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What are the riding modes of KBO Bike?

The KBO Breeze and KBO Breeze Step-Thru commuter e-bike have 3 riding modes.

  • Pedal-Only Mode: You can ride your KBO bike like a traditional bike with the battery is off. In this mode, there is no extra assistance from the motor. Use for fitness and excises.
  • Pedal-Assist Mode: With the power is on, the motors provide electric power as the pedals are pushed. The pedal-assist gives you the freedom to switch gears on different terrains and increase how much help the ebike provides. Use for commute and leisure. 
  • Electric-Only Mode: With the power is on, riders can simply twist the throttle on the handlebar and let the bike in full control. If you want to take a break while riding, this is perfect for you. 

    With pedal-assist, the higher the gear you choose, the faster you pedal and the faster you go.


KBO Hurricane is a singe-belt drive, so there is only 1 riding mode for Hurricane.

  • Pedal-Assist Mode:  With the power is on, the motor provides electric power as the pedals are pushed.