Autumn Tips for Electric Bikes | KBO Bike

Autumn Tips for Electric Bikes | KBO Bike

There are always changes in the weather condition of any location you choose to ride your ebike. As expected, you have no choice but to adjust your schedule, activities, and maybe even the route you ply when riding. These adjustments are necessary to suit the current realities of the weather condition at the time.

If you own the Electric Cargo Bike KBO Ranger, it would be wise to monitor the weather condition and ensure the weather is convenient enough to cycle before you load up to ride. Since rain will occur more often, your preparations should cover the slippery roads and strong winds that can make riding tricker than your summer trips.

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Cycling in autumn would require lots of effort to pedal the bike. Therefore, you should move with less luggage on the bike during autumn, especially if you are going a long distance away from home. Here are the tips you need for your electric bike this autumn:

Check the weather:

As autumn gradually approaches, there are bound to be shorter days and longer nights. Therefore, you must pay attention and be aware of the current weather condition of your location. Stay close to the news, especially the weather forecast for the climatic conditions. It helps to know if there will be a significant change in the day. Compared to cars and trucks, riding an ebike in the rain or when the weather gets chilly does not give you the luxury of a covering or a shelter over your head. Since you would be on a bike for some minutes or even hours, depending on where you’re going, you need to be well informed and kitted.

Maintaining visibility:

There would be long nights during autumn and a higher probability of riding your electric bike at night. It’s necessary to take measures to ensure a smooth ride. You need to be as bright and visible as possible. Inspect your headlight to ensure they work perfectly before each ride. Also, you should wear brightly colored or reflective outfits that are impossible to miss at night or when the weather is hazy. Also, taking advantage of the daytime while riding your electric bicycle would be best.

Pay attention to your tires:

As the temperature of the environment drops, your tire's PSI also drops. This is one of the reasons you must pay attention to your tires' condition. You will be riding a lot on wet and cold roads that can do more harm than good to your tires during autumn. There would be moist leaves, puddles, and other dirt on the road, so you want to ensure your wheels and tires are wiped clean after each ride.

Fender your brakes:

If you notice an issue with your brake pad, please flag it, no matter how negligible it seems. Encounter numerous hurdles on the road, and do not attempt to ride your bike with brakes that are not at optimum functioning. From slippery roads to dead leaves and invisible rocks, you want to ensure your brakes respond immediately after activating them. Even a second delay in slowing down or stopping is dangerous for you and others on the road.

Check your lights

It’s not too extreme to say, ‘Do not ride without functioning lights.’ There is always a tendency for low visibility during autumn, so do not think that lights are only necessary at night. It might become hazy during the day, or you might lose track of time and find yourself still out as dusk approaches. So it is never a smart idea to ride without functional lights. Inspect them by turning them on at night or in a poorly lit garage to see if they are foggy, broken, or shaky. This applies to the headlight, taillight, and signal lights.

Wear layered clothes and waterproof shoes

Even though you might have done your due diligence by checking the weather forecast before you go for a ride, you still need to be prepared for anything. If the forecast did not predict rain on the day you want to ride, still put on layers of thick clothing to wade off the cold and waterproof shoes just in case of an outpour. You always place your feet on the ground when you are not in motion, so waterproof shoes are necessary. It’s not advisable to wear your favorite footwear on your ride. Also, ensure the clothing you choose can be easily taken off and worn just in case of a rise or drop in temperature while outside.

Stay hydrated

Going for rides with enough drinking water is always ideal and highly recommended. You can never go wrong with drinking lots of water. Due to the crisp and cool air during autumn, you may not feel the need to drink water as much as you would when the weather is hot. However, you must never forget that you need water just as much because your body still loses some fluids even though you don’t feel thirsty. 

Get your accessories

No matter the time of the year you choose to ride your ebike, especially with rainfalls and slippery roads, the bicycle safety helmet is not even debatable. It’s important to think about safety first, and using a helmet is a significant step to ensuring safety in an accident. If you are concerned about how you would look in a helmet, rest assured that there are attractive ones in different colors that would suit your taste. You can customize them as you please. Autumn requires you to take more measures than wearing layered clothes. You can install the LCD backlight display and waterproof lighting on your Commuter Electric Bike KBO breeze before going for rides. Whether hiking or running errands in the neighborhood, a waterproof bike rack bag can come in handy during this season.


Just after summer, the weather might still be a bit warm, but as it slowly gets closer to the end of the year, we begin to experience a much colder climate and expect autumn. There could be some fluctuations in the weather as this transition happens. Therefore, owners of electric bicycles need to be abreast of the weather situation in their current location. It might be tricky to know what to expect when you go into the streets to ride, but following these tips for autumn would put you ahead of the game.