Ultimate Winter Savings Guide: Kickstart Your Eco-Friendly Riding Journey!

Ultimate Winter Savings Guide: Kickstart Your Eco-Friendly Riding Journey!

Amidst the embrace of winter,  KBO Electric Bikes brings you the biggest discount event of the season with our Winter Blowout Sale. It's time to shake off the indoor blues, bundle up in your warmest gear, power up your electric companion, and enjoy the crisp air and priceless sense of freedom. Whether you're looking for the convenience of everyday commuting or the pleasure of leisurely rides, KBO's sale has got the perfect electric bike for you, along with a new 30-day trial program to make your choice absolutely risk-free.

Winter Blowout Sale: Lowest Prices Ever, Offers You Can't-Miss

Save up to $550 on a single KBO electric bike before February, and save even more - up to $1150 when you buy two! Use the discount code HEY2024 to enjoy an additional $150 off when purchasing any two bikes. This is our biggest support for your green travel choices and a shared commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Commuter Bike Breeze/BreezeST - Save $500 Now!
- Up to 55 miles of range with a 48V, 16Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery.
- 750W brushless geared hub motor for smooth rides and easy hill climbs.
- Equipped with a Shimano 7-speed gear shifter and a front suspension fork to easily conquer various terrains.
Advantages: High cost-effectiveness with long battery life for extended range. BreezeST's frame design is especially suitable for riders with limited mobility or shorter stature, making it a top choice for the old or female.
Scenarios: Perfect for commuting to work or for daily trips and leisure rides.

Cargo Bike Ranger - Save $400!
- Up to 60 miles of range with a 48V, 17.5Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery.
- 750W brushless geared hub motor & Shimano 7-speed gear shift, mastering any terrain with ease.
- Sturdy aluminum frame and an oversized adaptable rear rack, capable of carrying up to 120 pounds.
Advantages: Practical design with a front basket and large rear rack, and suitable for riders of all heights.
Scenarios: Dropping off and picking up kids from school, family outdoor rides, or as a utility bike.

Folding Bike Flip - Save $470!
- Up to 55 miles of range with an integrated 15.6Ah lithium-ion battery.
- Quick-release lever and simple three-step folding process for easy bike folding.
- Suitable for riders of various heights, the $699 price tag is very affordable.
Advantages: Affordable, portable, and ideal for carrying on public transport or storing in compact spaces.
Scenarios: Commuter rides, travel, and storing in the trunk of a car.

All-Terrain Electric Bike KBO Tornado - Save $400!
- Up to 45 miles of range with a 48V, 14Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery. With a USB charging port, you can charge your phone anytime.
- 26x4 inch wide tires provide excellent grip and versatility, making it suitable for all seasons and terrains.
- The 750w peak power enables quick acceleration and easy navigation through obstacles, ideal for smooth and powerful off-road riding on steep trails.
Advantages: All-terrain capability, effortlessly handling snow, sand, and mud.
Scenarios: All-terrain riding, the perfect companion for exploring nature.


30-Day Trial: Hassle-Free Returns

From now to February 15th, purchase any KBO electric bike and enjoy a 30-day return window as long as the bike has less than 10 miles ridden. Refer to our latest refund policy for more detailed terms. This is our way of giving back to your trust and allowing you ample time to feel and choose the electric bike that suits you best.


KBO Referral Reward Program: Share the Savings with Friends

Through our referral reward program, you can share your unique referral link with friends, and both of you can get a $50 coupon. This is not just a great opportunity to save money, but also an ideal time to encourage more people to join the eco-friendly riding community.

  • To refer friends who have not yet registered a KBO account, log in to your own KBO account to get your referral link. (The referral link is effective immediately, and the referred friend can unlock a $50 discount coupon by registering a new account through your link.)

  • To refer new friends who have already registered a KBO account, apply for our affiliate program to get your referral link. (The link becomes effective within 48 hours of approval. The referred friend can enjoy a $50 discount on their first purchase by using the referral link, which is automatically applied at checkout.)

Conclusion: Hop on an Electric Bike and Enjoy the Fun of Eco-Friendly Travel

KBO Electric Bikes' Winter Blowout Sale is your best opportunity to experience the charm of electric bikes. Not only can you enjoy unprecedented discounts, but also a lengthy 30-day trial period to fully experience the convenience and fun that electric bikes bring. Choosing KBO is not just choosing an efficient, eco-friendly mode of transportation, but also embracing a new lifestyle. Let's embark on this green revolution together, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the freedom of riding. Act now, check KBO deals to seize this fantastic saving opportunity and add a touch of green vitality to your life!