How Electric Bike Works | KBO Bike

How Electric Bike Works | KBO Bike

How do electric bikes work? What is an ebike? What electric bikes use for? If you’ve noticed these slick bikes zip past you while you’re stuck in traffic you’re not the only one. These new generations of power assisted bikes, most commonly known as E-bikes, are the answer to the world’s current problem of pollution and traffic. I had the chance to try one out, to see what all the buzz was about. And I must say it didn’t take me too long to understand how this electric bike works better than regular bikes!


How Electric Bike Works

What is an Electric Bike?

Power assisted Bike is basically a regular bicycle that features three main electric components - the motor, drive train, and battery. All these components are installed in the body of an e-bike seamlessly. These components help you reduce the amount of effort you have to put in when compared to a regular bicycle. For example, if you’re riding up a steep road or a hill, it’d be much easier to do so with an electric bike when compared to your regular bike. And you’d be able to travel longer without getting too tired.

Now let’s understand

How does an e-bike works

E-bikes are made of three fundamental electronic components.

  • The Motor - The motor defines the power the bicycle can output. And it can range anywhere from 500-1000W and is usually installed in the middle or back of the bike.
  • The Drive Train - Is used to send torque to the wheels, it allows you to pedal easily and swift gears of the bicycle propel you forward.
  • The Battery - Battery plays a huge part in an E-bike, whether you choose to only pedal or full throttle. If you choose to use the pedal assist function, the motor on the bike will be activated once you start pedaling. And the best part is you can get your workout in while reaching your destination.
how electric bikes work explanation

We can expect a lot to come from E-bikes as they have a strong presence and hold over the bicycle industry. Some might feel that the traditional bikes or bicycles are more convenient and might find it hard to accept this new trend. For those who are still on the fence about investing in an E-bike, read on to find out more about the features this minibeast is packed with. And I’m sure it will change your opinion about e-bikes.

Investing in an e-bike is also a good idea as it reduces your carbon footprint. As e-bikes are battery-operated, it has zero-emission. So this way you know you’re doing your bit towards the planet. When compared to any other vehicle, e-bikes hardly have any negative impact on the environment and planet.

Commute with E-Bikes

While e-bikes may not be the most convenient option for a long journey (unless you’re up for a challenge), you can still easily get to work or hit the supermarket quickly.

This is a great option for you if you face terrible traffic on a daily basis. You can easily maneuver through the traffic with an e-bike without much effort and get to your destination in no time. I mean, imagine the things you could get done in the day instead of being stuck in traffic!

In case, you don’t have a license, don’t worry! Most states in the U.S. don’t require you to have a license to ride an e-bike. So if you’ve been delaying buying a bike because you don’t have a license, e-bikes solve the problem.

E-bikes can be a great starter to have a throttle in your hands. It's probably the best transition vehicle between cycles and motorbikes.

Exercise with E-Bike

Honestly, what I loved most about e-bikes is that I can get some amount of workout done as well. I have a pretty busy schedule (or I’m just lazy) and hitting the gym to get my cardio in every day is difficult. But with e-bikes, it’s a win-win situation, because you get some amount of cardio in every time you use the e-bike. Also, going to the gym during this post COVID era can make you a bit anxious. So why take the risk of going to the gym at all? Just get on your e-bike and cycle away. And whenever you feel tired, just switch to the pedal-assist mode.

The Pedal-assist mode reduces the effort you have to put in while pedaling as the drive train propels you forward as you pedal. This is a great option for when you want to get some light workout without tiring yourself too much. Most e-bikes also feature a pure electricity mode. Pure electricity can be compared to a scooter where there’s no pedaling required. And then you have the no-electricity mode. In this mode, you can hit the streets like how you would on a regular bicycle. So technically this is a marriage between a cycle and motorcycle!

I tried the KBO bike that has these features. It was an amazing experience to get out on the streets with the KBO e-bike. I rode around the city for hours without getting tired - thanks to the pedal-assist mode that the KBO bikes feature. This is a great option for you if you regularly suffer from knee pain and can’t go gymming regularly.

The KBO bike reduces the pressure on your knees as the built-in motor helps you move forward without straining your knees. This is especially helpful if you regularly travel through roads that are inclined. If you live in a hilly area or love riding on mountain trails, KBO e-bike is a great option for you.

It features puncture-resistant resistant tires so you know the KBO bike has got your back even on the harshest roads. The tires are also a bit wider than regular tires, this gives you a better grip and makes your ride smooth and steady. It also features a 500W motor that will easily let you conquer the steepest road or hills without straining your knees. Here is an article about fat tires Vs. thin tires ebikes which may help you choose the correct ebike for commuting.

The KBO bike also features Shimano 7 speed gear shifters. This allows you to switch smoothly between gears and adapt the bike quickly to different kinds of terrain. E-bike is a great option to commute to work everyday maneuvering through the early-morning rush. And it is just as good to ride on dirt trails on the weekends. It features a thumb-shifter so you can easily adjust to the terrain and change the speed level on demand.

If you’re only jumping on the e-bike bandwagon now, KBO bikes are a great option for beginners as well as those who are looking for an upgrade from their current e-bike.

KBO bikes are also great for quick and short rides as the KBO bike can go up to 30-55 miles with a single charge. So your daily trips to the supermarket or park are easy, quick, and convenient. You can depend on the e-bike for a full day’s commute without having to charge it again.


E-Bike for Leisure


What is an e-bike

It is also a great option to ride it to your campsite or go fishing away from the city. I took the KBO bike to the riverside away from the city. The terrain by the riverside is a bit rocky but the experience was amazing because of the pedal-assist and tires. Puncture-resistant tires are great features of KBO bike, which will protect the bike against punctures from thorns, glass, and other small materials.  Therefore, I was able to ride through the rocky terrain without much effort while enjoying the riverside beauty.

If you love the beach, you’ll definitely enjoy riding the e-bike by the shore. Cycling by the beachside takes a lot of effort as sand increases resistance. But with the KBO e-bike’s pedal-assistance, it makes riding on the sand much easier and more practical.

Choosing KBO E-BIKE

What I really love about the KBO e-bike is how cool it makes me feel to be riding it. It’s not as bulky as a motorcycle but has a rather sleek design and body. And, of course, when compared to a regular bicycle, it’s much faster.

In the long run, an e-bike can save you a lot of money and time. I mean, think about it. You don’t have to get a gym membership because peddling the e-bike every day is a workout in itself. This, in turn, can reduce your visits to the hospital as you will have an active and healthy lifestyle.

For an intense workout, you can choose to cycle on the no-electricity mode, wherein you use the e-bike as a regular bicycle, and when you feel tired you can shift to pedal-assist or pure electricity mode! Also, you save a lot of money on gas as you can just plug the battery into the closest charging point.

Other than saving money on fuel, you also save money by not taking public transport. And you reach your destination sooner. When compared to public transport, an e-bike is a safer way to be commuting during the COVID phase. You don’t ever have to put in yourself in a situation where you might not be able to practice social distancing like on a bus or a train. ‘


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However, if you’re traveling long-distance and have to take the subway, you can take the KBO bike along with you on the train as it is lightweight and easy to carry.

KBO bikes are also low-maintenance. It’s pretty sturdy and durable. It requires little to no servicing. Other than this, you also don’t have to pay parking fees! Lastly, there is KBO Breeze unboxing and assembly instructions. Besides, you can follow KBO YouTube channel to get more information about KBO Bike!