KBO Flip vs. Compact: Which Folding E-bike Bike Fits You Best?

KBO Flip vs. Compact: Which Folding E-bike Bike Fits You Best?

The best e-bike is the one you love to use and with plenty of options to choose from at KBO, you’re sure the find an e-bike you love. In particular, folding e-bikes are more popular than ever, and for good reason. They are stylish, convenient, and versatile. 

If you’ve decided a folding e-bike is for you, but need help deciding between the different options, we’ve written this short buyer’s guide to help you choose between the KBO Flip and the KBO Compact. Although they are both excellent folding e-bikes in their own regard, some important differences may help you decide which one is right for you.

In short, the KBO Compact is built for adventure in the wild. It is ideal for terrains as varied as trails, beaches, and mountain paths. If you enjoy spending time camping or exploring nature, the KBO Compact is the bike for you. Go forth and explore on the KBO Compact!

On the other hand, if you need a sharp-looking commuter e-bike suited to a city environment, the KBO Flip is the best option. Getting to work or warming up on your way to the gym is easy with this foldable e-bike that fits easily into any car, apartment, or closet. The KBO Flip is your everyday rider!

Components Comparison Chart

Despite their differences, there are some similarities between the KBO Flip and the KBO Compact. For example, they both come equipped with 7-speed Shimano shifters to easily climb hills, multifunctional displays for monitoring your speed and distance, and front suspension forks to absorb uncomfortable impacts.  

However, there are some unique components that enable them to perform in different environments. Let’s take a look at the specifications comparison chart:








36V 15.6Ah

48V 15.6Ah


20" x 3"

20" x 4"


57 lbs.

68.3 lbs.

Recommended Height

Between 5'1" and 6'2"

Between 5'2" and 6'3"

A few differences stand out when comparing these two bikes side by side. Importantly, the 750W motor unique to the Compact is what allows it to perform better in the great outdoors. A more powerful motor enables you to ascend inclines more easily and move through difficult terrain with less trouble. Coupled with a larger battery and larger tires, it’s evident that the Compact is the better bike for tricky all-terrains. Check out more information in this thorough review video of the Compact.

Compact Review

That said, the Flip has some excellent qualities, too. With a smaller motor and battery and slightly slimmer puncture-resistant tires, the Flip is most at home in an urban environment where agility is key. Navigate through crowded streets with ease thanks to the slightly smaller parts and lower weight of the Flip. Have a closer look at this full review video of the Flip.

Flip Review

Taller riders may be more comfortable on the Compact, while average-height riders may wish to opt for the Flip. There’s a foldable e-bike for every rider and every scenario. Speaking of scenarios…

Ideal Riding Scenarios for Each Bike

A variety of riding scenarios are covered by these two bikes, so we will examine them each independently.

The Flip excels as an eco-friendly city commuter. Shuttling yourself to and from a college campus, grocery store, or happy hour is easy with the lightweight KBO Flip. At only 57 pounds (or 48.5 lbs. without the battery), the Flip can be taken inside most apartments and stored inside many vehicles. Thanks to the integrated rear rack, you can buy items and run errands without worrying about how to carry your items to your destination.

The Compact, on the other hand, will redefine how you experience the outdoors. Whether you are camping, hunting, fishing, or simply exploring, the Compact allows you to negotiate rugged terrain with ease. The powerful motor, mechanical disc brakes, and extra-wide comfort saddle will allow you to dominate the road that lies ahead. There’s no need to buy an extra bike rack with the ability to fold your e-bike in half using the quick-release clamps.

Don’t forget, for even more carrying options and access to a greater variety of riding scenarios, you can add a front basket set to both the Flip and the Compact.

Who Needs the KBO Flip?

The Flip is perfect for college students riding around town, commuters heading to and from a nearby office, or environmentally conscious shoppers who wish to leave their car at home instead of burning dirty fossil fuels. Not only is the Flip better for getting around town than a car or non-foldable e-bike, but it also costs less, too. Those on a tight budget will appreciate the lower cost of the Flip.

Who Needs the KBO Compact?

The Compact is ideal for thrill seekers looking to exercise and explore wide open areas with less pavement. Adventurous travelers will enjoy its traction and power as will those who want the ability to explore campsites and trails without needing to walk or drive everywhere. Although the Compact costs more than the Flip due to the off-road capabilities, some riders may find excellent value in the higher cost.  


You now know more about the differences between the KBO Compact and the KBO Flip. We examined the components, explored ideal riding scenarios, and provided some examples of the types of riders who may prefer each bike.

Riders will find that they may naturally prefer one over the other depending on their needs and their body profile. If the main purpose of your rides is zipping through busy cityscapes, the Flip has a natural advantage. If you intend to ride in more recreational areas, the Compact will likely suit you better.  Whatever your preference, rest assured that both foldable e-bikes will bring innovation and excitement to your cycling journey.

As you embark on this decision-making process, keep in mind your personal riding style, the environments you'll conquer, and the features that resonate with your inner cyclist. The road – whether paved or rugged – is yours to explore.

Right now, your decision on how to explore is even easier thanks to our limited-time Valentine’s Day e-bike sale. Treat yourself and save on either of these excellent options. Happy riding!