Best Ways To Store Your E-Bike | KBO Bike

Best Ways To Store Your E-Bike | KBO Bike

When we were growing up, we would ride around the neighborhood on our bikes, the wind would ruffle our hair, and we would come home happy and exhausted. We would ride straight up to the front yard and park our bikes, kickstands and all, on the grass. Occasionally, if we were careful, the bikes would make it into the garage without a parent having to remind us. Now that we are older and hopefully wiser, we tend to take a little more care in how we park and store our e-bikes. Unfortunately, as fun as riding around on our bikes are. They are prone to theft and damage by thieves and the elements of nature. We must learn how to store and care for our electric bikes so they will last long.

best way to store KBO electric bikes

E-Bike Storage Considerations

●Storage Areas

The best storage solution for you is based on the amount of space you have available. Garage, home, apartment, or storage shed. Each has its own set of uses, but racks that let you keep your bike vertically, with wheels parallel to the wall and ideally positioned in a corner, take up the least amount of room. Other wall mounts allow you to hang your bike such that the wheels are parallel to the wall. If your bicycle mount is high enough—and your ceiling is high enough— it is conceivable that it will not interfere with other parts of your living space.

Apartment dwellers would like these options. Most versions allow you to stack up to two bikes on the mount, so larger vertical racks that rest against a wall or are freestanding are also a fantastic solution for more than one bike.

Cyclists with garages, larger residences, or gear sheds can use the ceilings through hooks or pulley racks for significantly more sophisticated solutions.
Remember to account for the clearance space required to move around the bike (for example, handlebars) or open doors. When not in use, some mounts include brackets that fold flat against the wall, saving space in small spaces.

●Weight of the Bike

Keeping your electric bike in your apartment or house might warrant you to attach a rack to the wall. You put into consideration the weight of the bike and the condition of the wall. You do not want the bike to fall. If you are in a rented apartment, you may need to ask your landlord for permission before attaching equipment to the walls or ceilings.


Is your bike going to be placed somewhere where other people can see it? Some wall mounts come with a lock for extra security in an environment where theft is a possibility.

●Protection for the walls and floors

Consider models that protect your wall and flooring from bike grime and oil, especially in rainy weather, if you are storing your bike in your living room. This includes racks with tiny plastic housings for both wheels, so the tires don’t touch the floor or walls. Some come with broad plates beneath the wheel contact points. Extending wall racks will also assist you to avoid getting dirt, grease, or mud on the floor or the wall.

●Size of the Wheels

Make sure the planned rack will fit your bike; if you’re using a floor stand to store a bike, double-check that the wheel wells can handle your tire width.

Best Ways To Store Your E-Bike

How do you store an e-bike?

When you buy and use an e-bike, you are obligated to maintain and store it according to specific guidelines to ensure proper and safe operation. The ideal way to store your e-bike when not in use depends entirely on your lifestyle and where you live. Because e-bikes have so many electrical components, outside storage is virtually impossible. While it may appear natural to keep an e-bike in the garage or shed with your other bikes, the weather plays a role in proper storage. At the same time, it appears irrational to store a bike in the home just because it has a battery attached to it. So, what do we do?

Again, it is all based on the alternatives you have at your disposal. Keeping an e-bike in the garage or shed isn’t a bad idea. It is still protected from the elements, but it is sensitive to moisture. However, if you maintain your e-bike correctly (keep it clean and lubricated), storing it outside won’t have much of an impact on it, especially if you ride it frequently.

Here are some tips you’ll need when storing an e-bike:

1. The Battery:

Lead Acid batteries are the ones that need more attention, and they should not be stored at high temperatures because this will shorten their battery life. They should be charged every three months at the absolute least. It is best to keep these batteries in a cold, dry location. They can also be kept in the refrigerator.

Lithium batteries should be charged every six months, at the absolute least. They should be stored in a cool, dry location. While lithium batteries are considered a fire danger, the odds of fire are minimal if you follow appropriate practice and store or charge your battery away from fire risks; nonetheless, you should be aware of the possibility.

You should pick a location that does not have a lot of temperature changes. Extreme temperature changes (such as those seen in an outside shed) are unfavorable because they might produce condensation, which can harm your battery.

Follow the instructions in the instruction booklet that came with your e-bike to charge your battery. If you do not charge your battery well enough, it will deteriorate and eventually die. It is advisable not to allow your electric bike battery to drain below the required cut-off voltage when riding. When you connect a charger to a battery that is below the standard voltage. The charger will frequently fail to identify the battery and will not charge it. It is best to keep your battery levels between 60-80% when preparing for storage, as well as storing the battery separate from the bike.

2. Clean your bike:

It is critical to clean your e-bike once you have maintained and properly charged your battery. Especially if you are going to keep it for a long time. If you ride your e-bike frequently, dirt, water, salt, and mud may accumulate. So, before storing it, make sure you clean it periodically to avoid any risk of corrosion or harm to your e-bike parts. Ensure to lubricate any moving parts and clean the bike itself with warm low-pressure water.

Best places to store your e-bike

When considering storage places for your bike, there are some factors to be considered.
1.How frequently do you ride your bike?
2.How much space do you have in your home?
3.Where do you live, and is winter something you have to worry about?
If you have been able to answer these questions, you may consider any of the following storage options and choose the best one for you:


Because it is fastened with several screw points, it is more stable. It provides you with the option of hanging your bike in a variety of ways (s). Locate the studs and choose a safe height at which you can pull it down and reinstall it. Lift your bike to a comfortable level and put a pencil mark on the wall before drilling any holes.

Once you have everything in place, double-check that you are utilizing the appropriate equipment for the job. Something that matches your wall’s material and is robust enough to hold the rack with your bike on it. The last thing you want to discover when you get home is your bike wrecked on the ground.


The hook option is popular since it is easy to set up and versatile. You’ll suspend your bike from the wheels or frame with this approach. It’s a cheap way to store and keep your bike safe.

●Attic, Basement, or Shed:

If you live in a house that comes with either an attic, basement, or shed, it could be ideal for storing there. You, however, have to ensure that there is no moisture and extreme temperatures in any of the rooms you decide to store it in.

The methods required in maintaining an electric bike should not intimidate a bike owner. Instead, it is a good idea to instill the necessary measures in caring for and storing your bike. It is advisable to remember to consult the bicycle manual if you are stuck. In the event of an electrical fire, you may also install a smoke detector or attach a fire extinguisher. Do not use a charger other than the one provided by the manufacturer. Your electric bike will remain maximally functioning and in terrific condition as long as you follow the tips given above. Do not be scared to take your bike out of storage for a great weekend and then put it back. Just remember to follow the storage recommendations, and you will be good to go! More importantly, make sure you take all essential safety precautions to keep yourself safe while out on the road or path.