My First True Ride of KBO Breeze Step-thru

My First True Ride of KBO Breeze Step-thru

I just got my KBO Breeze Step-thru a couple of days ago. After that, I was out with my first true ride of this bike. It’s a nice bike and I was really happy with it. 

Firstly, I want to say it’s nice-looking in the daylight. As for mental fenders, I was assuming those are aluminum. There’s an aluminum frame as well so we don’t have to worry about rust. Equipped with a 48V 16Ah Samsung battery, quick & smart 48V 3 Amp charger, 750w peak brushless hub motor, 27.5 inches Panasonic, and 7-speed Shimano, it guarantees our long-time riding safety and smoothness. 

On the left of the handlebar, I noticed that the LCD backlight display is very clear so that we can monitor our riding information. It is very convenient, right? Wow, it does have a little bell, that is always handy to have, it’s very convenient right there too, so we can get to that without having to take our hands off of the grip. The 48V LED headlight can be switched on by pressing and holding the “+” button for 3 seconds. I think this feature makes night riding safer, allowing vehicles to see you.

Secondly, before I started my riding, I realized that the best thing about this is that I can step through the frame instead of having to throw a leg over the back especially with the rear cargo like that trying to throw my leg over that is very easy. What a friendly design!

If I want to start its power, just press the M button on display. And then you can cycle through different menu options like pedal-only mode, pedal-assist mode as well as electric-only mode. And I can control the speed well with the throttle. I am happy with the bike! I think range on this by which I mean realistically you are in your lower pedal system levels and not pushing it too hard easily, probably about 35 to 40 miles. If you are using a throttle mower, probably closer to like 25 to 30 miles.

During my ride, I have to say this bike is very smooth…very comfortable definitely because I don’t feel the bumps in it nearly as much as those high step frames, but I don’t feel a lot of frame flex with this either. Also, the seat is comfortable. Oh, I really like how this bike the power, how it’s delivered on this bike not too much or not too little. Yeah, nice smooth! I always felt a sense of security because the rear brake lighted up as long as I braked. However, if you hear a little bit of clinking up there a little bit of rubbing that is the front fender and I just got that adjusted a little bit better.

It’s been a very comfortable ride. I’ve been really impressed that it’s a real peppy bike too. What I like about this too is that you can get a nice workout on this. I am kind of feeling the burn in my muscles a little bit and getting a little bit of a cardio workout. I would have got some extra protein after I finished a ride. Of course, you can just turn this into a commuter bike. For example, it just easily let me easily cruise about 20 miles per hour with very little effort. This would be great for a commuter because you don’t want to arrive all hot and sweaty. 

Moreover, the motor is not very loud by which I mean this is a rear hub motor so it’s not going to be quiet or super quiet. It’s a geared hub motor and those are louder than your direct drive but still, this isn’t bad at all. 

Last but not least, it does have free shipping and it does have a 2-year warranty too. What worth mentioning is that the industry standard is 1 year, so a really good warranty on this.

To sum up, it is much easier to get on and off that’s probably the biggest pro for this, and also just I don’t feel the bumps nearly as hard either. The bike just doesn’t transfer so much to your body but what I do like about this step-thru is that it’s more stable, especially at those higher speeds or if you just want to ride with one hand much more stable. Of course, the brakes were working great during the riding, but I need both hands on the handlebars when I am braking. 

It’s just a smooth bike, I’m probably going to say that about 10 times. If more, that’s just how it feels it’s very comfortable to ride. Anyway, I am a big fan of this bike and look forward to my next riding with KBO Breeze Step-thru.

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