How To Ride An E-bike Safely During The Pandemic | KBO Bike

How To Ride An E-bike Safely During The Pandemic | KBO Bike

Have you noticed more and more ebikes on the road? Obviously, more and more people are turning to electric bikes to help them navigate the ongoing pandemic at the moment. When you own an electric bike, you will find you are not alone zipping around the streets and your town! Here we will offer up some common senses as follows for reference to stay safe when you are riding outdoors.


a man wears a mask when he is cycling


Understand and follow your local health authorities' guidelines and recommendations

Before you start your ride on the trail, please don't forget to check out the regional outdoor activity guidelines. You should understand and follow the protocol set by your county's health officials and take precautionary safety measures during the pandemic. Various regions have various riding rules and guidelines, if you plan to ride outdoors during a pandemic, please confirm and obey the protocols set by your local health official. It is necessary to focus on the authorities' guidelines, recommendations, and real-time changes because various regional health officials will adjust outdoor guidelines and protocols according to their local situations. Just ride your electric bike in areas where the local rules are clear and ensure your safety.


Avoid group gatherings and keep social distancing


"Social distancing, also called “physical distancing”, means keeping a safe space between yourself and other people who are not from your household.
To practice social or physical distancing, stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from other people who are not from your household in both indoor and outdoor spaces.
Social distancing should be practiced in combination with other everyday preventive actions to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including wearing masks, avoiding touching your face with unwashed hands, and frequently washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds."
-------------------From CDC


During this tough time, we had better avoid riding in groups and busy places. At the same time, keeping social distance does not mean you have to stay at home all day. Actually, you can enjoy a solo adventure at this moment. It is wise to take precautionary safety measures like wearing a mask and stay at least 6 feet from other people outdoors. It is also a great idea to plan ahead and choose the less popular routes to avoid crowded people. And you had better quickly pass through groups of people when you are encountered on the trail.

Take enough exercise and stay healthy-physically and mentally

Practicing social distancing maybe lets you feel bored and lost some fun. But you also can find other lots of fun to make yourself happy. One of the most healthy ways to have fun is cycling! More and more people turn to electric bikes to help them do some exercise and stay healthy during this special time.

With an exorbitant amount of screen time in your stressed daily life, it makes us lazy, decreases our body alert, and does harm to our eyes and spine. Plus the ongoing pandemic we need to fight against, we sometimes feel anxious, upset, or heavily stressed. If so, you can ride on now and find the right way to make yourself feel better. According to scientific researches, it is a great idea to ride a bike for those people who want to stay healthy, lift the mood, and relieve stress. It also can lower the risk of heart disease and make you more alert. Therefore riding a bike is not only good for your body but also beneficial to your mental aspect.

Be careful about cycling hygiene

Taking precautionary measures is important and necessary before every ride. At the same time, it is also vital to keep good hygiene practices for preventing disease transmission.

Wear a mask and prepare disinfectant and paper towels ahead for some needs.
Avoid using your hands to touch your face while cycling.
During your ride, use disinfectant wipes when touching public equipment.
You should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and keep them clean after every ride that you are outdoors.
And do some sanitizing for your bike if necessary.
Use a tissue, your shoulder, or elbow to cover coughs and sneezes.
When you feel you are sick, please stay at home or go to the hospital.
Practice good hygiene at all times.


a woman wears a mask when she is riding


Choose the right way to travel

Currently, public transportation is no longer the best method for travel. In the midst of this pandemic, people want to be safe, and are realizing it is time to change the way they commute. Electric bikes allow one to travel safely, and refrain from crowed bus depots, where the risk of infection is great. Traveling on an electric bike allows you to take in the fresh air, and reduces the chance of transmission.

The best way currently to be far away from coronavirus is to avoid unnecessary travel and prevent unnecessary interaction with other people in public areas. Choosing the proper transport to travel, especially a long distance, will help you do your part to reduce the spread of covid-19 and stay safe. That's why people turn to electric bikes as a brand new way to travel.

We hope every rider can stay safe and we are looking forward to riding more in 2021!