How To Extend The Battery Range While Riding E-Bikes | KBO Bike

How To Extend The Battery Range While Riding E-Bikes | KBO Bike


When you fall in love with biking, the only thing that would be on your mind is to go faster and further. But the electric bike battery health could be a considerable limitation. So, you have two options: buying a new battery when it drains, which is expensive or just taking good care of your battery to extend its life span. 

For new and old bikers alike, many tips can help extend their battery life and span. The battery is an essential component of any functioning ebike. They propel the bike through all terrains with minimal effort from the rider. Therefore, you must take adequate care of your electric bike's battery. This article aims to show you how to set up your electric bike and ride to improve your battery's span.  

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How To Extend Your Battery Power 

Improving your battery capacity is a good step toward enjoying your electric road bikes for a more extended range. Therefore you have to take measures such as the following:

Reduce The Tire's Pressure For More Traction

Though many claims that there is less rolling resistance at very high tire pressures. This doesn't apply when you are off the road. The reduction in pressure causes the tires to be broader in diameter and hence touch a larger surface area on the ground. This dramatically improves traction, which limits how much of your battery is being consumed. The lower the pressure within the tires, the higher the traction, making it easier to scale obstacles in your course. 

Open Up Your Suspension

Suspension lock-outs do not do your electric bikes any good. They burn your battery faster and offer lesser comfort. With an open and set-up suspension, your bike can now cross over obstacles without even sensing them as such. So, you should avoid getting your electric bike a lock-out lever.   

Fewer Problems With Tubeless Tires

If you use the old-fashioned tire that still has tubes, you risk puncturing, which decreases the ebike battery's range. You should change your tires to tubeless ones. These adapt more quickly to most terrains and allow you to avoid bumps with ease. 

Pick The Appropriate Mode While Riding

There are electric bikes with different power modes for you to enjoy. So, you can pick your level of pedal assists. Also, riding in Eco could be quite boring. However, if your phone is constantly in turbo mode, this would affect the battery span.

Big Cassette For A Big Impact

You should wear big cassettes with your electric bike. This makes a difference because it boosts your efficiency. So, the electric bike makes climbing very easy while pushing you towards your destination. You enjoy loads of stress-free benefits with the 46 and 48t cassettes. 

Oil Your Gears

Don't expose any part of your electric bike to friction, which affects how the gears work and damage your bike. So, always oil your ebike's gear system. This helps to keep them in good shape and reduce the load on your batteries. Once you get home, clean the chain with dry clothing after applying oil on it.

Optimal Cadence

The cadence of the electric bike is another critical factor in determining its battery span. Commonly, most motors work 75 pedal strokes per minute. An electric bike with fewer pedal strokes and slower cadence would interfere with how long you ride. But, you can adjust your cadence to match that specified by the motor manufacturer for maximum efficiency. So, if you want to ride quickly, you have to pedal fast. This assists in maximizing your battery life. 

Ride Smoothly

You should anticipate all hit points on your trail and avoid them. This helps to keep you safe while also securing your battery's lifespan. It usually takes time to understand a terrain fully, but you can practice with any place around. A direct and smooth line is quicker and saves you battery by skirting around bumps.

Speed Up At Corners

Because of how much energy is expended, you have to do it with speed to save your battery in the long run when hitting the corners. Go for the flattest part of the corners, known as the outside. It might seem like a longer route but it helps in conserving energy.

A Circular Pedal Stroke

Stepping on the gas intermittently in motors causes a waste of fuel. But with electric bikes, a consistent circular pedal stroke transfers a balanced signal to the motor and conserves energy. Shed excess weight from your backpack so that you can bike as light as possible.

Lesser Weighing Bikes Have Better Batteries

The weight of an electric bike has a direct effect on its battery's range. Then, the weight carried by the biker also plays a role. So, you should find ways to reduce the load. Limit the content of your backpack to only the essential things. Riding light helps you commute for long without getting tired. 

Tips for caring the Lithium-ion Batteries

No matter the quality, not your battery and its components, there are several safety tips to note when using Lithium-ion batteries. These include: 

●Ensure that your batteries and chargers have a certified safety standard (CE standard) and make sure that you always use the correct charger for the battery. This protects it from shutting down. 

●Avoid exposing the battery to extreme temperatures. A value between 10° C–30° C is the ideal range for Lithium-ion batteries. 

●You should protect your battery from a deep discharge by removing it when not in use for prolonged periods. Store the battery with a half charge and a temperature of 15° C. For bicycles with unremovable batteries, store the bike as appropriate. If a battery drained over time and stored at a temperature below 0° C is suddenly charged, the cross expands, causing deflagration. 

●Also, a battery that was stored for a long time in a cold environment should be brought to room temperature for some time before being recharged. It is important to ensure the battery is not left unused after the first charge. 

●If you are changing batteries, avoid flammable objects such as wooden boxes or substances like gasoline. 

●A biker must never make use of a damaged battery. Once rendered dysfunctional, take your battery to your dealer and get a replacement with the correct original model. A wrong choice might cause several complications. 

Why Lithium-ion Batteries Are a Perfect Choice For Electric Bikes

There is a new rave to build the next best solution in the electric transportation sector. This has seen the birth of lithium-sulfur batteries, a form of stationary energy storage. These are built for machines where weight is much more important than size, as in aeronautics. They have a higher energy density than Lithium-ion batteries and giving off more energy for the send weight. However, for now, Lithium-ion batteries are the standard for small energy storage devices on electric bikes. They are a perfect choice for ebikes for various reasons, all of which you must consider when making a choice. 

Lithium-ion batteries have a higher capacity because of their high cell voltage, so most bikers' resulting range is sufficient. It isn't easy to ride long distances with effort every day. Also, they have a low capacity loss and can be recharged multiple times. The shelf life of these batteries is long due to a minimal risk of self-discharge and wide temperature ranges for storage and operational use. Lithium-ion batteries are cheap to manufacture and can be optimized without much weight difference. The charging process is primarily influenced by the device's chemical components, so purchase a battery built with high-grade parts. These and many more are the incredible benefits of owning an ebike with a Lithium-ion battery. 


To avoid having any issues with your battery, you should use this as a guide. This way, you would understand the various ways to conserve your battery's range. However, if the battery gets weak, you might have to buy a new battery. So, try as much as you can to prevent this or postpone its occurrence.