Environmental Benefits of Electric Bike | KBO Bike

Environmental Benefits of Electric Bike | KBO Bike

Due to the continuous and rapid depletion of the ozone layer, the world has experienced warmer temperatures, increasing droughts, and diverse changing weather patterns. Global warming is at the forefront of the many woes caused by the change in climate conditions.

A significant cause of global warming has been traced to human activities and negligence, chiefly the carbon pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuel and other forms of Pollution.

As a result, the United Nations has adopted Climatic action as one of its sustainable developmental goals. This is so that urgent actions can be taken to combat climatic change by regulating emissions and promoting developments in renewable energy.

What is Greenhouse Emission

Greenhouse gas is any gas that contains the property to absorb infrared radiations from the earth's surface and 

emitting it back to the planet.

In more explicit terms, heat is transmitted to the earth during the day, and as the day cools, the heat is radiated back to the atmosphere. The heat absorbed is what makes human survival possible.

There are five principal greenhouse gases water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases. They are referred to as greenhouse gases because they trap heat in the atmosphere. Without these gases, the earth would be frozen at zero degrees Fahrenheit. They keep the temperature of the planet suitable for living. So yes, there are benefits.

However, the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere has aided the rapid increase of global warming, depleting the ozone layer. They are making it dangerous for the world.

According to Wikipedia, greenhouse emissions from unending human activities strengthen the greenhouse effect. Electricity generators and transport are the major emitters of these gases.

The burning of fossil fuels is an indispensable part of human living, and the movement must happen. However, population increase has hiked the release of gases into the atmosphere. 

Electric bikes to the Rescue

Pushing the frontiers of this goal is the introduction of electric bikes into the many means of transportation currently available in the world. For example, in the United States, vehicles are responsible for 37.8 of all carbon emissions, a significant cause of global warming.

The introduction and adaptation of e-bikes as a means of transportation would help reduce many of the adverse effects of fuel on our world and, by extension ourselves.

As we go further in this article, we will share the benefits of e-bikes to the environment.

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Environmental Benefits of the E-bike

Less use of Fossil Fuel

  1. Electric bikes use less fuel or gas. Therefore, there is a reduction of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. While cars and trains, trucks, and motorcycles run on gas, diesel, or fuel bikes through the use of assisted pedaling helps 

riders propel themselves forward without unnecessarily burning fuel or losing energy. Electric bikes can also be known as zero-emission vehicles because it is powered by a Lithium-ion battery that does not emit any harmful emissions. They enable clean energy, gradually achieving goal 13 of the UN

  1. It reduces Pollution

Emissions from cars have increased the effect of Pollution around major cities in the world. Air pollution is caused by the highly toxic fumes emitted by vehicles due to heavy traffic. The slower the car moves, the more nitrous oxide it emits as well. This emission has increased the rate of respiratory tract infections around the world.

Hence, opting for an eBike consequently reduces traffic congestion, thereby making the air safe to breathe in and reducing your carbon footprint. 

Electric bikes give little or no sound, making them less of a noise pollutant than the blaring of car horns and sirens.


Electric bikes have been proven not to be harmful to the environment instead of a blessing. Since the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic that has raged the world, causing many to lose their lives, there has been an urgent need for the decongestion of crowded places. Having Electric bikes makes it possible for solo riding, less human contact, and enhances social distancing. Hence, It makes it possible to restrict diseases as many do not converge at bus and train stations, the most likely places for transmitting the virus or any virulent illness at all. Only healthy people can build a healthy environment.

Appreciation of Nature

Nature is breathtaking, and taking a ride on an electric bike around the suburb or mountaineering would expose to the rider the world around him. The blossoming of flowers, the breaking of dawn, and the freshness of the morning air are reminders of how healthy our world can be without the penetration of gases. This exposure would help the rider better appreciate nature and seek better ways to preserve it. The preservation of the environment would be impossible if there is no proper knowledge of nature itself. Riding cars can limit this exposure because the tendency to take an early morning ride in your vehicle is lower than depending on a bike.

Increased lifespan of Roads

Also, the lightness and swiftness of electric bikes make them more favorable for the roads, thereby increasing their lifespan. E-bikes are more likely to cause minor damage as opposed to heavy-duty trucks and cars. The damage caused by these vehicles causes repairs to be carried out on the roads through machines, further releasing emissions into the atmosphere increasing air pollution.

Prevents Traffic

Traffic doesn't just cause delays, and it also extends the amount of Co2 released into the atmosphere. The number of time cars and trains spend on the road means they burn more fossil fuel, which pollutes the air.


The batteries that come with the electric bikes need to be consistently charged as they do not last for an extended period. Using standard electricity would result in the release of carbon into the atmosphere, however slight. This carbon emission is not as dangerous as that released by cars.

A more suitable option would be to settle for renewable sources of energy that would result in carbon emissions. Renewable sources like solar, wind, hydroelectric and tidal energy are more suitable options to reduce carbon footprints to the barest minimum.

Many arguments have risen opposing the environmental friendliness of the electric bicycle due to the means of production and the disposal of the batteries.

This would not hold water seeing that the batteries of the e-bikes last for some time and can be recycled.


Purchasing an electric bike is a progressive win over climatic change. With your bike, you can reduce the progression of global warming. One out of many is a progressive win against climate change. Note that whatever is good for the geese is good for the gander in this context, the environment, and yourself. A healthy atmosphere is a healthy you.

As a company, KBO BIKES has joined the combat against global warming by producing electric bikes that are affordable and sustainable. Our bikes are as sustainable, durable, fast, climate-friendly, and as lightweight as possible, suiting your specific need.

For further inquiries on electric bikes and their many benefits, how to purchase them, drop a comment below.