Electric Bikes VS. Electric Moped Bikes and Motorcycles | KBO Bike

Electric Bikes VS. Electric Moped Bikes and Motorcycles | KBO Bike

What is an Electric Bike?

An electric bike is essentially a standard bicycle with the addition of an electric motor, battery, and controller to provide the rider with additional help. You can pedal a little, a lot, or not at all in certain circumstances. Electric bikes come in many types, from cruisers to fitness, mountain, and more. The electric bike is not an invention by itself but an evolution from a normal bicycle. Over the years, electric bikes have been improved to give the best riding experience. E-bikes such as the KBO Breeze step-through are designed to enhance your riding experience by allowing you to change gears.

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What is a Moped Bike?

The moped name was coined from the term (motorized pedal) vehicle. Because it is not regularly utilized in some regions and countries, the moped bike is frequently confused with the scooter. They may appear to be the same, or one may be somewhat larger than the other.

The electric moped bike is an evolution of the normal moped bike, a gas-operated motorcycle with pedals. The petrol-powered moped will be a thing of the past soon, as they make a lot of noise and use a lot of petrol.

Overall, the difference between ebikes and moped bikes is that one is the evolution of the regular bike, and the other is motorcycle alike but powered by electricity. 

Moped bike vs ebike


Today, motorcycles represent one of the most affordable forms of motorized transport on public roads. Over 200 million motorcycles are in use all around the world daily. Any two-wheeled motor vehicle, regardless of design or engine size, is referred to as a motorcycle. Literally speaking, a moped is a sort of motorcycle too, but for the sake of identification, we would identify motorcycles as the more motorized two-wheeled vehicles with fast engines and internal combustion engines.

For the sake of this article, we would be comparing the electric bike, which seems to be the most controversial option with a high range of acceptance and criticism. Hopefully, we would be able to clarify some of your concerns with this review.

In order to decide what is best for you, some factors need to be thoroughly considered and evaluated to ensure you make the right decisions, not just for yourself but for the environment where you commute.




This is one of the most important factors to consider while considering your options. Over 80% of the commuting populace decide on the type of cycle they would like to purchase based on the cost.

The Electric Bike vs. the Electric Moped Bike

From this perspective, the cost is relative to how much value you want for yourself. If you want more, you will have to spend more. But based on the average cost of an electric bike compared with that of a moped bike, the electric bike seems to be at an advantage over an average moped bike which sells for around 2,500 USD or more. A good e-bike with vast features almost as close to that of a moped bike such as the Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze Step-Thru that sells for about 1,400 USD, so if you're looking towards getting more value for your money, yet spending less, the E-bike should be your go-to

The Electric Bike vs. Motorcycle

A motorcycle is way costlier than an average e-bike. The cost here doesn't just address the sales price but also the operational cost. A motorcycle consumes fuel, which is an extra cost compared to an e-bike that runs on electrical battery juice.


Is your intention to go far? Do you intend to exercise as you commute daily? Distance to be covered on each trip are essential in determining what best suits your commuting needs.

The Electric Bike vs. the Electric Moped Bike.

The Electric bike also gives you the advantage of pedaling and exercising as you go around your daily movement. Should you be tired, you can easily engage the pedal assist function or the cruise mode using the throttle for movement.

The Electric Bike vs. Motorcycle.

If you're covering a long distance with your cycle, or you might have to be on the expressway, a motorcycle would be a much better option for you. But if you're covering a short distance, and you're not so concerned about the speed, an e-bike is just perfect, though e-bikes can cover as much as 55 miles with a single charge.

Weight and Maneuverability 

The Electric Bike vs. the Electric Moped Bike

Electric bikes are made of steel and steel alloys, making them a very strong yet lightweight vehicle, having a total weight of about 36lbs, such as KBO Hurricane. The lightweight gives room for more maneuverability and handling for a learner and even a professional. Bikers can easily lift their bike into a preferred parking position or even carry them for storage. This would be a very tricky feat to achieve for a moped bike that weighs around 200lbs, thus; little maneuverability and high stress to handle when it is not on or in motion.

The Electric Bike vs. Motorcycle.

Motorcycles are made of aluminum alloys to make them light, but due to multiple parts and components, their weight is quite much compared to that of an e-bike; I would say that is an expected standard as it has more features and components that warrant the extra weight.

Maintenance and Ease of Repair

Not everybody was born a handyman; you don't want to be left helpless or stranded anytime your vehicle seems not to be in good shape for commuting.

The Electric Bike vs. the Electric Moped Bike

The e-bike has been built so that it can be easily maintained and even repaired with little or no technical knowledge beforehand. An e-bike such as the KBO Breeze can be assembled with the help of a tutorial video in about thirty minutes. The spare parts are readily available and can be easily replaced should there be a need for that. A moped bike would have to be arranged by the manufacturer or dealer, and should there be a need for maintenance, it might need to be taken to a dealer's shop for maintenance due to the complexity of the parts.

The Electric Bike vs. Motorcycle

Like the Electric moped bike, the maintenance culture and repair stress would be more because of the complexity of the machine compared with that of an e-bike whose components are installed to facilitate simple repairs and an easy maintenance habit.

Environmental and Community-friendly

The whole world is trying to go green. I believe it's best if we support the cause in whatever little way that we can.

The Electric Bike vs. the Electric Moped Bike

The e-bike and the electric moped bike can be said to meet future requirements; non-carbon emitting vehicles and their batteries can be easily recycled. An e-bike takes less parking space than a moped bike, though.

The Electric Bike vs. Motorcycle

Motorcycles still have a long way to go in order to meet future pollution regulations, and creating legal gasoline-powered motorcycles may become nearly impossible. So if you are quite conscious about carbon emission, the electric way in the future.

Legal and Regulations

Cyclists just want to commute without having to be bothered about stepping on the toes of the government. Countries and state regulations should be considered before deciding which cycle to purchase.

The Electric Bike vs. the Electric Moped Bike

The e-bike remains a bicycle even with all its extra features. Therefore it does not require a license or permit for you to ride it. A moped bike in some states is considered to be a vehicle. Consequently, it can only be used with license plates once you have passed CBT training.

The Electric Bike vs. Motorcycle

Motorcycles require you to have a full motorcycle license. Before you can ride them in most counties and states, insurance, license, and registration are required. Do I need to buy electric bike insurance?

With all these above factors properly considered, you would be able to make the best decision possible on the best option that suits your commuting needs. Would you like to know more about "Electric Bikes vs. Other Modes of Transportation?" Check out here.