Which Cargo Ebike is more suitable for you?

Which Cargo Ebike is more suitable for you?

Cargo ebikes are versatile, functional, and efficient vehicles that people use to get around, complete tasks, and transport their children to school while enjoying their cities and neighborhoods.

The KBO cargo ebike Ranger has been around for over two years, and thousands of customers love it. Some customers have said that it has never been easier to move around with everything in tow. We are thrilled with the positive feedback and are confident that our multipurpose freighter can carry the load and much more.

If you've been searching for a cargo ebike, you've most likely come across a few options: the Radwagon, the Abound, and the KBO Ranger. Which one is superior? Keep reading to find out!



KBO Ranger

Aventon Abound

Rad Power RadWagon 4






750W (Sustained)

750W (Sustained)






Top Speed

25 MPH

20 MPH

20 MPH


Up to 60 Miles

Up to 50 Miles

Up to 45+ Miles







81 lbs

76.7 lbs

Carry Capacity

400 lbs

440 lbs

350 lbs





Pedal Assist

5 Levels

4 Levels

5 Levels

Quick Charger





Half Twist Throttle

Thumb Throttle

Half Twist Throttle


Dual 180mm mechanical disc brakes

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Tektro Aries (mechanical disc)

Recommended Rider Heights

4'11" - 6'3"

4'11" - 6'3"

5'1" - 6'4"


2 years

1 year

1 year

Battery and Motor

We all know that the battery and hub motor are crucial for what the bike can do and how it applies to your intended use. The Ranger cargo ebike has a remarkable battery life, rated for 900 full charge cycles. It is powered by a 750W continuous brushless geared hub motor, making it effortless to carry heavy loads and climb steep hills. The Ranger has an 840Wh battery capacity, allowing you to ride up to 60 miles on a single charge.

Abound's rear hub motor delivers a sustained performance of 750W, making it a powerful option.

The RadWagon's battery has a 672Wh capacity, while the Ranger's battery has a capacity of 840Wh, providing an additional 15-20 miles of range compared to the RadWagon.

The KBO Ranger is undoubtedly the winner in this category.



The Ranger and Abound models both have step-through frames and offer carrying capacity, making them convenient and suitable for a wide range of riders. On the other hand, the RadWagon4 model has a mid-step frame, which may not be as accommodating for riders with shorter legs or smaller frames.




The KBO Ranger and RadWagon4 both feature Mechanical Disc Brakes, while the Abound is equipped with Hydraulic Disc Brakes. Hydraulic brakes are known to provide superior stopping power with less effort. If you have the budget for it, upgrading to hydraulic brakes can be a wise investment.


Pedal Assist

Exactly as it sounds, pedal assist provides assistance when you start pedaling by powering up your E-Bike’s motor automatically to make pedaling easier. Pedal assist provides both speed and power – the higher the pedal assist level, the faster you will go. If you’re trying to power up a hill or speed along on flat terrain, levels 5 will provide more assistance.


Quick Charger

Quick charging means less waiting time for you to get back on the road or trail and enjoy yourself. The faster your bike charges, the sooner you can hit the road again. With just 5 hours needed to fully charge the KBO Ranger and Abound's batteries, you can reduce the time between rides and keep up with your fast-paced riding needs.


Other KBO Ranger Highlight 

Extra-large, Adaptable Rear Rack

The sturdy aluminum rear rack can support loads of up to 120 pounds. You can take a ride with your loved ones, transport your children from school, or transfer some heavy equipment.

Other Abound Highlight 

The torque sensor

The torque sensor provides that natural riding experience on longer routes, giving rider’s more control over how much effort they exert along the way.  


Everything is up to you

The Ranger beats both the Abound and RadWagon4 in a few key areas. The main differences between the Ranger and Abound are the torque sensor and hydraulic brakes. If you can afford it, the Abound is a great choice. But if you're a first-time cargo bike buyer or just need an everyday option, the KBO Ranger is the most cost-effective choice. Check out what other people are saying about the Ranger.

We've given you some info about cargo bikes, and we hope you find the perfect cargo e-bike for your needs.