How To Avoid Flats on E-bikes | KBO Bike

How To Avoid Flats on E-bikes | KBO Bike


It can be really frustrating to have a flat tire. This renders your bike useless while canceling any plans you might have made that day. Many people use e-bikes as a means of daily commuting, therefore, a flat destabilizes their movements making them waste valuable time. 

Prevention is the best option as regards flat tires in e-bikes. Therefore, it is advisable to follow measures that help you avoid having flats. There are several tips that would help you preserve your ebike's tires and keep them in good riding condition. This article is aimed at providing you information on how to protect your tires. Our dirt road electric commuter bikes rarely suffer any flats.


some tips on how to avoid bike flats


What is a flat tire?

A flat tire is a tire that has lost all the air inside it through a puncture or leakage. The air loss makes the tire reduce in size. So, it cannot function properly and would only be further damaged, if you ride it forcefully. It is important to know how to keep your tires from places and conditions that could damage their tires. Choose a quality e-bike with puncture-resistant tires to avoid frequent flat tire incidents. Here are some common cause of flat tires.

How do I avoid a flat tire?

Avoiding a flat tire has more to do with prevention than repairing a flat. Preventing any punctures or structural defects improves your tire's lifespan. So, as an electric bike owner, you need to learn the following tips on safeguarding your tires from going flat:

1.Keeping Your Tire's Air Pressure Optimal

The first way to avoid a flat tire is to keep the air pressure at an optimal. When a tire is not fully inflated, there is a higher risk of flats compared to a well-gauged one. You should always check your tires for any small leaks that could reduce their air pressure. The pressure within the tires must be kept between the mid to the upper range of the normal air pressure for that type of ebike. Before going for a ride, give your tires a gentle squeeze. If they are not firm, call for repairs.

2.Riding A Worn Out Tire

It is quite easy for a worn-out tire to get punctured and lose air. So, you must carefully monitor the star of your tires over time. Once you start noticing that your tire's tread is worn down or any cracks in the rubber, it is time to get a new one. If you persist with the worn-out rubber, you would have a flat tire in no time. It is even an established safety precaution to not move around with worn-out tires. 

3.Avoid Riding On The Side Of The Road

You would commonly find waste on the side of the road. Also, there could be fragments of broken glass, nails, thorns, and so on. While riding, any of these sharp objects could puncture your tire if it enters at the right angle. So, you should avoid the side of the road while riding your e-bike. 

4.Protect Your Inner Tubes With Anti-Flat Tire Material

This is one of the best ways to protect your tires from going flat. If you install an anti-flat tire material in your inner tubes, they keep foreign objects from going through them. Provided the object is small in size, you can leave it stuck in your tire without any issues. The anti-flat tire material simply fills the hole created by the object and glues it in place. Find a quality anti-flat tire product to keep your tires safe from punctures.

5.Upgrade Yours To the Best Options Available

The quality of a tire also plays a role in how often it gets flat. Spending money on your bike is a smart investment. The tires are the only part of the ebike that touches the road, so why not make it as perfect as possible? You do not necessarily have to spend outrageous amounts of money to upgrade your tires. However, you have to research the best options available. Panasonic tires are usually very strong, durable, and pocket-friendly. Although, no tire has a 100% puncture-proof feature, upgrading to one with a tough rubber material would give you more peace of mind.

6.Make Use of High-Grade Tire Liners

Tire liners are another way to keep your tires working for a while. However, it is not just about installing any tire liner. You can make proper consultations on the tire liners available in the market. Your ideal choice is high-quality and is made from soft pliable rubber. Buying cheap tire liners could cause more damage to your tires than leaving them bare. The tires of your commuter bikes would be well preserved and long-lasting if they are protected by high-grade tire liners.


There’s no perfect flat-tire-proof system. So, it is possible for you to experience a flat tire from time to time. But you can greatly reduce its occurrence by putting adequate measures in place. Follow our tips to have a better shot at maintaining your ebike tires for long periods.

Having a flat tire is simply inevitable. However, in case you suffer a flat tire, you must always be prepared. Keep a bike tool kit that can help you temporarily fix the issue before visiting an expert. Check out "How to troubleshoot electric bike problems" here.