How to Decorate Your Bike for Christmas | KBO Bike

How to Decorate Your Bike for Christmas | KBO Bike

Have a jolly Christmas ride this Christmas, riding across town relishing the joy that Christmas brings, the bells chiming and families hurrying down to catch the carols being sung behinds the church walls, seeing windows and walls embellished with lights and trees decorated with ornaments. Oh, what peace yuletide brings.

Jingle bells; Jingle bells, Jingle all the way.

Oh, what fun it is to ride an electric bike on a one-horse open sleigh.

It is about that time of the year to hang the lights, give gifts, and eat the turkey.

Christmas worldwide is very much anticipated and full of many engagements as a lot of folks are taking recess of work to relax and count their blessings. It is a season of much fun and laughter.

This been said, you should take your Christmas prep and fun a notch higher this year; by taking a moment to decorate your electric bicycles. This might not be common, and you can be the difference. Your bike shouldn't be left out of the fun.

A customary way of celebrating the season is with the light and garlands hanging all over. Other than just decorating the Christmas tree this year, you could create some family time by adorning the bikes in your house or having some leisure time riding around town to savor the beauty of Christmas lights and trees.

In reality, a beehive of activities might make it almost impossible for you to take a ride, but with proper planning, you can make time for yourself and your bike. Also, planning your bike sides around your family and friends would help you maximize the season entirely.

Structure your plan so that you know where you would be per time and with whom and what you would be doing as well.

What you need to decorate your bike

Christmas Lights

What is Christmas without the lights? T

Considering how busy the season is and the jousting here and there, you want to have your bike lighted up, especially if you would be riding late in the night.

Themed Ornaments

Ornaments that are specifically designed for Christmas, such as garlands, bells would complement your bike nicely. The caveat to this is that your decorations shouldn't be so big that your bike is overwhelmed. Simple and easy has it every time.

Candy canes are a great addition to the aesthetics of your bike. Either a d.i.y or store-bought, they add extra color and fanfare. You can also experiment with designs season. Are you looking for a faster and easier means? Buying from a store is. Likewise, you can spice up the look of your bicycle by wrapping its handlebars.

Personalized Stickers specifically designed for the season are another way to decorate your bike. They should be available in stores around you or shop them on online stores.

A more affordable option would be to use paint. Red, green, and white seem to be the widely acclaimed colors for the season. Let your creativity come alive with the burst of colors and the parts of the bike you paint.


Having decorated your bike, as the rider, dress the part! Wear Christmas-themed clothing. Many stores would sell customized shirts, sweaters specially designed for the festive season. A merry rider spreads the cheer all around. A Santa costume would be a great addition.

In the spur of the moment, don't forget to wear your helmet and other protective gear. Also, ensure that your clothing is reflective enough.


As you ride around town or indoors, serenade yourself and passersby with Christmas tunes. You are not limited to headphones; you can get bicycle speakers and sing along, having the time of your life as you ride. It is a no to a dull Christmas.

How to add Lights to your bike

Decking your bike with lights is such a creative thing to do but would require some hands-on skill that would enable you to know where to put what. Moreover, you want to prevent electrical accidents.

Instead, use battery-powered light to make your ebike visible and beautiful. Attach these lights with cello tapes and ensure that they are as far from the wheels as possible. With the lights in place, you can ride all around town in the spirit of Christmas.

If you think adding the lights to the bike is a lot of work, you can take your bikes to a local bike store around where your ride can be decorated appropriately.

How to incorporate Cycling

Incorporating Cycling into the festive period isn't so much of an arduous task. Other than limit the fun to sitting at home to rest or have some family time at the park, Cycling can be some sort of adventure for you, your friends, and your family, and here is how you could incorporate Cycling into your festive routine;

1) Plan Road trips

This time of the year is where you could plan a trip by road either for yourself or your family. A family vacation that does not necessitate you to break the bank. You can travel down to the destination on your bikes, camping along the way. If you have kids, this could be your way of exposing them to new things.

Hanging out with your buddies just became way cool. Having worked around the clock, seeing less of yourself, riding cross-country would help solidify the gaps and mend friendships if your friends like biking.

2) Tour your city

Take a tour around your neighborhood for leisure, enjoying the sight of the decked houses and halls. You would get around faster and easier on your bike than if you ride in your car. Your bike would occupy lesser space than your car would. And when you take steps, you are less likely to cause a traffic jam.

3) Go Visiting

Ride your decorated bikes to the houses of your friends and extended family when you go visiting. Carry the air of festivity along with you. Riding all the way would also prepare your belly for the tasty meal you are likely to be served there. Trust me when I say the food will taste much better.

4) Aesthetics

Your decorated bike can serve purposes other than riding. Other than having a Christmas tree and emblem for the season, your bike could provide aesthetics to your environment and your creative way of decorating your home for the Yuletide season.

Asides from the lights and garlands, you might want to add some wrapped gifts on the rack of four bile. How about the children waking to inbox their gifts in the garage than under the tree?

What to do with a decorated Bike

1)Store in a garage until another festive season

2)Useful for other  purposes; like beautifying your garden or environment

3) Profit from it by selling to antique shops.

Can I un-Decorate my bike after Christmas?

Definitely! Although that is, If you are not settling for the option to paint, You can easily un-decorate after Christmas reverting your bike to its functional state. Decorating your bike cost- because you can store your ornaments until a later time for use

Cons of Decorating a Bike

Adding decorations to your bike might not cause fatal damages to it yet; it could slightly cause some glitches. In all, you would have to pay some money to get it restored to its original frame. Let's highlight the Cons of bike decor.

  1. You could scratch the surface of the bike hence damaging the frame
  2. Un -decorating the bike might be a lot and boring
  3. Some parts of the bike can rust if not properly stored.


We hope this article helps you decorate your bike this season. Remember, your bike reflects you, and whatever time you invest in it is an investment in yourself and should be a delight for you. So Spread some fun and cheer this festive season; remember to give some love even as you ride around. Merry Christmas!