Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Own an E-Bike | KBO Bike

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Own an E-Bike | KBO Bike

Nowadays, the discerning traveler is looking for a clean, green, healthy and fun way of getting around. The rise in popularity of the e-bike is because an e-bike can achieve all this plus more. It is not until you own an electric bicycle that you fully realize all the advantages they have to offer. They are truly amazing in terms of the freedom and value for money they give you. So, let’s talk about the reasons why you should consider owning an e-bike. Also, you could read another blog named "how to solve the last mile problem" to get more answers.

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1. Ride an e-bike as a means of transportation


Are you tired of being stuck in traffic when commuting? Do you want to change the way you get to work? Is there a way to save time and money at the same time? The answer is “YES!”. An e-bike will give you the choice of greater flexibility and economy.

Shopping at the supermarket for those quick purchases

Have you ever forgotten to buy something at your weekly trip to the supermarket? Want to pop out for a quick shop but think it’s too expensive and inconvenient to jump into your car? Well, an e-bike is your solution! No need for a car parking space or high gas usage, your e-bike will be quick and convenient and  has great carrying capacity too!

Getting around

When you feel tired or bored, or simply want to get out into the fresh air and enjoy a change of scene, just jump on your e-bike. Is there a way to cope with the coronavirus while enjoying the outdoors? The answer is “YES”! You can go cycling with your very own e-bike and keep social distancing. Imagine the sheer joy of the sun upon your face and the wind in your hair, freedom!

2. Ride an e-bike for exercise

During this tough time of obeying quarantine rules and social distancing, you can ride an e-bike for exercise and strengthen your body. Go cycling on the weekend, take in the fresh air while exercising at the same time – all at no cost! The benefits of exercise and mental health are well documented.

If you are looking for a good way to burn calories and enjoy a low impact form of exercise, then an e-bike is for you!

3. Riding for recreation

Take a short trip within the urban area or go on a longer journey. Whatever you want to do, a KBO Breeze e-bike is the best choice for you. The large capacity of its Samsung battery will allow you to go further on less! It has a rating of 900 full charge cycles and a 768 Wh capacity. In practical terms, this means you can go further for longer, around 30-55 miles depending on the weather and driving conditions.

4. Independence and convenience

No need for hefty fees and running costs, no more trips to the gas station to refuel -  the KBO Breeze e-bike gives you the independence to go anywhere, when and how you want to go. Total freedom!

5. No driving license, no problem!

Many states of the USA do not require a driving license to use an electric bike. This means that an e-bike gives those people who, for many reasons do not have a driving license, a means of self-transportation and independence.

6. For people with limited mobility

If you have limited physical ability and you can’t pedal for long periods of time or have limited strength, then maybe an electric bicycle is for you. You can get the benefits of regular cycling but use the pedal assist when you need it most. This gives you independence and exercise without a huge outlay of money.


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