Last-Minute Valentine's Treat: Electrify Your Love with KBO's E-Bike Sale

Last-Minute Valentine's Treat: Electrify Your Love with KBO's E-Bike Sale

Sparks are sure to fly this Valentine’s Day with great deals on all KBO e-bikes. Each and every electric bike model we offer is priced to move during this sweet event. Not only that, but we are offering additional deals and benefits for riders to pair with the discounts. We here at KBO strive to be a customer-centric organization and so we do everything with our riders in mind. That’s why we’re offering rider-friendly discounts, our Super Saver Card, and a worry-free return policy.

Undecided on the right bike for you or your loved one? Not to worry. You will also find links to a quiz that will tell you the best e-bike for your needs and a comparison chart so you can review the most important features of each e-bike side by side.

Read on for these resources and more during this electric season of love!

Big Discounts for You or Your Sweetheart

Love is in the air and so are great deals you won’t find anywhere else. Check out these electrifying ebike discounts that are sure to get your heart racing:
  • Feel the cool breeze of savings with $500 off on each KBO Breeze, Tornado, and Compact.
  • Ride off into the sunset with a $400 discount on each super versatile KBO Ranger.
  • Flip your way to happiness with a $470 price reduction on each KBO Flip.
And it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a sweet deal for your loved one, whether they be friend, family, or sweetheart. That’s why we're also offering an Automatic Discount when you purchase a second e-bike:
  • Pair up to any 2 bikes and get $200 off.
  • Combine a KBO Flip or Compact with another model and save $300.
Invest in yourself or your relationship today! With our low prices and easy financing options, you’re sure to find a deal worth grabbing. But don’t wait – these hot deals end February 18th!

Take Advantage of our Super Saver Card Benefits

This Valentine's Day, let your love for savings and exploration know no bounds. For a limited time, we’re offering access to our exclusive Super Saver Card.

By purchasing a Super Saver Card for just $1, you’ll receive an email containing a one-time use coupon code. Enter the code at checkout to enjoy a $30 discount when ordering a KBO E-bike or accessories (with a minimum purchase of $60). This is the perfect pairing with our hot deals on February 14th. Some terms and conditions apply.

Exceptional Service and a 30-day Return Policy

We understand that riders want confidence in their purchase which is why our e-bike blog is filled to the brim with rider reviews, testimonials, and ratings on each and every bike we offer. See the videos for yourself from riders just like you.

Having plenty of happy customers is a point of pride for KBO, as is our stellar customer service and newly increased return policy. To provide additional confidence in your important purchase, we offer a generous 30-day return policy on any KBO electric bike purchased in February, as long as it's ridden less than 10 miles. That’s twice as many days as many other e-bike brands because we are so confident that you’ll be happy with your decision. Please see our full policy for more details. 

Find Your Perfect Bike With Our Quiz

Take our quick e-bike quiz so we can better understand your needs, and we'll match you with the perfect e-bike in under one minute. You’ll answer a few brief questions about which features are most important to you, how and where you intend to use an electric bike, and a few other fun questions to determine the best e-bike for your particular style.

We’ll let Cupid match you with the perfect romantic partner, while we match you with the perfect e-bike!

Our Recommendations and Comparisons

Variety is the spice of life which is why we offer a bike for every occasion and interest. All our bikes come with throttles for easy cruising, lights for safe riding, and lightweight yet strong 6061 aluminum frames so you can rest assured you are getting a quality ride. However, there are some differences in both features and price discounts you’ll want to consider:

  • Do you wish to arrive at the office sweat-free and easily run errands around town in an eco-friendly manner? The KBO Breeze and Breeze Step-Thru (ST) is the perfect commuter bike. With a 3 AMP charger, you’ll never have to worry about long charging times in between rides to work. Take $500 at checkout during our Valentine’s Day event this year.

  • Do you prefer kicking up dust with a fat tire bike designed with mountain terrain in mind? Then the KBO Tornado is your best bet. With the Tornado’s tough 4-inch fat tires and a 350lb. payload capacity, it’s the best bike for an outdoor adventure and is even sweeter right now thanks to the current discount of $400.

  • Or maybe you want the convenience and style of a foldable e-bike? In this case, either the KBO Flip or KBO Compact are great options. Check out our simple guide to figure out which folding e-bike fits you best. The Compact is currently on sale for just $899 while the Flip is only $699.

Still not sure which bike is best for you? Compare our models using this convenient and easy-to-read e-bike comparison tool.


There’s no greater feeling than flipping on the pedal-assist mode of an e-bike and zipping along to your destination with style and grace. And knowing you picked one of the most efficient and clean modes of transportation is even better.

So, if you are as passionate about the environment or just passionate about saving money (or both!), this is one event you do not want to miss.

Treat yourself to a heart-pounding solo adventure or become the ultimate power couple by pairing two of our electric bikes – and get an Automatic Discount of $200 in the process. The choice is yours and you can’t go wrong at our Valentine’s Day sale, from now until February 18th.

Be sure to grab your Super Saver Card and buy with confidence thanks to our 30-day return policy. Don't let this chance to electrify your love – or your commute – ride off into the sunset without you.