7 Best Christmas gifts for cyclists

7 Best Christmas gifts for cyclists

Everyone likes gifts, especially as we enjoy this Christmas season. It could be challenging to figure out what kind of gift to get your loved ones. Remember that a good gift should be helpful to the receiver; that is the best way they would appreciate it. If you have family or friends that are cyclists or lovers of cycling, then you are in luck. 

This article explains the type of gift items to get cyclists this holiday. As you might have guessed, there are lovely electric bikes that can make good Christmas gifts. With them, you are sure that the receiver will use them well even if you don’t spend a lot. You can also take advantage of the ongoing Christmas sales and save some money. Read on to get all the juicy details.

Christmas gift ideas for cyclists

There are several electric bikes and electric bike accessories that are suitable for this festive season. Most of them make lovely gifts; please see some options below:

Commuter Electric bikes KBO Breeze step-thru

This commuter ebike is helpful for folks who are particular about their riding posture. All step-thru electric bikes come with a uniquely built frame that is aesthetically pleasing and gives the rider ease and comfort. You can get the most upright riding position from any step-through model. Also, cyclists can easily climb the curved frame to mount or disembark from the bike. Bicycles with step-throughs are comfortable and stylish on every ride, making them ideal for errands or commuting to and from work. They are ideal for commuting to work in formal wear, such as a men's suit or a woman's dress or skirt.

Electric Cargo bike KBO Ranger

Electric Cargo bike KBO Ranger

The Cargo bike is excellent for cyclists who do not travel light. It has a compartment that can accommodate some loads or even pets. The electric cargo ebike comes with numerous benefit and are very affordable. It can deliver packages, transport passengers, and move big objects with greater acceleration torque. The Shimano 7-speed gear shifter is designed with your riding experience in mind and lets you quickly change gears to accommodate various terrains. With its internal frame design and fat tires for a lower center of gravity, you are sure of a strong, stable, and safe cycling experience.

All-terrain electric bike KBO Tornado

Introducing this perfect all-terrain gift option for cyclists, especially explorers. The KBO Tornado are fat tire electric bikes suitable for all terrain and all weather. They are built strong with a powerful battery life that will last hours with a single charge. There is also a USB port that supports your phone's charging so you can be sure to have power on your mobile device while you ride. With a 750W geared hub motor and a 400 lb payload capacity, this bike can deliver packages, carry passengers and pets, and move big objects with increased acceleration torque. They have better grip and can easily navigate through dirt, sand, snow, etc.

Full-covered Electric Bicycle Bluetooth Helmet: 

This helmet can otherwise be called the gift of safety. The Bluetooth helmets are one of the most stylish and durable in the industry, and whoever receives one will be grateful. The braking systems on electric bikes are sound, but you can never be too careful about safety. You should be safety conscious and use a bicycle safety helmet, whether taking a short ride around the neighborhood or a long commute to work. Style, comfort, safety, and a better riding experience are the three main features of the off-road outdoor electric bicycle Bluetooth helmet. It has air inlets and outlets that offer excellent all-around ventilation, an interior bug mesh to keep insects out, and a hard protective outer shell to improve visibility while riding at night. Some helmets have a small, colorful light on each of the three sides and a noticeable mouthpiece to communicate.

Electric Bicycles U-Lock: 

If you know someone who already has an electric bicycle, it would be an excellent idea to gift them an electric bicycle U-Lock from KBO. It would guarantee the safety of their ebike when it is parked. This device is made of alloy steel and is 8.3" x 5.5". E-bikes cost hundreds of dollars, and some riders even go the extra step of insuring them against theft and damage. Ebike theft is a likely and common occurrence, given their size. They are easy to steal but hard to find. Therefore Riders should take every precaution to keep it secure, and the KBO U-lock helps. It is cutting-resistant, leveraging-resistant, and drill-resistant and comes with a 4 ft steel cable coated with PVC covering.

KBO ranger front rack: 

If you have the electric cargo KBO ranger, you can make additional room for more load with the front frame. This cost very little but can make a huge difference in your commuting. The ranger front rack can carry about 50 lbs and allows you to mount the front LED headlight on it through the bolt hole under it. Using smart mounting points, you can quickly fix the front ranger to the KBO ranger cargo e-bike. Your KBO Ranger's freight carrying capacity increases with the sturdy and robust front large basket.

KBO breeze step thru battery pack: 

It’s always wise to have an extra battery in an emergency. All ebikes come with one battery, so you can easily purchase an extra one from your automobile store. You can get a battery pack to ease storage and movement. The KBO breeze step-through battery pack weighs 9 lbs. It is waterproof and guarantees more extended battery life and more battery capacity for its users. Also, it contains a charge level indicator and is user-friendly. You can easily remove them, replace and lock them with keys, making them a thoughtful gift idea this Christmas.

KBO Christmas sales

KBO Christmas sales

It feels so good to save a few bucks on every purchase, which is why KBO Christmas sales are always sought after each year. This year we have amazing discounts on specific electric bikes and accessories, and it would do you a lot of good to seize the opportunity. 

For gifts for the holiday, you can save up to $400 on every purchase of an electric bicycle at KBO nationwide. With this offer, you can buy that ebike you have always dreamt about for yourself and your loved ones. What's more? – Place your order by the 15th of December 2022 to enjoy this offer. This is the last deal of the year!

The Christmas Sales offer is open to everyone willing to save while they spend. There are select KBO ebikes on which you can save up to $150 on your purchase. The commuter ebike breeze, the fat tire electric bike tornado, and the All-terrain electric bike KBO Tornado step-thru are all available for this offer. Take your pick while you still can.


This the season to be jolly, and you can make others cheerful without spending so much. Cyclists and cycling enthusiasts can benefit significantly from the gift options above. Go ahead and make this Christmas worthwhile for someone. Happy Holidays!