Top 5 Accessories for KBO Electric Bike

Top 5 Accessories for KBO Electric Bike

As an electric commuter bike, KBO Breeze offers everything a customer could possibly need under the sun.
- Yahoo

That is what Yahoo has to say about us, and we live up to that expectation by being customer-centric; we help our customers make the most of the bikes that they purchased from us. Here in KBO, we want to make sure that you have the KBO experience, riding in comfort, style, and safely.

We will be checking out our top 5 electric bicycle accessories that give you that KBO swag.


Having stuff in your pocket while biking might not be the best thing to do. You need a place with easy access to keep your phone, maps, key, wallet, and tools, e.t.c You should get a Bicycle Frame Bag.

The KBO Bicycle Frame Bag is an easy-to-install 1.7L capacity bicycle frame bag. Built with an ultralight carbon fiber material to reduce the weight on the frame. Having a water-resistant accessory is very important for bikers as an open vehicle; this bag meets that requirement, durable carbon material and sealed double zippers, ensuring that your things are safe from extreme weather conditions. For easy access to your phone while riding your bike for GPS, changing music, receiving calls, or reading messages. It comes with a high sensitive TPU film window that allows you to see your screen. A catch, the bag has a hidden tiny hole at the bottom that allows the use of your earphones while cycling. Cool yeah? To ensure safety, it has three adjustable velcro straps for easy and secure mounting. It also comes in black color, a classical match that would fit any bike color.

electric bicycle accessory Bicycle Frame Bag


Sometimes you might want to move a few things around. Don't be the guy that ties packages to the rack when you can secure them inside a rack bag. The KBO Bike Rack Bag gives you more value for your money than you bargained for, with its shoulder strap that allows it to double as a messenger bag. Made with high water-resistant carbon composite leather, you can be assured even in extreme weather. The size of the bag can be increased to accommodate your things conveniently. When you need additional space, you can expand the fold-out compartments on each side to make the backpack two bike panniers. You can also increase the capacity by opening the top zipper. It also has internal compartments that allow you to separate your things, such as keys and tools, from phones and smooth surfaces into different spaces to avoid scratches. It comes in black color.

e-bike accessory bike rack bag


We give you some pretty fast bikes with effective braking systems, yet you can never be too careful when safety is concerned. Be it a short ride in the neighborhood or commuting on a long distance to your workplace, you should top that safety consciousness with a Bicycle Safety Helmet. The KBO Bicycle Safety Helmet projects style, comfort, and safety. It has air inlets and outlets that provide excellent all-around ventilation, with an internal bug mesh to protect you from insects, a shell with high-density shock-absorbing EPS material, and a hard protective outer shell to increase visibility at night. The helmet is equipped with visible LED front light and small colorful lights on three sides. A reflective thread belt buckle to ensure it does not fall off while riding. Ideal use for both men and women with compatibility for hairstyles such as ponytails. It is also has a USB port to charge it.

 cycling safety helmet


After the safety of life, the security of property is the next concern. Bikers spend hundreds of dollars on e-bikes, and some go so far as to insure them against theft and damage, which is a highly possible occurrence due to the size of the bicycles. They are easy to steal and difficult to trace. Riders should secure it as much as possible. The KBO Electric bicycle U-lock ensures that your bike is secure wherever you park it. It is crafted with 0.63 thick high-performance alloy steel that is cutting-resistant, leveraging-resistant, and drill-resistant. It also comes with a 4 feet steel cable coated with PVC covering to improve its resilience. It also comes with two spare keys should you lose your key. The black and silver look blends easily into the bike frame.

Electric bicycle U-lock

5.Electric Bikes Hitch Rack

Sometimes you need to take your bikes on a trip before they can do the same. Going on a long road trip, you might need your bikes for the short-distance road runs? To transport your bike with your car, you'll need a bike hitch rack. The KBO Electric bike hitch rack is foldable, compact, easy to use, made to be user-friendly such that it can be assembled in two minutes. It comes with fully integrated security and can carry the majority of e-bikes, regardless of frame style. When not in use, you can fold it up to save room —forged with durable steel that can carry a payload of up to 160 lbs. Capable of mounting two e-bikes conveniently since most of them weigh less than 50 lbs, though you should remove the batteries before mounting e-bikes to the rack.

hitch rack

All these accessories come at very pocket-friendly price —a little cost for style, safety, and a comfortable cycling experience.