In-One Function

KBO Breeze has 3 modes.

  1. If you want to ride a regular bike, just pedal it without powering on.
  2. If you want to go faster and farther, you can use pedal assist with both power and pedal.
  3. If you want to give your legs a full break, just simply power on the electric bike and twist the throttle.

2) As a Transport

When you own an electric bike, what can you use it to do? The first thing is absolutely getting yourself out of the traffic jam on the commute. You are stuck on the way every morning when you go on duty. Late for work and feel anxious? Don't worry! KBO bike will solve your problem! The very wonderful commute bike is here!


Sometimes want to find some peace in the noisy city? There are 5 great bike trails in California for you to choose, which you can get your bike and go on the road! You can go camping and have a picnic, you can go to the park or go to the cafeteria, and you also can go fishing and have fun!

At the same time, you can assemble a cargo at the back of the bike or a big basket on the rear rack thereby carrying plenty of things without an issue. And you never worry that your pet dog is left home alone while you are outdoors. What a great idea, right? So don't miss the best electric bike in November! KBO bike will be your good helper.