Why a KBO Electric Bike is Right for You | KBO Bike

Why a KBO Electric Bike is Right for You | KBO Bike

 The KBO Breeze electric bicycle allows you to move freely through the streets of your town, and traveling becomes a breeze. You no longer need to worry about traffic jams. Riding a Breeze e-bike will enhance your biking experience by making it both rewarding and simple. It is designed to suit your lifestyle. If you prefer cycling on roads, then you have to check the KBO Hurricane which is designed for road biking!

KBO electric bike

The Samsung battery

The KBO bike's big advantage is its battery, which has 900 full charge cycles and a 768 Wh capacity. In practical terms, this means you can go further for longer, around 30-55 miles depending on weather and driving conditions.

You can even keep your devices charged while riding with the handy 5V, 1Amp USB port! The waterproof battery is easy to remove for charging. The 3 Amp quick charger only takes 5 hours to charge, keeping up with your busy lifestyle.

The motor

The KBO Breeze has a 48V, 500W brushless rear geared hub motor that has more power to take you where you want to go. It can easily handle even the most challenging gradients.

The controller

This is the brain of your bike! It controls your speed, the on/off switch and allows your bike to operate efficiently and flexibly, adapting to your needs in an instant and, of course, giving you a superb riding experience!

Three-in-one function

1.No power – you can use your own pedal power just like a regular bicycle without electricity.

2.Pedal assist – just turn it on and use both electricity and your pedal power to get to where you want to go. Want to go faster or go uphill? Simply use the pedal-assist system. The quicker you pedal, the faster your bike moves!

3. Pure electricity – if you want to give your legs a break, just use the throttle to get moving. No muscle power is needed!!


Disc brake - The KBO Breeze disc brake system is more suitable than a v-brake when going up or downhill, thereby ensuring your safety.

Integrated brake rear light – will light up every time you brake. You can also choose to have the light on continuously by pressing and holding the '+' button for 3 seconds, great for night riding!

Better riding experience

Shimano 7 speed gear shifter – makes it a breeze to use the thumb shifter to change gears when you need to adapt to different terrains. Uphill or downhill, you choose how fast or slow you want to go with the touch of your thumb!

Front fork – is a spring suspension, hydraulic lockout alloy, with 80mm of travel and has pre-load adjustment and lockout.

Panasonic tires – these 27.5"*2.4" tires are puncture-resistant because they are made from high-quality materials, thereby allowing you to ride worry-free! The tires are also a little wider than the normal tire, which is more comfortable.

Well-built saddle – can be adjusted up and down, back and forth, so that you can find the most comfortable riding position.

Twist grip throttle – is located on the right handlebar for easy operation.

Free rear rack and fenders – the fenders provide protection from dirt and water. The rack has a carrying capacity of 50 lbs, great for the times when you have to carry that heavy load! A child seat can also be mounted on the rear rack.

Display – the easy-to-read display is also easy to operate. The display pad is equipped with three buttons - 'M' for mode, '+' for up and '–' for down.

The mode button gives you various functions, including odometer, speed, battery level, and pedal assist level.

Finally, feel free to contact KBO Bike if you have any questions or problems about e-bikes. You can also follow us and read other KBO blogs, which you might know more about electric bikes.