Five Features You Need To Know About Your KBO Breeze | KBO Bike

Five Features You Need To Know About Your KBO Breeze | KBO Bike

For many reasons, more and more people start to turn to navigate an electric bike. Easy parking, easy operation, fresh air, zero greenhouse gas emissions, assisted calorie burn, big savings, and good for your mental health, it goes without saying that the benefits of two wheels are a lot. For this reason, you can see more and more electric bikes around you while getting out. Today we would like to talk about some helpful features of your electric bike.

the cool guy is riding a kbo breeze


As every KBO rider knows, the KBO Breeze commuter electric bike has three functions while cruising. The first mode is power off, which you can ride as a conventional bicycle. The second mode is pure power, and this mode allows you to give your legs a break. And the last mode is pedal assist. When you turn to this mode, it means you can go fast with fast pedals. This mode provides five pedal assist levels. The higher level you choose, the higher speed you can reach. Actually, a point that is easy to ignore by every rider is that here exists PAS 0. It belongs to one of the levels of PAS but easy to forget. This feature is designed for riders who would like to challenge their strength with no support. Varying ranges will be offered via PAS level 1-5, but you can decide how far you can go while you riding on PAS 0. According to different situations and your evolving needs, you can choose a different level that you like.

USB Port

The KBO Breeze commuter electric bike is equipped with a 48V 16Ah Samsung ion-lithium battery. The large capacity of the battery pack allows driving a further range. Except for its capacity, another highlight is that you can keep your devices charged while riding with the handy 5V, 1Amp USB port. This USB port is integrated on the right side of the battery. Plug and play with only one step. This feature is designed for those people who love music or need to keep the battery level of their go-to devices. With unwinding from a busy day, you might need peace of mind such as music. So this feature allows you to combine the modern word to natural beauty, and it can also expand the cruising power of your on-the-go devices.

the display of kbo bike is easy to operate

Saddle Adjustment

A comfortable saddle position is important for a rider. As a rider, everyone knows that the seat can be adjusted upwards and downwards. Before starting a brand new ride, you need to adjust your seat to a comfortable and proper position. Just loosen the quick release, and adjust the seat tube. As a matter of fact, you also can change your seat forwards and backwards. Just loosen the screw fixed between saddle and seat tube, and then adjust your seat to a perfect position.

Integrated Rear Light

The integrated rear light is with a modern twist. You can press the "M" button for three seconds, and the headlight and rear light will be switched on and keep lit all the time. If you want to turn the lights off, press the "M” button for three seconds again. An electric bike is an artwork of integrated technology. The magic feature here is that the rear light will be active as long as you apply the brakes. And the light will stay blinked for a while. This feature that can increase visibility provides you safer status while you are riding in the rain or at night.

the comfy saddle can be adjusted as you like

Visual LCD Backlight Display

Various indication areas are visual on the display. You can have access to the odometer, speed, battery level, pedal assist, and so on. The easy-to-read display is also easy to operate. The display pad is equipped with 3 buttons - 'M' for mode, '+' for up, and '–' for down. At the same time, if you want to check your electric bike's current status or have troubleshooting, the display is a vital assisted component. And the error code will be shown on the display if something goes wrong with the bike. The advantage of it is that the rider can capture the photo or video and send it to our after-sales service department in order to get a quicker solution.

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