What is Ebike Insurance | KBO Bike

What is Ebike Insurance | KBO Bike

Whether your electric bike is a vehicle to convey you to work, run errands or even go on exercises, you will probably meet other electric bike riders who have similar agendas as you. This symbolizes the new but rapid increase in the adoption of ebikes with throttle and pedal assist as a means of conveyance. 


is electric bike insurance necessary

But, aside from this arising necessity, what is electric bicycle insurance? Though the answer depends on what part of the world you live in,  you still need to understand what bicycle insurance means.

What is Electric Bike Insurance?

Insurance generally means a multifaceted policy covering essential things like theft, vandalism, road or home accidents, and other property damages caused by accidents. So Electric Bike Insurance means the policy covering your bike against possible theft, damage, or even needing roadside assistance if your electric bike's battery dies in the middle of the road. 

The beauty of this policy is that the Insurance company can even replace your ebike with a new one if it was stolen and less than 3 years old. Electric bike insurance can also cover some delicate issues involving public liability and legal claims that are possibly made against you. 

Types Of Ebike Insurance

There are different types of Insurance you can buy. Similar to car insurance and motorcycle insurance, electric bike insurance protect you from accident, theft, vandalism, and damage.

Insurance On Personal Accident

Bike accidents are not common, but they can be ghastly if you do not have your cycling safety gear, for example, safety bike helmet is a must. If unfortunately, you are involved in an accident that does not include any other person, just your bike and you sustained injuries, you can count on ebike insurance to cover your hospital bills as well as the cost to repair your ebike if affected.

You have nothing to lose in this regard because getting into personal damage would have incurred some charges you are not prepared for at the moment, but with insurance, these charges can be relieved from you. Therefore there is a guarantee that you get protection and medical attention after a personal accident with your bike.

Protection Against E-bike Theft and Vandalism

This is one of the brightest sides of getting e-bike insurance, especially for a usually expensive bike to purchase. You can park your bike in an unfamiliar area, and the next thing is you complaining about the disappearance of that same bike. If you are lucky, the police might help you recover your bike, and it is also possible that this is the last you will see of the ebike, which would be such a great loss if you just made the purchase and it drained your pocket.

On the other hand, if you manage to get an electric bike insurance policy that offers replacement cost coverage that will pay for your ebike's replacement if it is stolen and never gets found, you would have a better chance of having your bike replaced. Also, suppose your bike was destroyed by vandals during a protest or any other scenario. In that case, you will be on the safe side of getting a prompt replacement without your pockets suffering another reduction. You can also get the Electric Bicycles U-Lock to secure your electric bikes to secure sites when you park in public spaces.

Insurance Against Physical Damage

Whether it is an accident or a vandal, you can quickly get your bike repaired from a reliable repair shop if you are already on an insurance plan. So if you ask, can I insure my electric bike against physical damage? Yes, you can. If you are learning how to handle a bike, it is better for you to get yourself insurance that will cover your hospital bills and cover the repair of your bike. 

Take, for instance, your e-bike's battery gets exhausted on your way home, and you do not have a pair. If you happen to have an insurance policy, you can contact them to help you out in the embarrassing situation you found yourself in. Or buy another battery pack for the replacement. 

The Bottom Line

If you have already spent a lot of money to procure your Ebike, protecting it with a standard electric bike insurance policy is a great idea. Since the insurance policy of your home or renters can offer a form of protection for your ebike during a fire outbreak, electric bike insurance is an additional options. 

However, opting for stand-alone insurance policies for your electric bikes offers the necessary form of coverage that cyclists need to protect their vehicle at home, on the road, or while they ride it in a foreign country. Since insuring your bike is generally affordable and cost-effective, it is a good fit for recreational commuters and fitness riders to get bike insurance according to personal needs.